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[00:00] <collinp> I'M NOT LATE.
[00:00] <duanedesign> me too :)
[00:00] <phillw> made it with seconds to spare :)
[00:01] <collinp> Oh yes.
[00:01] <UndiFineD> o/
[00:01] <jledbetter> Howdy
[00:01] <duanedesign> #startmeeting
[00:01] <MootBot> Meeting started at 18:01. The chair is duanedesign.
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[00:01] <duanedesign> hello everyone and thank you for coming
[00:02] <duanedesign> it is awesome to have so many new people joining the team
[00:03] <duanedesign> our mentee seeking mentor list is kinda long
[00:03] <phillw> I'm kidnapping them as fast I can :P
[00:03] <UndiFineD> funny how it turned out exactly as i predicted in august duanedesign
[00:03] <duanedesign> however I notice some of those folks I have never seen in the channel
[00:03]  * jledbetter goes to look at it.
[00:04] <UndiFineD> or was it oktober ... time flies

pairing padawans

[00:04] <duanedesign> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership
[00:04] <MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership
[00:04] <duanedesign> is there anyone here who has not yet been  paired up with antone?
[00:05] <duanedesign> anyone*
[00:05] <hakimsheriff2> Sorry im late
[00:05] <phillw> duanedesign: as people on the mentor list are recommended by their TL's, it is a difficult problem. Do we turn them away are welcome them?
[00:05] <duanedesign> or should that be paired up with someone...:P
[00:05] <collinp> hakimsheriff: No problem. I was -almost- late myself.
[00:05] <jledbetter> Paired up as in 'seeking master'? Right?
[00:05] <phillw> /sare/or
[00:06] <duanedesign> jledbetter: yes a master or mentor
[00:06] <duanedesign> phillw: what is TL?
[00:06] <collinp> Team Leader?
[00:06] <phillw> Team Leader, as per the email sent out.
[00:06]  * jledbetter isn't a mentor or master but has no available time at the moment, unfortunately.
[00:07] <duanedesign> jledbetter: ok, thank you for beiing honest
[00:07] <collinp> I was here before the team was even called what it is now. I guess that classifies as enough experience :P
[00:07] <collinp> Sadly, I have no time either.
[00:07] <jledbetter> That's how I roll :) Maybe next month.
[00:08] <hakimsheriff2> I am not a full member yet so I cant
[00:08] <duanedesign> hakimsheriff2:  do you have a Beginners Team member sho is helping you out?
[00:09] <hakimsheriff2> Mohi is.my mentor
[00:09] <duanedesign> each prospective member should have someone who is helping them join the team and.or joining a team in the community
[00:09] <duanedesign> hakimsheriff2: oh great
[00:09] <duanedesign> he has been a little ill lately. he will be back soon
[00:09] <hakimsheriff2> Thats why I didnt see him
[00:10] <jledbetter> Is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors up to date? Those the only approved masters/mentors?
[00:10] <duanedesign> lets keep an eye out for the people on the mentee list and see who stops by the channel
[00:10] <MrChrisDruif> No member either....even if I was, wouldn't have much time :)
[00:10] <UndiFineD> MrChrisDruif: you are doing great :)
[00:10] <phillw> hakimsheriff if you need a bit of extra help, I'm sure that pedro would assist you, those two guys work very closely together.
[00:11] <duanedesign> yes mohi has chicken pox :( I think he is on the mends though
[00:11] <hakimsheriff2> Help in what exactly?
[00:11] <collinp> Remember that Ubuntu is purely volunteer work, you contribute only if you have the time for it, so there's no pressure if you can't due to other obligations.
[00:11] <phillw> hakimsheriff in any area.
[00:11] <duanedesign> hakimsheriff2:  anything UBuntu or BT related
[00:12] <hakimsheriff2> Mohi helps me getting involved
[00:12] <duanedesign> collinp: so true. We want this to be fun
[00:12] <hakimsheriff2> It is fun!
[00:12] <jledbetter> fun +1
[00:12] <MrChrisDruif> Suggestion: discuss this after the meeting? O:-)
[00:12] <hakimsheriff2> Sure
[00:13] <pedro3005> fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
[00:13] <duanedesign> also all the members of the team are your mentors. Everyone gets someone assigned to them to be a designated contact, but dont be afrais to ask anyone on the team a question
[00:13] <duanedesign> pedro3005: lol
[00:13] <hakimsheriff2> Btw.... My normal nick doesnt hav a 2 in it
[00:13] <duanedesign> jledbetter: yes that is the list
[00:14] <duanedesign> ehich is a good transition into next topic
[00:14] <jledbetter> :)

more mentors

[00:14] <duanedesign> [TOPIC] more mentors
[00:14] <MootBot> New Topic:  more mentors
[00:14] <duanedesign> ok, we put into place some new requirements to be a mento.
[00:14] <duanedesign> mentor
[00:15] <collinp> Welcome seidos.
[00:15] <duanedesign> basically the community at large wanted some reassurance that our mentors knew their stuff
[00:15] <seidos> gracias collinp
[00:16] <jledbetter> Have to be a Master to be Mentor, right?
[00:16] <duanedesign> if the bug guys or the doc guys are going to send mentees to us they want to make sure we are assigning knowledgable mentors
[00:16] <duanedesign> jledbetter: yes, I think all members are masters
[00:16] <jledbetter> Great.
[00:16] <phillw> duanedesign: there was only one way I could get Manuela happy as a mentor, as she does not fit into any of the main 4 groups, but Accessibility is a vital part of ubuntu. So I put her htere.
[00:17] <phillw> *there*
[00:17] <duanedesign> that makes sense
[00:17] <duanedesign> phillw: we want to start an accessebility FG eventually
[00:17] <duanedesign> so I see no problem with that
[00:17] <jledbetter> That'd be nice.
[00:18] <duanedesign> If you all saw my email earlier today it outlined breifly the requirments to be a mentor
[00:18] <duanedesign> bug fg mentor should be a member of Bug Control
[00:18] <duanedesign> doc FG, doc contributors or wiki admin
[00:18] <phillw> as the TL for speechcontrol and dragging a dormant project back to life, she has done outstanding work.
[00:18] <UndiFineD> I talked with cprofitt on a accessibility FG , he said it would fit in with devs and support
[00:19] <duanedesign> support fg, is based on contributions since their is no community team counterpart
[00:19] <duanedesign> Development FG you should be a Contributing Developers, per-package uploaders, MOTU or Core Developers.
[00:19] <seidos> is there a particular focus group considered to have the most need right now?
[00:20] <duanedesign> hhmmm, good question

accessibility FG

[00:20] <MrChrisDruif> Accessibility, as it's a young fg?
[00:20] <duanedesign> ill think about that
[00:21] <duanedesign> i want to encourage all members to be mentors
[00:21] <phillw> seidos: they all need help, but having missed the 10.10 docs, if you are familar with wiki and docs, that team needs a bit of help.
[00:21] <UndiFineD> if an accessibility FG would be created, the people with interest are recommended to be forwarded to #ubuntu-accessibility
[00:21] <seidos> phillw: i have done a bit of wiki
[00:21] <seidos> i was going to say bugs, but you kind of need to know dev to fix code, unless bugs need triaging
[00:22] <duanedesign> If you are already a member of one of the community teams I mentioned, or you feel like you have enough support under your belt please let me or cprofitt know
[00:22] <duanedesign> so we can add you to othe mentor list
[00:23] <jledbetter> Will do
[00:23] <duanedesign> I also wanted to ask if anyone thinks there are any good ideas for encouraging/helping each other join these teams so we can increase the number of mentors
[00:23] <hajour> i was not on the list but i been made mentor not long ago
[00:23] <phillw> duanedesign: the creation of an accessibility FG would allow more people to feel comfortable, they need not be a member of just one. There are, for example, some excellent coders on the tram. I'd ask that you check with the council
[00:24] <phillw> /s/tram/team/
[00:24] <duanedesign> right now we will probablly do the accessebility FG under another FG until it grows a bit and then we will make an official FG
[00:24] <UndiFineD> duanedesign: I have a broad interest, so I try know a bit of all
[00:25] <hakimsheriff2> Good idea
[00:25] <duanedesign> i think charlie-tca is also very interested in accessebility
[00:25] <jledbetter> duanedesign, How to get more mentors? Ask? Maybe training too?
[00:25] <seidos> i dabbled in accessibility
[00:25] <seidos> i couldn't get orca working
[00:25] <seidos> not sure what other tools are out there
[00:26] <duanedesign> jledbetter: i thought maybe some loose knit ggroups that help each other accomplish the requirements for membership in the team of interest
[00:26] <hajour> i am mentor accessibility duanedesign
[00:26] <phillw> duanedesign: but it is a bit difficult, as we do teaching web pages, have devs working on projects etc. They just do not know where to 'slot in'
[00:26] <UndiFineD> seidos: you can ask that in #ubuntu-accessibility
[00:26] <jledbetter> duanedesign, I can definitely see that being helpful with dev. It's a huge realm.
[00:27] <collinp> phillw: Accessibility would fit in under the dev FG.
[00:27] <duanedesign> PabloRubianes: hello
[00:27] <PabloRubianes> yes
[00:27] <collinp> Until it gets to a critical mass where it can form it's own FG.
[00:27] <duanedesign> PabloRubianes: sorry i was tryiing to respond to your PM :P
[00:27] <UndiFineD> collinp: what is considered critical mass ?
[00:27] <collinp> Enough to sustain it.
[00:27] <collinp> Probably 10+ members.
[00:28] <duanedesign> yes we have had a problem in the past of jumping the gun on FG
[00:28] <phillw> collinp: speechcontrol itself is well past that :)
[00:28] <UndiFineD> collinp: I think we reached that already
[00:28] <duanedesign> where we have focus groups that sound ggreat, we form them and they never quite sustain themselves
[00:28] <phillw> as we are under the access group, you'd be suprised :)
[00:28] <hakimsheriff2> I am using a text to speech right now
[00:29] <duanedesign> UndiFineD: thats great. we can work on that this month and put it on the agenda for next meeting
[00:29] <collinp> phillw: Consider the fact that the Dev and Wiki FGs are the only ones that have 5+ members in their IRC channels.
[00:29] <jledbetter> Accessibility helps everyone so it's good that it's a very popular group
[00:29] <MrChrisDruif> Great hakimsheriff2 :)
[00:29] <collinp> Right now, at least.
[00:29] <hajour> we have 40 members on speechcontrol team and we are attached on the accessibility program collinp
[00:29] <phillw> duanedesign: I know that fully well, but with people like hajour and pen, along with alan bell - that FG would be self sustainable.
[00:30] <collinp> Speaking of the Dev FG, at the end of the meeting duanedesign, could I make an impromptu announcement?
[00:30] <duanedesign> collinp: absolutely
[00:30] <UndiFineD> new members interested in accessibility are requested to join #ubuntu-accessibility
[00:31] <seidos> UndiFineD: already joined
[00:31] <phillw> they are also required to sign the CoC
[00:31] <duanedesign> ok so we need more mentors, so lets encourage each other and do what we can there
[00:32] <jledbetter> Sounds good

padawan progression

[00:32] <UndiFineD> well, I think I might be ready for a new padawan soon
[00:32] <seidos> duanedesign: i can go where i'm wanted.  people don't like hanging out in an empty and/or quiet channel
[00:32] <duanedesign> :)
[00:32] <phillw> duanedesign: I have a new lubuntueer, he's a dev person. I may be able to get him on board.
[00:32] <MrChrisDruif> UndiFineD flies through his padawan's :P
[00:33] <duanedesign> ok whho has mentee here?
[00:33] <duanedesign> who wants to give an update
[00:33] <MrChrisDruif> duanedesign: Hmm?
[00:33] <phillw> duanedesign: I have 4!
[00:33] <hajour> well there are all working on the accessibility programs seidos  because i have many in the speechcontrol team
[00:33] <UndiFineD> I have MrChrisDruif , who needs testamonials
[00:33]  * seidos flies through his master
[00:33] <seidos> d'oh
[00:34]  * seidos puts on the rock of shame and the rock of triumph
[00:34] <collinp> phillw: Wow.
[00:34] <collinp> That's quite a bit.
[00:34] <MrChrisDruif> xD
[00:34] <duanedesign> MrChrisDruif: at each meeting we like to give updates on how our mentees are doing. Mentors/Masters share the success, or disappearances of their mentees
[00:34] <duanedesign> ill go first
[00:34] <phillw> UndiFineD: MrChrisDruif is a wonderful padawan, it is joy and delight to chat to him. He has learned so much.
[00:34] <duanedesign> Daniel** has been doing well. He has been putting in the time showing up in the channel
[00:35] <duanedesign> he also is working with phillw
[00:35] <duanedesign> next
[00:35] <hajour> i think MrChrisDruif  also would be a good master
[00:35] <duanedesign> dont be shy, someone tell us how your mentee is doing...
[00:36] <jledbetter> What about mentee saying how she/he is doing if master isn't present?
[00:36] <duanedesign> that would be awesome
[00:36] <phillw> I know that two of mine have had 'issues', but they have assured me that they will not let the project that they have been assigned to down.
[00:37] <duanedesign> phillw: i think as long as they let you know what is going on
[00:37] <UndiFineD> MrChrisDruif has been my padawan for a small month, he has been around much longer than that, he is my first, but I think he is ready for his testamonials, he made great progress and is involved in the development with many common teams
[00:38] <phillw> UndiFineD: If it were a vote, he'd get a +1 from me without hesitation.
[00:38] <seidos> do you cover positive and negative aspects of mentees or padwans?
[00:38] <duanedesign> yes MrChrisDruif i see alot in the channel which is good :)
[00:38] <MrChrisDruif> duanedesign: phillw is omnipresent (or has his ways of getting the news O:-))
[00:38] <duanedesign> seidos: mostly positives and missing in actions
[00:39] <seidos> RIP MIA :(
[00:39] <UndiFineD> seidos: we tend to emphasize the positive, negative aspects can be dealt with in private hmm :)
[00:39] <collinp> Look who strolls in.
[00:39] <hajour> duanedesign, cprofitt is not here but i have JackyAlcine in my team many hours and i see him also often in ubuntu beginners team and in ubuntu-beginners helping
[00:39] <duanedesign> that way if someone is missing someone else has the opportunity to say oh [s]he is...
[00:39] <seidos> UndiFineD: always?  like festering wounds?
[00:39] <duanedesign> yes
[00:39] <duanedesign> i mean yes to hajour :)
[00:40] <seidos> i inferred \o/
[00:40] <seidos> is inference the same as assumption?  hmmm
[00:40] <collinp> Inference is guessing something missing based on what is given.
[00:40] <collinp> Assumption is guessing based on past experience.
[00:41] <jledbetter> haha
[00:41] <UndiFineD> I think JackyAlcine is ready
[00:41] <duanedesign> ok great
[00:41] <seidos> past experience isn't given?  hmmmm
[00:41] <phillw> hajour: I think JackyAlcine would make an excellent mentor, he has the patience to help and the thirst to learn.
[00:41] <hajour> collinp,  a little could you be a little more clear?
[00:41] <hajour> yes agree phillw
[00:42] <duanedesign> [ACTION] work on accessebility fg
[00:42] <MootBot> ACTION received:  work on accessebility fg
[00:42] <MrChrisDruif> Does JackyAlcine have the time? He's always busy with SpeechControl :)
[00:42] <collinp> Er. google.com -> define:inference and define:assumption
[00:42] <seidos> collinp: i don't disagree with the definitions
[00:42] <seidos> thanks :)
[00:42] <charlie-tca> i can infer from what he implied
[00:42] <jledbetter> But anyway...
[00:42] <hajour> MrChrisDruif,  a mentee can work with the project fromm his her mentor

consider accessibility FG

[00:42] <duanedesign> i think that is hajour and UndiFineD. The accessebility fg
[00:42] <collinp> charlie-tca: Oh my god.
[00:43] <charlie-tca> lol
[00:43] <charlie-tca> but assume is never good
[00:43] <seidos> charlie-tca: you can, but should you ;)
[00:43] <jledbetter> Back to agenda, please :)
[00:43] <collinp> ^ good idea.
[00:43] <phillw> there are enough people on accessibilty channels to support a FG - Some quite astounding people in fact

new member voting

[00:44] <duanedesign> oh and charlie-tca and hggdh have been doing a great job of being available to answer questions in our channel about bug triage
[00:44]  * hggdh hears self's name
[00:44] <duanedesign> please be aware they are there and they love to help :)
[00:44] <UndiFineD> yes, the user days was nice
[00:44] <phillw> duanedesign: and tenach has started the classroom sessions for coding web sites
[00:45] <UndiFineD> ? phillw did i miss it ?
[00:46] <phillw> UndiFineD: we have not done that one yet.... me and another are doing those sessions :D
[00:46] <duanedesign> me and cprofitt talked today about hggdh and charlie-tca becoming members of the BT. I probably dont have to tell you all they would be great members of the team
[00:46] <MrChrisDruif> I don't want to be a party pooper, but we've got about 15 mins left....
[00:47] <UndiFineD> duanedesign: totally agree-ing
[00:47] <duanedesign> and since the last thing we always cover is member votes let us vote on them being members :)
[00:47] <phillw> duanedesign: I do not know hggdh, but charlie-tca I would give a +1 to
[00:47] <collinp> There's not another meeting for a while, so we probably won't have any trouble if we go over the meeting time.
[00:47] <hajour> +1
[00:47] <hggdh> phillw: I am one of the admins for bug-control and bugsquad
[00:48] <PabloRubianes> duanedesign, good lets vote then
[00:48] <duanedesign> [VOTE] hggdh for member
[00:48] <MootBot> Please vote on:  hggdh for member.
[00:48] <MootBot> Public votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot
[00:48] <MootBot> E.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting
[00:48] <duanedesign> +1
[00:48] <collinp> +1
[00:48] <MootBot> +1 received from duanedesign. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
[00:48] <MootBot> +1 received from collinp. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
[00:48] <phillw> hggdh: you have just gained a +1 from me, bug hunting is a neverending task
[00:48] <UndiFineD> +1
[00:48] <MootBot> +1 received from UndiFineD. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 3
[00:48] <hajour> +1
[00:48] <MootBot> +1 received from hajour. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 4
[00:48] <phillw> +1
[00:48] <MootBot> +1 received from phillw. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 5
[00:49] <PabloRubianes> +1
[00:49] <MootBot> +1 received from PabloRubianes. 6 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 6
[00:49] <duanedesign> any other members present to vote
[00:49] <collinp> Well, that was simple.
[00:49] <duanedesign> [ENDVOTE]
[00:49] <MootBot> Final result is 6 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 6
[00:49] <duanedesign> yaa
[00:49] <hggdh> :-)
[00:49] <hggdh> thank you folks
[00:49] <jledbetter> +1 (I was reading sorry)
[00:49] <jledbetter> Grats!
[00:49] <duanedesign> welcome hggdh
[00:49] <collinp> hggdh: I think you mentioning "admin for bug-control and bugsquad" did the trick :P
[00:49] <PabloRubianes> congrats hggdh
[00:49] <charlie-tca> Congratulations, hggdh
[00:49] <hggdh> heh
[00:49] <MrChrisDruif> Congratz hggdh :)
[00:49] <duanedesign> ok now mr charlie
[00:49] <hajour> congrats hggdh and charlie-tca
[00:50] <charlie-tca> I am just an underling compared to hggdh
[00:50] <paultag> +1, late
[00:50] <duanedesign> I met charlie at UDS and I see him all over the community. He would be a great +! iin my book
[00:50] <paultag> love you guys, keep on keeping on
[00:50] <hggdh> charlie-tca: not at all
[00:50] <MrChrisDruif> hajour: I think we need to vote about it (but will prolly pass)
[00:50] <duanedesign> [VOTE] charlie-tca for member
[00:50] <MootBot> Please vote on:  charlie-tca for member.
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[00:50] <UndiFineD> +1
[00:50] <duanedesign> +1
[00:50] <hajour> +1
[00:50] <jledbetter> +1
[00:50] <MootBot> +1 received from UndiFineD. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
[00:50] <MootBot> +1 received from duanedesign. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
[00:50] <MootBot> +1 received from jledbetter. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 3
[00:50] <collinp> 0
[00:50] <MootBot> +1 received from hajour. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 4
[00:50] <paultag> +1
[00:50] <MootBot> +1 received from paultag. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 5
[00:50] <collinp> er
[00:50] <collinp> +0
[00:50] <MootBot> Abstention received from collinp. 5 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 5
[00:50] <phillw> +1
[00:50] <PabloRubianes> +1
[00:50] <MootBot> +1 received from PabloRubianes. 6 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 6
[00:50] <MootBot> +1 received from phillw. 7 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 7
[00:50] <duanedesign> ok... anymore
[00:51] <hggdh> Can I vote?
[00:51] <pedro3005> seidos
[00:51] <duanedesign> ya
[00:51] <paultag> hggdh: I think so, you're a member now :)
[00:51] <duanedesign> :)
[00:51] <hggdh> +1
[00:51] <MootBot> +1 received from hggdh. 8 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 8
[00:51] <MrChrisDruif> hggdh: Your a member ;)
[00:51] <duanedesign> he catches on quick
[00:51] <paultag> duanedesign: inorite?
[00:51] <duanedesign> [ENDVOTE]
[00:51] <MootBot> Final result is 8 for, 0 against. 1 abstained. Total: 8
[00:51] <duanedesign> woo hoo
[00:51] <hggdh> charlie-tca is worth it ;-)
[00:51] <MrChrisDruif> Congratz charlie-tca :)
[00:51] <charlie-tca> Thank you
[00:51] <jledbetter> Congratulions charlie-tca :)
[00:51] <paultag> charlie-tca: 'grats
[00:52] <duanedesign> collinp: did yiu want to say something?
[00:52] <hggdh> yeee, I am not the newest member anymore
[00:52] <PabloRubianes> charlie-tca, congrats!!!
[00:52] <jledbetter> s/Congratulions/Congratulations/
[00:52] <duanedesign> charlie-tca: welcome
[00:52] <collinp> Oh, yes.
[00:52] <phillw> charlie-tca: and hggdh welcome to UBT.
[00:52] <UndiFineD> duanedesign:could we vote on JackyAlcine and / or MrChrisDruif ?
[00:52] <pedro3005> and seidos !
[00:52] <collinp> We need more members for the Dev FG. I was staving off due to the team structure changes, but I think this would be the best time to announce that, since most of the team is here.
[00:52] <MrChrisDruif> =-O
[00:52] <hajour> duanedesign,  can JackyAlcine  be next time on the list for to become ubt member ?
[00:52] <duanedesign> heh, seidos is like mohi
[00:52] <collinp> The current member list for the Dev FG, I can count on two hands.
[00:52] <duanedesign> you mean he is not a member yet!
[00:52] <collinp> The active members I could count on one hand.
[00:53] <pedro3005> duanedesign, he's been my padawan for about a year
[00:53] <duanedesign> collinp: you are rifght
[00:53] <collinp> If you're interested in joining.. well, let me get the wiki page.
[00:53] <pedro3005> i can't stand that guy anymore! make him a member already
[00:53] <MrChrisDruif> pedro3005: A year?
[00:53] <pedro3005> :P just kidding
[00:53] <pedro3005> he's cool
[00:53] <jledbetter> collinp, Aren't we a member if we're on launchpad?
[00:53] <collinp> jledbetter: You're a member if you're in the Launchpad team, yes.
[00:53] <duanedesign> i know there is a lot of interest in the Dev FG...
[00:53] <pedro3005> MrChrisDruif, he became my padawan less than a week after I became a member myself

More members requested for Developers FG

[00:53] <collinp> But first, there's a process.
[00:54] <jledbetter> Woots
[00:54] <MrChrisDruif> pedro3005: Same with UndiFineD and me :)
[00:54] <collinp> If you want it simply put, it's me checking that you have the credentials enough to be a productive member of the team (not very much) and helping you if you don't.
[00:54] <MrChrisDruif> Maybe two weeks...didn't count O:-)
[00:54] <collinp> So apply to the Launchpad group and I'll get to you on IRC to ensure that you have the credentials for the team.
[00:55] <duanedesign> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development
[00:55] <MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development
[00:55] <jledbetter> That's a nice idea to help folks get there, collinp
[00:55] <duanedesign> dev FG is aweosme.
[00:55] <pedro3005> so, let's please consider. the poor guy will go on an existential crisis
[00:55] <phillw> MrChrisDruif: this is a marathon, not a sprint. take your time and get to know other members :)
[00:55] <duanedesign> ok seidos
[00:55] <collinp> Rage. I can't find the wiki page.
[00:55] <seidos> pedro3005: couldn't you just make a program to automagically confirm members?
[00:56] <collinp> So I'll just have to list them out manually.
[00:56] <jledbetter> collinp, Is it the one duanedesign linked?
[00:56]  * seidos laments and gnashes his teeth
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[00:56] <MrChrisDruif> phillw: I didn't mention being voted upon O:-)
[00:56] <collinp> jledbetter: That's the team's Wiki page, but not the one I'm looking for.
[00:56] <jledbetter> Ah ok
[00:56] <pedro3005> seidos, but, democracy!
[00:56] <duanedesign> we will do MrChrisDruif  and JackyAlcine next meeting so if you have not met them yet take a minute to say hi
[00:56] <collinp> Ok. Knowing or be learning a programming language is the biggest one.
[00:56] <seidos> pedro3005: have everyone vote on your program ;)
[00:56] <jledbetter> Even Java? ;)
[00:56] <MrChrisDruif> Hai :D
[00:56] <collinp> Any programming language will do.
[00:56] <collinp> jledbetter: Yes, even java.
[00:57] <jledbetter> haha :D
[00:57] <pedro3005> seidos, that program exists, it's called MootBot
[00:57] <collinp> (sadly) but uh
[00:57] <collinp> No, I'm kidding.
[00:57] <pedro3005> yeah
[00:57] <pedro3005> we don't take java programmers
[00:57] <jledbetter> :'(
[00:57] <UndiFineD> alright duanedesign
[00:57] <duanedesign> ok
[00:57]  * jledbetter takes her blocks and goes home
[00:57] <seidos> i wish i knew java, heh
[00:57] <collinp> Knowing your way around bug trackers and release systems is preferred.
[00:57] <collinp> That's about all that I can think of.
[00:57] <pedro3005> jledbetter, it's okay. you can still repent your sins. haskell will show you the way to salvation
[00:58] <jledbetter> haha Haskell? hahahahaha
[00:58] <jledbetter> Yeah bug tracker, versioning (bzr/git), yep yep
[00:58]  * pedro3005 grumbles
[00:59] <pedro3005> enough dev chat?
[00:59] <duanedesign> :)
[00:59] <collinp> Typical knowledge of development tools is preferred.
[00:59] <collinp> Now I'm done.
[00:59] <jledbetter> Never! But ok.
[00:59] <pedro3005> we can diverge to -dev if necessary

new member voting 2

[00:59] <duanedesign> anything else?
[00:59] <pedro3005> uhm... the voting...
[00:59] <duanedesign> Are we going to make seidos wait one more month
[00:59] <duanedesign> :)
[00:59] <seidos> where is confirmation recorded?
[01:00] <seidos> a wiki?
[01:00] <hakimsheriff> AM I allowed to vote?
[01:00] <seidos> i could just go and update it...
[01:00] <collinp> seidos: Hm?
[01:00] <hakimsheriff> I am not a full memebr yet
[01:00] <duanedesign> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/seidos
[01:00] <seidos> hakimsheriff: why not?
[01:00] <UndiFineD> hakimsheriff: nope
[01:00] <MrChrisDruif> Well, then you've got the same luck as me :D
[01:00] <MrChrisDruif> hakimsheriff ^
[01:01] <hakimsheriff> Mohi says soon
[01:01] <MrChrisDruif> You have the pleasure to see the rest of the members make their votes :P
[01:01] <hakimsheriff> Maybe next meeting
[01:01] <duanedesign> [VOTE] seidos for member
[01:01] <MootBot> Please vote on:  seidos for member.
[01:01] <MootBot> Public votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot
[01:01] <MootBot> E.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting
[01:01] <seidos> i'll just add myself as a mentor on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors
[01:01] <duanedesign> +!
[01:01]  * seidos puts on the stone of triumph
[01:01] <duanedesign> +1
[01:01] <MootBot> +1 received from duanedesign. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
[01:01] <collinp> +1
[01:01] <MootBot> +1 received from collinp. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
[01:01] <pedro3005> +1
[01:01] <MootBot> +1 received from pedro3005. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 3
[01:01] <UndiFineD> +1
[01:01] <MootBot> +1 received from UndiFineD. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 4
[01:01] <phillw> +1
[01:01] <MootBot> +1 received from phillw. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 5
[01:01]  * pedro3005 pokes paultag to vote
[01:01] <duanedesign> seidos: going once
[01:01] <duanedesign> twice
[01:01] <duanedesign> three times
[01:01] <seidos> +1
[01:01] <MootBot> +1 received from seidos. 6 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 6
[01:02] <duanedesign> sold
[01:02] <MrChrisDruif> xD
[01:02] <seidos> seis
[01:02] <duanedesign> [ENDVOTE]
[01:02] <MootBot> Final result is 6 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 6
[01:02] <duanedesign> yaa
[01:02] <pedro3005> I feel like a ton has been lifted from my shoulder!
[01:02]  * pedro3005 laughs
[01:02] <MrChrisDruif> seidos: Voting on yourself ;)
[01:02] <jledbetter> lol
[01:02] <seidos> MrChrisDruif: i wanted to exercise my democratic rights
[01:02] <duanedesign> lets put the other two on the agenda for the next meeting?
[01:03] <seidos> thanks your honors
[01:03]  * seidos gives everyone a pen
[01:03] <hajour> o i missed the vote +1 from me for seidos
[01:03] <duanedesign> also if anyone wants to help with the post meeting tasks
[01:03] <duanedesign> please come to -team
[01:03] <paultag> Oh crud
[01:03] <paultag> +1
[01:03] <paultag> duh, of course
[01:03] <phillw> duanedesign: I'd back Jacky 100%, the work he is doing on speechcontrol is wonderful.
[01:03] <pedro3005> seidos, you're a cool kid now
[01:03] <paultag> seidos: +1 for sure
[01:04] <hajour> me to duanedesign

end meeting

[01:04] <duanedesign> Keep BeginnersTeam/TeamReports updated.
[01:04] <duanedesign> Update Next meeting time on the wiki
[01:04] <duanedesign> Send meeting minutes to ubuntu-beginners mailing list\
[01:04] <seidos> paultag: snarky comment
[01:04] <paultag> seidos: clever retort
[01:04] <duanedesign> thank you everyone
[01:04] <seidos> the polls have closed!
[01:04]  * seidos cries
[01:04] <duanedesign> grreat meeting!
[01:04] <duanedesign> haha grrreat
[01:04] <pedro3005> we laughed, we cried
[01:04] <jledbetter>  \o/
[01:04] <duanedesign> i am tony the tiger
[01:04] <seidos> paultag: if anyone asks, it was 7 votes to 0
[01:04] <duanedesign> #endmeeting
[01:04] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 19:04.
[01:04] <pedro3005> but time is fleeting
[01:04] <jledbetter> for reals
[01:04] <hakimsheriff> Bye all
[01:04] <UndiFineD> thanks everyone
[01:05] <pedro3005> and for complex numbers too
[01:05]  * jledbetter slips back to -team
[01:05] <seidos> i am zach the zebra
[01:05] <duanedesign> congrats to the new members
[01:05] <MrChrisDruif> Yeah, congratz seidos :)
[01:05] <UndiFineD> yep congrats hggdh , charlie-tca and seidos
[01:05] <seidos> thanks MrChrisDruif
[01:05] <hajour> i have a question .we need stil 4 python and 4 C++ programmers we try to get open mary in natty
[01:05] <hggdh> UndiFineD: thank you
[01:06] <hajour> i talk further in #ubuntu-beginners-team
[01:06] <maco> hey beginners team people
[01:07] <maco> whats with the C++ class that your wiki page says happens at 15:00 on saturdays and didnt?
[01:08] <UndiFineD> dont know maco
[01:08] <hajour> collinp,  do you now it ? what maco ask
[01:08] <collinp> No idea.
[01:09] <pedro3005> we should probably take that off the wiki
[01:09] <pedro3005> maco, DiegoTc was going to teach it, showed up once and never again. at least that's what I saw
[01:09] <hajour> collinp,  i am become a mentor but seams me better to begin with 1 mentee
[01:10] <maco> i see
[01:11] <maco> people were in -classroom early saturday asking what timezone the 15:00 meant and so ...cue utc explanation.... and then i scrolled back and saw it didnt happen and then wondered if the wiki was just for a specific week or what
[01:12] <seidos> date -R
[01:12] <seidos> great command

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