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Improving UBT

<cprofitt> #startmeeting
<MootBot> Meeting started at 18:03. The chair is cprofitt.
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<cprofitt> hello all... All UBT members please say here
<UndiFineD> here
<MrChrisDruif> there
<UndiFineD> everywhere
<MrChrisDruif> Indeed
<cprofitt> alright... well...
<cprofitt> I think the Doodle poll was rather conclusive
<UndiFineD> same here
<MrChrisDruif> It kinda was.
<cprofitt> does anyone object to adopting the name pair of guide and student to replace master and padawan?
<MrChrisDruif> Maybe link to the doodle for reference?
<MrChrisDruif> Student?
<cprofitt> [LINK] http://doodle.com/3w8azia4bwnwv8fk
<MootBot> LINK received:  http://doodle.com/3w8azia4bwnwv8fk
<MrChrisDruif> cprofitt: There was only a vote for the new Master name
<hajour> o/
<UndiFineD> should I close it down tomorrow ?
<JackyAlcine> o/
<hajour> here
<cprofitt> [VOTE] Adopt the title pair of Guide and Student to replace Master and Padwan
<MootBot> Please vote on:  Adopt the title pair of Guide and Student to replace Master and Padwan.
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<cprofitt> +1
<MootBot> +1 received from cprofitt. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
<UndiFineD> +1
<MootBot> +1 received from UndiFineD. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
<MrChrisDruif> -1
<MootBot> -1 received from MrChrisDruif. 2 for, 1 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
<MrChrisDruif> There was never a vote about the new naming for student
<hajour> +1
<MootBot> +1 received from hajour. 3 for, 1 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
<UndiFineD> I could draw up an other doodle if wanted
<cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: correct -- there was no poll for it
<cprofitt> that is why I wanted to vote here on the subject
<cprofitt> any more votes?
<MrChrisDruif> Hence I voted against the pair of Guide and Student.
<hajour> not many around i think in meeting
<MrChrisDruif> JackyAlcine: ^
<cprofitt> last call for votes
<cprofitt> [ENDVOTE]
<MootBot> Final result is 3 for, 1 against. 0 abstained. Total: 2
<cprofitt> [AGREED] UBT to adopt Guide and Student in place of Master and Padawan
<MootBot> AGREED received:  UBT to adopt Guide and Student in place of Master and Padawan
<UndiFineD> hmmm, not really represenative for our team cprofitt 
<cprofitt> UndiFineD: were there any other options for student put forth?
<UndiFineD> yes
<MrChrisDruif> I agree with the Guide (as is seen on the Doodle. I object against the Student
<MrChrisDruif> Apprentice?
<cprofitt> if you want to make a poll we can do that
<cprofitt> I was only aware of student... but if there were others we can have a poll
<MrChrisDruif> And I've seen other pass the avenue
<UndiFineD> I proposed Student
<UndiFineD> During the meeting Apprentice was suggested
<UndiFineD> In the past I have also used Mentee
<hajour> i think a poll would be good to make cprofitt
<cprofitt> well Mentee is for the Mentor / Mentee
<cprofitt> so already in use
<cprofitt> hajour: I agree
<MrChrisDruif> +1
<cprofitt> lets make a poll for the padawan replacement
<MrChrisDruif> Agreed
<UndiFineD> ok
<cprofitt> [AGREED] to hold on the padawan replacement and put a poll up
<MootBot> AGREED received:  to hold on the padawan replacement and put a poll up
<hajour> welcome jledbetter
<UndiFineD> will do so after the meeting then
<cprofitt> I want to put a poll up and have it finish Sunday
<cprofitt> no need to have it drag on for multiple weeks
<UndiFineD> ok
<hajour> yes also noting the uds is coming many are very busy to prepare for uds cprofitt
<UndiFineD> do we need to start anything else for improving UBT: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-beginners/2011-April/001916.html
<cprofitt> hajour: the same reason I would like the title in place

UDS blueprint from UBT

<cprofitt> so we can use it at UDS
<hajour> a ok i understand
<jledbetter> o/
<cprofitt> it takes very little time to go to a poll and click
<cprofitt> jledbetter: ?
<jledbetter> Saying I'm here. Sorry.
<cprofitt> [LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-beginners-projects/+spec/community-o-ubuntu-beginners
<MootBot> LINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-beginners-projects/+spec/community-o-ubuntu-beginners
<cprofitt> np
<cprofitt> UndiFineD: you have the floor
<UndiFineD> well, we started on this blueprint together, do we need to add anything else onto it ?
<UndiFineD> it talks of continued improvements
<UndiFineD> and our lack of motu people
<UndiFineD> I hope our little community is more widely known now, and we can attract the old guard
<UndiFineD> and perhaps even help canonical people into the community
<MrChrisDruif> That last part shouldn't be too difficult....if only they wanted to come into the community :P
<UndiFineD> MrChrisDruif, they do, and often I see them fail at the community boards

support on #ubuntu-beginners

<hajour> i was thinking on shift turns for helping in ubuntu-beginners no often there is no respond on questions very long time or all are there the same time
<hajour> just a idea
<MrChrisDruif> "Working in shifts"?
<MrChrisDruif> We're no company
<UndiFineD> we flock ?
<hajour> just that there is at least a few
<cprofitt> hajour: I think we do a good job of filling the IRC channel
<cprofitt> I would be opposed to having scheduled shifts
<MrChrisDruif> +1 on that
<cprofitt> we have enough trouble figuring out GMT vs. UTC vs. EDT
<UndiFineD> the irc channel is filled, but response time is the issue
<hajour> UndiFineD,  explains what i meant
<jledbetter> lol cprofitt
<cprofitt> UndiFineD: we can not garauntee a response time
<MrChrisDruif> Not always btw
<cprofitt> even if we took shifts we can not garauntee that the people in the channel would know the answer
<jledbetter> I was just typing that, cprofitt.
<cprofitt> I also think placing a formality to the role of a volunteer takes away the volunteer part of it
<UndiFineD> that is true as well
<hajour> what i mean is in guide there is standing put in your question answer comes later but a part never get answer
<cprofitt> hajour: true... and I expect that to happen
<UndiFineD> to fix time issues: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/desktop/time.png
<MrChrisDruif> Guide? I've never heard of that, other then being the new (approved?) name for master
<hajour> when i came in channel it was write somewhere that it works that way MrChrisDruif  not remember exactly where anymore
<hajour> a answer also can be to send you to a channel where can be answered
<MrChrisDruif> I only see in the topic that you can directly start asking questions; if anybody knows the answer, they will most likely reply
<hajour> often is told to people put in the question they read back and then you later most of time get a answer.
<cprofitt> are we good on this topic? or should we take it to mailing list?
<MrChrisDruif> You mean that when the active people on IRC don't know the answer, that they should put it on the forums?
<hajour> i not know i just said what i had noticed
<cprofitt> I think it is an excellent topic for the support FG to address more completely
<MrChrisDruif> :D
<hajour> that can but if you are new often you not know how the forum works
<UndiFineD> cprofitt, maybe we should add an entry message saying response time may vary but often is within 10 minutes
<cprofitt> UndiFineD: we could...
<cprofitt> not sure how many would see that in the topic
<UndiFineD> when people know an answer
<cprofitt> but it is a good question for the FG to figure out
<jledbetter> +1 to support talking amongst itself and going to the ML later
<MrChrisDruif> And also, it's not guaranteed; no need to put something like that in the topic
<UndiFineD> and that they can also ask their question in #ubuntu
<hajour> UndiFineD,  types my idea now
<cprofitt> UndiFineD: can you share the UDS Blueprint with the general mailing list too?
<UndiFineD> sure
<hajour> thanks UndiFineD

taking on padawans

<cprofitt> jledbetter: did you have any response from kdotj?
<cprofitt> or Gamegoodfs2
<cprofitt> I am going to remove the folks on our list that have been contacted
<jledbetter> cprofitt, Everybody that I contacted wanted to have a master. If someone said no or didn't reply, I would have removed him/her
<hajour> the thing is not all people have a own pc.many have to share it and kids often must do the pc offline in night
<cprofitt> unless you had conversations with them
<cprofitt> ok... so you contacted them, but did not take them on...
<UndiFineD> I have room for 1 more
<jledbetter> Yeah. That was before I was officially allowed.
<hajour> so its often not possible to wait on a answer that i mean cprofitt
<cprofitt> for the guide ???? you can take on more than one... potentially several since you are really just getting them setup with the basics
<UndiFineD> I already have 2 now
<jledbetter> Yeah. Documentation says we had to be approved.
<MrChrisDruif> Btw, should all the Guides be in all the FG IRC's? Getting to know all the mentors?
<cprofitt> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership
<MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership
<cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: no... the guides need not do that
<cprofitt> please take a look at that list and try to contact the people who have not been listed as contacted
<cprofitt> I usually try to stay w/in my time zone, but for basic information email can work as well
<UndiFineD> I started numbering them, so we maintain some order of new entries
<UndiFineD> see who has been on the list longest
<cprofitt> if you are willing to take a person on you can send them an email
<cprofitt> and note that you sent a contact out
<cprofitt> once you take them on remove them from this list
<MrChrisDruif> How would a Guide be a good help if for instance he knows a lot about wiki stuff and nothing about bug triaging? Or development? How would he direct them in the right way? Just saying "Go to that channel and ask for a mentor?"
<cprofitt> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors
<MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors
<cprofitt> and add them to that list
<cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: a guide just has to help a person throught he basics...
<cprofitt> getting an LP account, the CoC, starting a wiki page
<cprofitt> they do not have to be an expert
<cprofitt> the Mentors are the experts in particular areas
<UndiFineD> I think I should take over JasonO from pedro, who has been away for a long time now
<cprofitt> UndiFineD: +1
<jledbetter> Don't we have someone that's lead of the mentor/master/guide program?
<hajour> UndiFineD,  already is guiding JasonO  the most btw
<cprofitt> subscribing to the membership page will send you email alerts when people signup
<cprofitt> and is a good way to ensure we try contacting these people quickly
<cprofitt> for example
<cprofitt> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/dlopez12
<MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/dlopez12
<cprofitt> read his page -- in regards to UBT
<cprofitt> he edited the membership page on 3-13,, set a goal of being a member by May 1st
<cprofitt> and has not been contacted yet
<cprofitt> we need to try to ensure that we get to people more quickly than that
<MrChrisDruif> cprofitt: Setting a goal is all fine and dandy of course, but if he isn't even contacted, how would he know how long it takes to become a member?
<jledbetter> Maybe we should batch people a little.
<cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: I agree...
<UndiFineD> and I have not even seen him around our channels
<cprofitt> But us not contacting the person for over a month is not a good thing either
<UndiFineD> so how serious is he
<cprofitt> some people may not follow through, but I want to ensure we do
<cprofitt> we can question them, but that is truly unfair given that we have not follow through either
<cprofitt> that is why I would like to see - the contacted by / date
<MrChrisDruif> We work best in IRC...
<JasonO> hajour I'm here.
<jledbetter> Some work best in email :)
<MrChrisDruif> Aloha JasonO
<cprofitt> if those people have not been removed from the list within 30 days of being contacted then we should remove them from the list
<JasonO> Hi MrChrisDruif
<hajour> ok great hello JasonO
<cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: the UBT works in email, forums, ask ubuntu and IRC
<cprofitt> so we need to at least try to contact folks via email
<JasonO> Hi hajour
<jledbetter> And if via email can work outside our time zone
<cprofitt> jledbetter: can you take on those people that said they want a guide?
<cprofitt> that you contacted?
<jledbetter> cprofitt, Yes, but I fear, frankly, being stretched too thin.
<cprofitt> jledbetter: take one what you can -- and pass the others to me
<cprofitt> I will get them started
<UndiFineD> duane has taken on some new ones too
<jledbetter> cprofitt, Ok, thank you. I'll contact them tonight.
<cprofitt> thanks jledbetter
<cprofitt> we need to remove people from that list if we have taken them on
<cprofitt> any other topics from the floor?
<MrChrisDruif> Can the European people finally go to bed?
<MrChrisDruif> :P
<cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: yes
<cprofitt> thanks for coming everyone
<hajour>  hehe MrChrisDruif
<UndiFineD> thanks people
<cprofitt> I apologize for screwing up the GMT UTC stuff
<MrChrisDruif> Your welcome, I'll see the doodle in the mail :P
<cprofitt> #endmeeting
<MootBot> Meeting finished at 18:46.
<UndiFineD> I will create the poll, update the wiki
<hajour> np cprofitt
<MrChrisDruif> The wiki? Let me :D
<hajour> UndiFineD,  is in pm but says ok MrChrisDruif
<MrChrisDruif> Working as we speak, also a clean up ;)

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