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[17:59:14] <cprofitt> Hello all
[17:59:33] <cprofitt> The Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting is now live
[17:59:40] <nhandler> o/
[17:59:43] <cprofitt> please say here if you are present for the UBT meeting
[17:59:48] <UndiFineD> o/
[17:59:49] <nhandler> here
[17:59:50] <AndrewMC> here
[17:59:54] <UndiFineD> here
[18:00:06] <hajour> here
[18:00:16] <phillw> here
[18:00:38] <cprofitt> good showing this time... thanks for making it everyone
[18:00:44] <cprofitt> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings#preview
[18:00:47] <cprofitt> topics are there
[18:00:54] <egossett> here
[18:01:13] <aveilleux> here
[18:01:18] <cprofitt> I want to take some time to discuss Focus Groups
[18:01:29] <cprofitt> [topic] focus groups
[18:01:42] <cprofitt> as there have been some mis-perceptions about them
[18:01:52] <nhandler> b/39
[18:01:58] <cprofitt> Focus Groups are for practical purposes umbrellas
[18:02:07] <cprofitt> they have a lead person who coordinates that group
[18:02:21] <cprofitt> they will contain sub-groups or interest areas...
[18:02:33] <cprofitt> or experts in a certain area that is under that group
[18:02:38] <cprofitt> to give two examples...
[18:02:51] <cprofitt> lubuntu is a sub-area under support...
[18:03:30] <cprofitt> accessibility is a sub-area under support and development
[18:04:11] <phillw> cprofitt: that sounds fantastic to me.
[18:04:20] <cprofitt> we used to form Focus Groups for each interest area, but due to passing interests and people moving on to dedicate themselves to other things we have a very fluid state with focus groups
[18:04:40] <cprofitt> we do not want to have that amount of 'churn' for new people trying to find their way
[18:05:21] <cprofitt> in rare cases we may form a sep. FG -- if there is enough interest... and large enough group of people... and an existing team that requests that FG to be created
[18:05:28] <cprofitt> note it will take all three of those to happen
[18:05:35] <cprofitt> any questions?
[18:05:45] <nhandler> Nope
[18:06:13] <phillw> cprofitt: thanks for clearing it all up.
[18:06:15] <UndiFineD> I have taken the liberty to register #ubuntu-beginners-accessibility
[18:06:42] <nhandler> Hmm...That is a good question. Do we actually want IRC channels for the sub-areas?
[18:07:22] <nhandler> UndiFineD: Can you make UBTCouncil a founder in there?
[18:07:51] <UndiFineD> I noticed people saying such has their interest, now people could go to #ubuntu-accessibility or we could discuss to have them pass this channel first
[18:08:07] <UndiFineD> nhandler: I would be happy to do so
[18:08:54] <nhandler> Yes, but if it is part of the support fg, it might make sense to use that IRC channel (or the accessibility team channel)
[18:10:25] * Timo_ is here as well
[18:10:49] <UndiFineD> maybe, it was just a thought, and we could discuss it outside the meeting
[18:12:20] <cprofitt> nhandler: we can take that off-line
[18:12:27] <cprofitt> sorry, but I was typing in the wrong channel
[18:12:30] <cprofitt> irris fail
[18:12:35] <UndiFineD> heh
[18:12:55] <cprofitt> in conjunction with that we have to re-define mentors
[18:13:03] <cprofitt> to help them learn about the team, the process and the skills needed to contribute to that team
[18:13:20] <cprofitt> becoming a mentor will require some work
[18:13:39] <UndiFineD> how about some classes ?
[18:13:50] * phillw back...
[18:14:11] <cprofitt> so mentors are dedicated to a specific are of knowledge... they will fall under a specific FG
[18:14:27] <cprofitt> we then need people who will assist people with becoming UBT members...
[18:14:45] <cprofitt> in the past those folks were called mentors... but to avoid confusion we need a new name
[18:14:52] * phillw waves hand....
[18:14:58] <cprofitt> one group (mentors) are subject experts
[18:15:06] <cprofitt> the other group are more guides
[18:15:19] <ibuclaw> cprofitt, in the past they were called 'masters', no? :)
[18:15:41] <cprofitt> we also called them masters in the distant past in a galazy far far away
[18:15:56] <UndiFineD> :D
[18:16:01] <cprofitt> masters and padawan
[18:16:11] <cprofitt> we could revert to that term...
[18:16:31] <cprofitt> we just need to have two different terms... to avoid confusion
[18:16:54] <cprofitt> becoming a mentor will involve much more proof that you are a subject expert
[18:17:19] <cprofitt> [VOTE]use the term master to describe UBT guides
[18:17:37] <phillw> +1
[18:17:44] <egossett> +1
[18:17:44] <UndiFineD> +1
[18:17:50] <IAmNotThatGuy> +1
[18:17:53] <cprofitt> +1
[18:17:55] <Timo_> +1
[18:17:56] <cprofitt> any more votes?
[18:18:10] <hajour> +1
[18:18:15] <IAmNotThatGuy> cprofitt, only UBT members can vote right?
[18:18:20] <cprofitt> IAmNotThatGuy: yes
[18:18:31] <egossett> sorry
[18:18:34] <hajour> sorry
[18:18:38] <cprofitt> soon IAmNotThatGuy soon
[18:18:39] <IAmNotThatGuy> no worries egossett
[18:18:43] <cprofitt> be patient padawan
[18:18:45] <cprofitt> :-
[18:18:48] <cprofitt> )
[18:18:51] <egossett> kk
[18:18:52] <IAmNotThatGuy> (:
[18:18:53] <cprofitt> last call for votes
[18:19:03] <cprofitt> [endvote]
[18:19:12] <phillw> cprofitt: do you want to carry out the vote after the election of the new padawans, as it does directly affect them?
[18:19:22] <cprofitt> [agreed]guides will now be called Masters
[18:19:32] <cprofitt> anyone want to volunteer to update our wiki?
[18:19:49] <phillw> cprofitt: I'll do it.
[18:19:50] <cprofitt> some padawan who wants to work with the doc team?
[18:19:58] <aveilleux> I have to be right back, I need to reboot to fix some permissions
[18:20:05] <cprofitt> [action] phillw will update wiki with master information
[18:20:10] <cprofitt> thanks phillw
[18:20:10] <UndiFineD> that would be me
[18:20:21] <cprofitt> phillw: can you let UndiFineD do it?
[18:20:43] <cprofitt> [action] UndiFineD will update the wiki with information about Masters
[18:20:47] <cprofitt> there we go
[18:20:53] <UndiFineD> :)
[18:21:06] <cprofitt> [TOPIC] New Members Announcement
[18:21:07] <phillw> cprofitt: UndiFineD if you want to do it, be my guest.
[18:21:39] <cprofitt> as was agreed to last meeting the council is now responsible for voting on new UBT members
[18:21:47] <cprofitt> there are several that have been put before the council
[18:21:55] <cprofitt> but I want everyone to understand the process
[18:22:09] <cprofitt> a padawan or their master can put them forward to the council
[18:22:21] <cprofitt> the padawan should have testimonials on their wiki
[18:22:54] <cprofitt> the padawan is encouraged to either be present at the council meeting or send the council an email with their statement of why they feel they are ready
[18:23:20] <cprofitt> the council, and I apologize for this, has not determined a meeting date/time
[18:23:38] <cprofitt> but we are looking at doing a regular meeting...
[18:23:48] <cprofitt> and we will meet soon about the people we have in the que now
[18:23:55] <cprofitt> I apologize to them for the delay
[18:24:11] <cprofitt> also... I want to make everyone aware of the current que of folks seeking masters....
[18:24:19] <cprofitt> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership
[18:24:32] <cprofitt> we have 15 people looking for help on joining the BT.
[18:24:49] <cprofitt> we need to get these folks paired up...
[18:24:57] <ibuclaw> cprofitt, that is quite a queue
[18:25:21] <cprofitt> we also need to get the Masters list updated so masters are under their TZ
[18:25:24] <cprofitt> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors
[18:25:27] <UndiFineD> which is why I suggested doing classes on becoming a master
[18:25:42] <cprofitt> UndiFineD: good suggestion... we can look at doing that...
[18:25:54] <phillw> cprofitt: with no disrespect to the council, and I know full well you are up to your collective eyeballs in work. We do really need to shift our padawans off and elect mentors. There is a 'log-jam'.
[18:25:58] <cprofitt> can you send an email to the list with that suggestion and some details on how we would run that?
[18:26:13] <cprofitt> masters you mean phillw ?
[18:26:18] <cprofitt> or mentors?
[18:26:23] <aveilleux> I'm sorry, I'm back
[18:26:38] <ibuclaw> UndiFineD, The first rule of becoming a master is the First rule of becoming a master. :~)
[18:27:06] <UndiFineD> hmmm ibuclaw must be a jedi
[18:27:07] <IAmNotThatGuy> inetpro, (:
[18:27:22] <IAmNotThatGuy> erm tab fails )':
[18:27:32] <ibuclaw> The rest is simply being there to answer any questions they may have about team internal processes.
[18:27:43] <cprofitt> ok... phillw did you mean log jam for masters or mentors?
[18:27:43] * pedro3005 is here :P
[18:27:47] <cprofitt> hey pedro3005
[18:28:04] * CensoredBiscuit arrived late and feels lost
[18:28:09] <phillw> cprofitt: bioterror is a mentor yet to be elected, as for masters the faster we get them approved, the sooner we can adopt the ones waiting. It is heartbreaking to hear them plea for a mentor :'(
[18:28:16] <cprofitt> CensoredBiscuit: we will post the minnutes after the meeting
[18:28:24] <pedro3005> cprofitt, I put my mentees for membership I think
[18:28:30] <pedro3005> well at least I added it on the meeting table
[18:28:37] <cprofitt> phillw: well the folks on that list are looking for masters... not mentors
[18:28:52] <cprofitt> I am aware of bioterror and the issue has been raised with the council
[18:28:52] <IAmNotThatGuy> I ll br gone in 10 mins. powercut :'(
[18:29:24] <ibuclaw> cprofitt, so that entire page needs moving and a new table put in it's place?
[18:29:43] <cprofitt> ibuclaw: the table needs to be renamed at the top
[18:29:49] <cprofitt> UndiFineD: is working on it
[18:29:58] <UndiFineD> after the meeting
[18:30:04] <cprofitt> we then will need a new table for mentors -- which we have zero of right now
[18:30:07] <ibuclaw> I mean
[18:30:10] <ibuclaw> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors
[18:30:11] <cprofitt> and a list of people looking to be made mentors
[18:30:14] <ibuclaw> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Masters
[18:30:22] <UndiFineD> yes
[18:30:40] <cprofitt> ibuclaw: the mentors page can have two tables on it...
[18:30:44] <ibuclaw> kk
[18:30:52] <cprofitt> mentors and masters... with some explanation as to the difference
[18:31:41] <pedro3005> when are you guys going to look at the people up for membership?
[18:31:53] <cprofitt> pedro3005: We are working on that as I speak
[18:31:56] <cprofitt> literally
[18:32:11] <pedro3005> ok, great
[18:32:41] <cprofitt> the council will be meeting immediately following this meeting to consider those in the que
[18:32:53] <cprofitt> ok... there are no other topics
[18:33:01] <cprofitt> any other last minute business?
[18:33:07] <nhandler> o/
[18:33:11] <cprofitt> yes nhandler
[18:33:38] <phillw> cprofitt: I know that pedro3005 also has a list of people wanting to be a padawan, as does at least one other mentor. We need the queue clearing so we can help.
[18:33:53] <nhandler> I just want to remind everyone that we will have a BT Council election probably around the start of March. So think about if you might be interested in running
[18:34:12] <cprofitt> nhandler: what positions are up?
[18:34:44] <nhandler> cprofitt: You, me, and bodhi. I updated https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-beginners-council/+members
[18:35:20] <cprofitt> I thought we served two year terms...
[18:35:30] <nhandler> cprofitt: Yeah. You joined in 2009
[18:35:30] <cprofitt> but not sure when the last election was...
[18:35:41] <nhandler> cprofitt: Half the council joined a year after us in 2010
[18:35:56] <nhandler> I also believe we decided not to fill bodhi's seat (so the council will be 5 people) when he expires
[18:35:57] <cprofitt> I did... but I thought I was just recently re-elected... but maybe not... I will have to look back
[18:36:00] <pedro3005> it's been 2 years since 2009?
[18:36:01] <pedro3005> damn!
[18:36:04] <cprofitt> ok... no other business?
[18:36:08] <phillw> nhandler: if you need an admin person, then I will do it (i.e. put up for election).
[18:36:27] <nhandler> cprofitt: You might have. I can't remember if we were up for re-election in the last batch or not
[18:36:40] <cprofitt> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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