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[17:59:53] <cprofitt> Welcome to the Beginners Team meeting
[18:00:09] <cprofitt> please say here if you are present for the Beginners Team meeting
[18:00:13] <ddecator> here
[18:00:15] <johnny77> here
[18:00:15] <s-fox> o/ here
[18:00:15] <pleia2> here
[18:00:17] <CensoredBiscuit> here
[18:00:19] <duanedesign> her
[18:00:19] <jledbetter> here
[18:00:20] <duanedesign> e
[18:00:20] <szczur> here
[18:00:27] <Cheri703> here
[18:00:36] * phillw here
[18:00:48] <MrChrisDruif> Hai
[18:00:59] <cprofitt> szczur: I am pleased to let you know that the council had voted to approve your membership
[18:01:03] <MrChrisDruif> s/Hai/here
[18:01:06] <cprofitt> congratulations!!!
[18:01:11] <s-fox> Well done.
[18:01:15] <johnny77> yay!
[18:01:20] <ddecator> szczur: congrats :)
[18:01:25] <MrChrisDruif> All? :)
[18:01:26] <szczur> thanks a lot :)
[18:01:35] <CensoredBiscuit> congrats
[18:01:53] * NRWlion is here too
[18:01:55] <MrChrisDruif> Congratulations to all the new members
[18:01:59] <szczur> thank you all of the support
[18:02:11] <jledbetter> Congratulations :)
[18:02:12] <phillw> szczur: congrats, richly deserved.
[18:02:38] <MrChrisDruif> Ow...misread....congratulations szczur :)

Topic: Elections

[18:03:01] <cprofitt> [topic] Elections
[18:03:26] <cprofitt> As you know we are going to be holding elections to replace two council members
[18:03:31] <cprofitt> nhandler: ping
[18:03:54] <UndiFineD> o/ good morning
[18:04:29] <cprofitt> We will be holding these elections as they do for other councils with voting online
[18:04:31] <MrChrisDruif> Hai UndiFineD
[18:04:45] <cprofitt> there will be an email sent out soon with instructions for voting
[18:05:05] <cprofitt> are there any questions on that?
[18:05:28] <MrChrisDruif> Instructions in mail, sounds pretty clear :)
[18:05:37] <cprofitt> I hope it will be

Topic: Getting More Mentors

[18:05:43] <cprofitt> [topic] Getting more Mentors
[18:05:46] * NRWlion has none .. waiting for mail
[18:05:54] <cprofitt> duanedesign: your floor
[18:05:58] <cprofitt> NRWlion: we have not sent them yet
[18:06:01] <cprofitt> soon though I think
[18:06:44] <duanedesign> just a reminder that we need to continue working on our community efforts
[18:07:19] <cprofitt> I would like to remind people that we have 'umbrella' groups
[18:07:30] <cprofitt> and there are specializations beneath them
[18:07:31] <duanedesign> the social aspect of our team is awesome and I have made some wonderful friends, but we are here to contribute to Ubuntu
[18:08:16] <cprofitt> for example accessibility would be a specilization under development, documentation and support -- depending on what you were skilled at provindg help with
[18:08:31] * ddecator would love to see -beginners-bugs become more active
[18:08:36] <duanedesign> and anyone who is contributing should have no problem geting membership in one of the teams required to be a mentor
[18:08:46] <cprofitt> lubuntu would be a specialization under support and documentation
[18:09:09] <cprofitt> ddecator: +1 to active with bugs
[18:09:13] <duanedesign> for example bugs FG. You wouuld need to be a member of Bug Control.
[18:09:20] <PabloRubianes> sorry I am late
[18:09:31] <MrChrisDruif> cprofitt: Why not dev? Is it because they only select package to use instead of creating new?
[18:09:45] <duanedesign> If you have any quenstions about the requirements for being a bug mentor or any other FG please ask
[18:09:47] <jledbetter> duanedesign, To be on the team or as a mentor for -bug?
[18:09:56] <duanedesign> jledbetter: as a mentor
[18:10:18] <jledbetter> duanedesign, Understood. Thanks :) What are requirements for -dev?
[18:10:23] <cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: those are just examples... if there is dedicated dev work to lubuntu that does not cross other projects then yes... but in most cases I see dev as usually being rather cross-WM
[18:10:53] <MrChrisDruif> cprofitt: Thanks, was just curious :)
[18:11:02] <cprofitt> duanedesign: all set?
[18:11:32] <duanedesign> jledbetter: i will find that for you
[18:11:50] * nhandler is here
[18:11:54] <cprofitt> hey nhandler
[18:12:16] <jledbetter> duanedesign, Thank you. I'd like to know so I can work toward it :)
[18:12:48] <phillw> one of the 'problems' is that SII and speechcontrol have been moved upstream, against my loudest shouts, but I do understand the reasoning. We will retain a very close tie to ubuntu but the council are once again faced with what we had when lubuntu arrived.
[18:12:52] <cprofitt> all set duanedesign ?
[18:13:07] <cprofitt> phillw: I do not think we are on that topic yet
[18:13:54] <duanedesign> Development FG you should be a Contributing Developers, per-package uploaders, MOTU or Core Developers
[18:15:04] <duanedesign> so if you are active in the community membership in these teams is not very hard and very attainable for all
[18:15:19] <jledbetter> duanedesign, Ok, thank you.
[18:15:31] <duanedesign> I would like to see everyone working towards being a member of one of these community teams
[18:15:34] <duanedesign> thank you

Topic: Accessibility FG

[18:15:50] <cprofitt> [topic] accessibility FG
[18:16:04] <cprofitt> a quick note before I turn the floor over to UndiFineD
[18:16:13] <UndiFineD> :)
[18:16:21] <cprofitt> we currently are not planning on having an Accessibility Team
[18:16:33] <cprofitt> because we do not want to pull it out of the teams it can benefit...
[18:16:35] <phillw> sorry cprofitt I thought we were discussing FG's in general.
[18:16:53] <cprofitt> developers need to think about accesibility, docmentation needs it... support needs it
[18:17:14] <cprofitt> so I would like to see accessibility 'experts' on all the FG teams
[18:17:57] <cprofitt> I know we have discussed this before... and I would be willing to see it discussed more on the email list...
[18:18:30] <phillw> cprofitt: we have a guy redrafting the SII charter, but please understand we were planning on a 3 month transition and got this dropped on us to be moved upstream.
[18:18:42] <cprofitt> I hope folks understand that it is the intent to give accessibility a first class seat by asking developers, etc to think of it while they are developing... not as an add-on
[18:18:46] <cprofitt> UndiFineD: you have the floor
[18:19:27] <UndiFineD> hmmm, now I made up this agenda some month ago, a few days after the meeting
[18:19:47] <UndiFineD> and in that time a lot has changed for a lot of us
[18:20:08] <UndiFineD> I can understand the delay for the accessibility FG
[18:20:23] <UndiFineD> but we also need to define expert level
[18:21:57] <UndiFineD> i think that is all i can say about that atm
[18:22:00] <duanedesign> maybe a wiki page explaining how to get involved in contributing to accessebility.? excuse me if this already exists on the accessebility wiki
[18:22:13] <UndiFineD> it does
[18:22:47] <cprofitt> UndiFineD: I want to be clear there is no delay for the accessibility FG
[18:22:55] <UndiFineD> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/GettingInvolved
[18:23:03] <cprofitt> we want to incorporate accessibility with all the current FGs
[18:23:32] <duanedesign> ok. we can make it clear that we have interested folks in bt that are willing to help you get involved, through our focus groups, helping with accessebility
[18:23:35] <cprofitt> have the Dev FG learn about accessibility... from the ground up
[18:23:51] <cprofitt> +1 duanedesign
[18:24:09] <duanedesign> suprised no one has pointed out my terrible spelling of accessibility
[18:24:10] <UndiFineD> cprofitt: well, yes and no ;) it is a delay if it is not agreed upon in this meeting, but there is no work done getting this prepared
[18:24:34] <cprofitt> it was agreed on many meetings ago
[18:24:47] <cprofitt> to try and incorporate accessibility under our existing FGs
[18:24:48] <UndiFineD> duanedesign: dyslexia ? :P
[18:24:54] <phillw> if people code from the ground up, for either code or web sites, we can make a differance.
[18:25:09] <cprofitt> +1 phillw
[18:25:46] <UndiFineD> well, it can also be done for existing projects of course
[18:25:53] <cprofitt> I certainly would like to get more than the one Accessibility Mentor...
[18:26:07] <cprofitt> I believe hajour is working with charlie-tca on that currently
[18:26:27] <phillw> one of the things I was asked, was does accessibility have enough people to maintain itself as a FG - the answer is yes.
[18:26:42] <cprofitt> phillw: it is not just a question of that
[18:26:54] <cprofitt> if we would like to re-open the discussion we can do so on the mailing list
[18:27:09] <ddecator> i think it's more about not splitting up efforts and instead trying to keep them combined
[18:27:31] <ddecator> if we split them up too much, then we'll have 20 FGs working on different but related things
[18:27:41] <duanedesign> i think we can make a great difference using our current structure
[18:27:56] <cprofitt> I will, if you like, try to send an email to the team about what was agreed on before.... if the team wants to change we can work towards coming up with a suggestion
[18:28:30] <phillw> that is why the SII charter is being re-written from scratch as we and speech control were moved upstream, but we can have a chat about that after the meeting.
[18:28:51] <cprofitt> SII has nothing to do with the BT ... at least nothing that I am aware of
[18:28:56] <cprofitt> but, yes after the meeting

Topic: New Member Voting

[18:29:03] <cprofitt> [topic] new member voting
[18:29:14] <ddecator> ha, it actually caught it that time
[18:29:14] <cprofitt> I believe the new member voting was covered on the mailing list
[18:29:40] <PabloRubianes> yes
[18:29:57] <cprofitt> but to restate -- the council now votes on new members... and we look at the testimonials on their wiki page, emails sent to the council, etc
[18:30:08] <phillw> just for clarification, out of the nominees, who did the council elect?
[18:30:17] * evilnhandler notes that this isn't a new change
[18:30:23] <cprofitt> this was done to give folks who had issues with making meeting able to have input to the process as well
[18:30:47] <cprofitt> allowing the council to handle influxes of people such as what we had after UDS-N
[18:30:49] <duanedesign> elky: right, I added to the confusion last meeeting. That is wht I felt the need to clarify the policy :)
[18:30:51] <cprofitt> +1 evilnhandler
[18:30:52] <duanedesign> oops
[18:30:57] <duanedesign> evilnhandler: ^^
[18:31:17] <cprofitt> phillw: we approved szczur

Topic: More Members for Devel FG

[18:31:38] <cprofitt> [topic] More members requested for Developers FG
[18:31:47] <cprofitt> again before I turn it over to UndiFineD
[18:31:56] <UndiFineD> no, not my topic
[18:32:03] <cprofitt> I want to clarify that we really do not 'request' members to join teams...
[18:32:14] <cprofitt> ok UndiFineD
[18:32:34] <cprofitt> we are all volunteers here... so it is more of a 'want to do this' than a request
[18:32:57] * NRWlion gets a slight laugh in his face ;)
[18:33:02] <jledbetter> More activity would be nice :)
[18:33:06] <duanedesign> good point :) we are all here to have fun
[18:33:15] <s-fox> Yes, "fun"
[18:33:22] <duanedesign> ;)
[18:33:24] <cprofitt> we would love to see more activity... and would love to help those who want to contribute to the dev team
[18:33:36] <cprofitt> but we will not force you in to the Kings army :-)
[18:33:39] <cprofitt> or any such thing
[18:33:46] <jledbetter> cprofitt, Who's the active leader?
[18:34:30] <evilnhandler> jledbetter: Collin Pruitt
[18:34:39] <jledbetter> evilnhandler, Thank you
[18:34:53] <cprofitt> evilnhandler: we need to make him an admin on the LP team then
[18:35:08] <NRWlion> cprofitt, doubt that i would be helpful in -dev ;) absolutely no knowledge ;)
[18:35:21] <evilnhandler> cprofitt: He is a member of ~ubuntu-beginners-dev-owner
[18:35:21] <cprofitt> NRWlion: we want you to be involved where you are interested
[18:35:38] <cprofitt> evilnhandler: ok
[18:35:49] <NRWlion> i know. that was just on "we dont force you to the Kings army" ;)
[18:35:55] <cprofitt> :-)

Topic: Ubuntu for All

[18:36:06] <cprofitt> [topic] Ubuntu for all
[18:36:10] <cprofitt> UndiFineD: you have the floor
[18:36:38] <UndiFineD> just raising awareness that this is a new team that got started by AlanBell
[18:36:59] <cprofitt> URL?
[18:37:18] <UndiFineD> it seems to be a somewhat cross-connecting team for every one
[18:37:20] <pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuForAll
[18:37:30] <pleia2> it's actually an old team, we're working to revive it a bit
[18:38:00] <cprofitt> pleia2: what is Ubuntu Younglings?
[18:38:08] <cprofitt> that is part of that
[18:38:22] <pleia2> cprofitt: AFAIK it's a proposal for kids (youth is more teenage)
[18:38:28] <MrChrisDruif> I think it totally embodies the Ubuntu ethos (UFA that is)
[18:38:31] * cprofitt nods
[18:38:45] <cprofitt> and what is NGO?
[18:39:05] <pleia2> non-government organization, non-profits
[18:39:10] * cprofitt nods
[18:39:17] <phillw> Non Governmetal Organisation
[18:39:26] <cprofitt> so a very broad project that is looking to ensure that people are included?
[18:39:35] <pleia2> more of an umbrella team
[18:39:46] <pleia2> just making sure all those projects are on track, or at least getting help if they need it
[18:39:55] <cprofitt> very much the way the BT envisions Accessibility...
[18:39:59] <ddecator> is there an lp group?
[18:40:00] <cprofitt> if I grasp it correctly
[18:40:20] <pleia2> there is a mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-for-all
[18:40:32] <cprofitt> I thank you all for making us aware of this umbrella team...
[18:40:33] <phillw> pleia2: as SII are doing for accessibility, I look forward to working closely with you.
[18:40:46] <UndiFineD> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-for-all
[18:41:17] <ddecator> UndiFineD: danke
[18:41:24] <cprofitt> I think a great many of these interests could be represented inside the BT as well...
[18:41:31] <cprofitt> at the very least we need to be aware of them
[18:41:33] <duanedesign> sounds great
[18:41:41] <pleia2> cprofitt: I have some follow-up to do with your WRT to BT & Ubuntu Women mentoring
[18:41:45] <pleia2> -to
[18:41:59] * cprofitt nods to pleia
[18:42:01] <cprofitt> yep

Topic: Padawan and Mentors

[18:42:22] <cprofitt> [topic] folks needing a master
[18:42:28] <cprofitt> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership
[18:42:45] <cprofitt> please look to the bottom of that page and make an effort to contact folks who are in your TZ
[18:43:03] <cprofitt> If you are unable to reach a person please contact me or another member of the council.
[18:43:19] * ddecator wishes that list included what their interests are
[18:43:32] <duanedesign> ddecator: that is a good point
[18:43:47] <cprofitt> I know in some cases we have had people add their names to the list... and never join irc or answer emails... and we need to remove those folks
[18:43:51] <johnny77> but sometimes they may not know, right?
[18:43:52] <jledbetter> Some said in the email so we could add it.
[18:44:02] <ddecator> johnny77: just if they have any specific interests
[18:44:04] <jledbetter> cprofitt, True
[18:44:07] <duanedesign> though ideally they should send email...what jledbetter said :)
[18:44:11] <cprofitt> ddecator: yes, we removed the need to tell us what a person was interested in until they are looking for a mentor
[18:44:17] <duanedesign> ahh
[18:44:28] <cprofitt> if you are just looking to join the BT you may not know what you are interested in
[18:44:43] <cprofitt> that may develop as you grow with the team
[18:44:59] <ddecator> true, i would just prefer to take someone in my TZ who is interested in working with bugs just so i can possibly help them from the get-go :)
[18:45:27] <cprofitt> ddecator: but the original phase of being a master is just getting them setup with a LP account, wiki page, irc client, etc
[18:45:44] <ddecator> cprofitt: yah, true
[18:45:53] <cprofitt> I think any BT member should be able to handle that basic list
[18:46:09] <NRWlion> even i am able to
[18:46:19] * ddecator will try to take on someone
[18:46:19] <cprofitt> it is difficult enough to find masters in some TZs -- having to match interests as well would really slow the process down
[18:46:25] <ddecator> we're allowed to have more than one padawan, right?
[18:46:39] <NRWlion> btw i am a new one too but dont need a master because already found one
[18:46:39] <cprofitt> you are allowed more than one padawan
[18:46:41] <MrChrisDruif> ddecator: Yes
[18:46:58] <ddecator> cprofitt: right, not having to match on interests, just doing so if it happens to work out that way, but i get your point
[18:47:03] <cprofitt> when you become a mentor -- we may want to revist that
[18:47:37] <cprofitt> so again... please look at the list of those seeking a master...
[18:47:43] <MrChrisDruif> NRWlion: It also stated on the line before it "...?and have not yet been sponsored by a Master"
[18:47:55] <cprofitt> and look for them on irc or try to contact them
[18:48:11] <cprofitt> I would like to consider adding another column for 'contacted by'
[18:48:18] <NRWlion> sorry, its nearly 2 am here ... a little tired ;)
[18:48:22] <cprofitt> so we do not end up with a person getting 12 emails
[18:48:30] <cprofitt> anyone have an issue with that?
[18:48:38] * NRWlion not
[18:48:40] <jledbetter> cprofitt, Great idea
[18:48:45] <ddecator> nah, that sounds like a good idea
[18:49:00] <cprofitt> ok --- contact by with a date stamp I think will help
[18:49:09] * MrChrisDruif thinks that person would feel very special
[18:49:11] <ddecator> oh, that name looks familiar..
[18:49:27] <duanedesign> you could do -- [[LaunchpadHome:cprofitt]] <<DateTime(2011-03-08T20:58:09-0500)>>
[18:49:33] <ddecator> jdeslaur has been in the team channel recently, yah?
[18:49:35] <cprofitt> +1 duanedesign
[18:49:58] <MrChrisDruif> ddecator: Yeah, he's been there before :)
[18:50:00] <cprofitt> ddecator: he has.. and I tried to contact jdselaur today
[18:50:14] <cprofitt> I did not get a response, but at least in channel
[18:50:32] <ddecator> alright, i could work with him/her unless you plan to already
[18:50:46] <ddecator> but that can be sorted out later
[18:50:51] <cprofitt> ddecator: be my guess
[18:50:55] <cprofitt> guest
[18:51:03] <cprofitt> It would be great for you to do it
[18:51:04] <hajour> jdeslaur is on his work when he is in chat here
[18:51:10] <ddecator> cprofitt: want me to add my sig on the wiki then?
[18:51:26] <cprofitt> ddecator: yes -- and add the column for contacted too please
[18:51:32] <ddecator> cprofitt: right, sure thing
[18:51:36] <cprofitt> also, as another note I would like Masters to review the
[18:51:37] <cprofitt> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors
[18:51:42] <hajour> so he is not always able to response right away
[18:51:51] <cprofitt> page and remove any Padawan that you feel you have lost contact with
[18:52:25] <cprofitt> for my own part I will be removing three tonight... as I have not gotten any response from them... nor have I seen them in irc
[18:52:34] <cprofitt> I encourage you to do the same
[18:52:53] <duanedesign> yes we have needed to clean it up for awhile.
[18:52:55] <ddecator> james_w: thanks
[18:52:56] <cprofitt> it is inevitable that people will decide that BT is not for them... and that is ok
[18:52:59] <ddecator> woops
[18:53:04] <ddecator> hajour: ^^
[18:53:14] <phillw> mine just nag me to death... I wish they would leave me in peace somedays :P
[18:53:25] <cprofitt> any other questions?
[18:53:41] <duanedesign> i just want to say to everyone keep up the great work.
[18:53:49] <cprofitt> +1 duanedesign
[18:53:58] <johnny77> I'm not sure if this is a good time, but I was wondering if anyone has heard from seidos.
[18:54:07] <NRWlion> phillw, you ask me to do so ... :( :'(
[18:54:11] <jledbetter> I've seen him on the mailing list, johnny77
[18:54:19] <duanedesign> jledbetter: +1
[18:54:22] <duanedesign> as metta
[18:54:23] <cprofitt> johnny77: yes... I just talked to him earlier today
[18:54:31] <cprofitt> or at least I am pretty sure i did
[18:54:40] <UndiFineD> johnny77: I have spoken with him in private
[18:54:40] <duanedesign> :)
[18:54:43] <cprofitt> maybe it was on the mailing list
[18:54:49] <phillw> I also see him kicking around
[18:55:08] <cprofitt> thanks to everyone for coming to the meeting. This was an awesome turnout.
[18:55:18] <duanedesign> +1
[18:55:23] <jledbetter> See y'all in -team :D
[18:55:25] <cprofitt> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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