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Meeting summary

  • Re-defining Mission and Vision statement of UBT.
  • Final decision about the Team and Focus Groups' Structure .
  • Task assignment to people
  • wiki
  • open floor

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  • Mission statement "To guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community."
    • For: 5 Against: 0 Abstained: 1
  • abolilsh focus groups and work as a team in #ubuntu-beginners-team
    • For: 3 Against: 1 Abstained: 2

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  • IAmNotThatGuy (34)
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  • JoseeAntonioR (15)
  • benonsoftware (12)
  • MrChrisDruif (8)

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  • 00:01:39 <bodhi_zazen> #startmeeting

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    00:01:51 <bodhi_zazen> [topic]Re-defining Mission and Vision statement of UBT.

    00:02:01 <duanedesign> o/

    00:02:01 <bodhi_zazen> Are we re-defining it again ?

    00:02:04 <bodhi_zazen> lol

    00:02:14 <MobileDruif> Apparently

    00:02:53 <IAmNotThatGuy> bodhi_zazen, We should change the Vision of BT. It should not be just helping the beginners enter the community. Moreover, we should make BT as the entry point for the whole community

    00:03:32 <IAmNotThatGuy> Missions should be updated like milestones to be achieved for each six months or an year

    00:03:32 <bodhi_zazen> I am not sure the BT is going to be the entry point, team is too isolated

    00:03:49 <bodhi_zazen> forums, LP, IRC, and askubuntu are the most common entry points

    00:04:15 <duanedesign> current mission: The Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users and to guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community.

    00:04:18 <bodhi_zazen> Mission is to guide those new to contributing to the community to the various team

    00:05:02 <bodhi_zazen> Mission should likely be "To guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community."

    00:05:22 <IAmNotThatGuy> Okay

    00:05:33 <bodhi_zazen> The first part of the mission "to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users" requires you all to be active on forums, #ubuntu, LP, and askubuntu

    00:06:00 <MrChrisDruif> So we are just nitpicking about formulation on the wiki?

    00:06:23 <JoseeAntonioR> Not always people are in #ubuntu, as it's too noisy. Also, askubuntu is a similar interface to LP, so mainly both of them are fine

    00:07:28 <bodhi_zazen> The BT is what you all want to make of it really

    00:07:35 <MrChrisDruif> JoseeAntonioR: I don't see how LP and askubuntu are similar in interface

    00:08:10 <MrChrisDruif> Forums and LP are more similar afaik

    00:08:20 <bodhi_zazen> If you want to greet new users, to me that means active on forums, askubuntu, #ubuntu, and LP

    00:08:29 <duanedesign> the 'to enhance the initial experience of new users' i thought was more for those who like to help out in #ubuntu-beginners

    00:08:29 <JoseeAntonioR> Well, in LP (for LP Answers) and in askubuntu you ask questions, and they're answered, the question being asked and tracked

    00:09:13 <bodhi_zazen> I do not mind #ubuntu-beginners as a support channel, but I would suggest you *try* to enhance #ubuntu if you use IRC

    00:09:24 <duanedesign> whatever if we want to get rid of it fine

    00:09:26 <IAmNotThatGuy> most of the members in -team are not even watching the support channel of our team. Everyone should idle in the support channel too, so that they can help the people with issues (something which you have already solved or you can try googling) and learn

    00:09:36 <bodhi_zazen> +1 IAmNotThatGuy

    00:10:04 <JoseeAntonioR> I think that's the main point. #ubuntu is too noisy for new users, and they can't read/understand what's told.

    00:10:21 <duanedesign> well if we reduce the mission to guiding people into the community we do not nees #u-b

    00:10:38 <duanedesign> need*

    00:10:39 <bodhi_zazen> +1 to reducing mission statement

    00:10:52 <IAmNotThatGuy> If if you don't take a step to enter and 'watch the people'/ 'you doing' help, you are failing to help achieve the BT Mission

    00:10:53 <bodhi_zazen> We can expand it if the team desires to expand it in the future

    00:10:59 <IAmNotThatGuy> Okay

    00:11:41 <bodhi_zazen> [vote] Mission statement "To guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community."

    00:11:41 <meetingology> Please vote on: Mission statement "To guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community."

    00:11:41 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    00:11:43 <IAmNotThatGuy> duanedesign, We can use #u-b, where people can learn how to help. Wink ;)

    00:11:44 <bodhi_zazen> +1

    00:11:44 <meetingology> +1 received from bodhi_zazen

    00:11:52 <duanedesign> +1

    00:11:52 <meetingology> +1 received from duanedesign

    00:11:53 <benonsoftware> Can anyone vote for this?

    00:11:53 <IAmNotThatGuy> +1

    00:11:53 <meetingology> +1 received from IAmNotThatGuy

    00:11:58 <duanedesign> yes benonsoftware

    00:12:00 <IAmNotThatGuy> benonsoftware, aye

    00:12:05 <benonsoftware> +1

    00:12:05 <meetingology> +1 received from benonsoftware

    00:12:12 <JoseeAntonioR> +1

    00:12:12 <meetingology> +1 received from JoseeAntonioR

    00:12:12 <MrChrisDruif> +0

    00:12:12 <meetingology> +0 received from MrChrisDruif

    00:12:20 <bodhi_zazen> any other votes ?

    00:12:21 <IAmNotThatGuy> benonsoftware, remember, our team is open to everyone Wink ;)

    00:12:32 <bodhi_zazen> [endvote]

    00:12:32 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Mission statement "To guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community."

    00:12:32 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:1

    00:12:32 <meetingology> Motion carried

    00:12:55 <bodhi_zazen> [topic]Final decision about the Team and Focus Groups' Structure .

    00:13:03 <bodhi_zazen> Are any of the FG active ?

    00:13:14 <duanedesign> I think we should get rid of the FG

    00:13:15 <benonsoftware> Not that I've seen

    00:13:17 <IAmNotThatGuy> Ummm, well, why not give a shot with the vision statement bodhi_zazen ? :]

    00:13:24 <MrChrisDruif> Not that I'm aware of

    00:13:36 <bodhi_zazen> Anyone think we need them ?

    00:13:45 <duanedesign> We do not really need the structure, whatever it is, that the FG gives

    00:14:10 <duanedesign> We can still guide people to the appropriate places in the community without the burden of maintaining the FG

    00:14:10 <IAmNotThatGuy> if we are planning to update the vision asn "an entry point to the community" we will need FGs 00:14:17 * benonsoftware has mixed opinions about that

    00:14:18 <bodhi_zazen> [vote]abolilsh focus groups and work as a team in #ubuntu-beginners-team

    00:14:18 <meetingology> Please vote on: abolilsh focus groups and work as a team in #ubuntu-beginners-team

    00:14:18 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    00:14:19 <JoseeAntonioR> I have an idea for the FG

    00:14:35 <duanedesign> +1

    00:14:35 <meetingology> +1 received from duanedesign

    00:14:41 <JoseeAntonioR> +1

    00:14:41 <meetingology> +1 received from JoseeAntonioR

    00:14:47 <bodhi_zazen> I think FG should start with a group of contributing members, not an idea

    00:14:53 <benonsoftware> +0

    00:14:53 <meetingology> +0 received from benonsoftware

    00:14:53 <MrChrisDruif> It was from back in the hay days that they needed some extra structure

    00:14:54 <JoseeAntonioR> We can abolish FG, but we can still be divided in specialities

    00:14:55 <IAmNotThatGuy> -1

    00:14:55 <meetingology> -1 received from IAmNotThatGuy

    00:15:00 <bodhi_zazen> If you have an idea, present it in -team and build support

    00:15:02 <bodhi_zazen> +1

    00:15:02 <meetingology> +1 received from bodhi_zazen

    00:15:25 <IAmNotThatGuy> However, we can set a base line to teach people with the help of the FGs :[

    00:15:28 <bodhi_zazen> If the team is so active so as to be disruptive to activity in -team, then, and only then, make a FG

    00:15:38 <bodhi_zazen> any more votes

    00:15:49 <MrChrisDruif> +0

    00:15:49 <meetingology> +0 received from MrChrisDruif

    00:15:51 <IAmNotThatGuy> Okay. As you say bodhi_zazen

    00:15:52 <bodhi_zazen> [endvote]

    00:15:52 <meetingology> Voting ended on: abolilsh focus groups and work as a team in #ubuntu-beginners-team

    00:15:52 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:1 Abstentions:2

    00:15:52 <meetingology> Motion carried

    00:16:01 <duanedesign> I think instead of funneling people into FG we move them into Documentation Team, MOTU, Bug Control etc

    00:16:12 <bodhi_zazen> IAmNotThatGuy: FG need to be a lot more active

    00:16:16 <JoseeAntonioR> Yes, and we should still be 'divided' if that's the correct word in specialities

    00:16:18 <bodhi_zazen> +1 duanedesign

    00:16:38 <MrChrisDruif> I can't keep up on my phone, I'll leave you guys to it.

    00:16:42 <bodhi_zazen> [topic]Task assignment to people

    00:16:48 <IAmNotThatGuy> duanedesign, Is there any mentoring peocess going on in each teams or the people are directly put into contribution and self-learned ?

    00:16:58 <bodhi_zazen> I am not really into assigning tasks

    00:17:27 <bodhi_zazen> either the team is willing to step up and accomplish / contribute or it should be abolished

    00:17:49 <duanedesign> i think what we can do is say to the user. If you want to do bugs go to ubuntu-bugs. Then the BT member will be in that channel as well to continue to help the user

    00:17:53 <duanedesign> IAmNotThatGuy: ^

    00:18:03 <bodhi_zazen> +1 duanedesign

    00:18:39 <Unit193> Right, or find another BT member that can "take over" in the sitting in with. (For example, I'd not do much good in a programming channel)

    00:18:41 <benonsoftware> When the time comes could I please quickly say something about the team wiki?

    00:18:58 <IAmNotThatGuy> Okay. I thought of making a proper channel of learning process through BT ;D If e get enough active members, I will put for this idea again ;]

    00:19:04 <bodhi_zazen> any more comments about assignments ?

    00:19:13 <duanedesign> wiki is the big one

    00:19:21 <bodhi_zazen> [topic]wiki

    00:19:21 <duanedesign> it needs a big update

    00:19:38 <benonsoftware> +1

    00:19:44 <duanedesign> i will be happy to work on this on the weekend

    00:19:46 <JoseeAntonioR> +1

    00:19:58 <IAmNotThatGuy> I was working on the FG pages. Now I have to stop it, remove and update the main wiki pages :]

    00:20:04 <benonsoftware> I'm happy to work on it when I have the time (should be most of the week)

    00:20:09 <bodhi_zazen> How about if we ask the team as the next task to update the wiki

    00:20:15 <bodhi_zazen> everyone can contribute

    00:20:21 <IAmNotThatGuy> aye

    00:20:23 <bodhi_zazen> use -team for discussion if needed

    00:20:37 <bodhi_zazen> got to start small, with something you can accomplish

    00:20:38 <duanedesign> IAmNotThatGuy: you can just unlink the pages

    00:20:43 <bodhi_zazen> build on success

    00:20:57 <IAmNotThatGuy> duanedesign, okay

    00:20:58 <duanedesign> IAmNotThatGuy: keep them in case they are ever needed again

    00:21:00 <bodhi_zazen> you can also mark pages for deletion

    00:21:17 <duanedesign> or that Smile :)

    00:21:39 <duanedesign> benonsoftware: did you want to say something?

    00:21:57 <benonsoftware> Well, what should we do with the old FG pages?

    00:22:27 <duanedesign> i say for know just remove links to them

    00:22:34 <bodhi_zazen> Ask anyone even remotely interested in the FG to update the page

    00:22:47 <IAmNotThatGuy> okay

    00:22:49 <bodhi_zazen> If it is not updated within a month -> mark for deletion

    00:23:52 <bodhi_zazen> you all as a team need to set some mutually agreeable goals and work together to achieve them, or there is no real team

    00:23:54 <bodhi_zazen> start small

    00:24:02 <duanedesign> +1

    00:24:03 <bodhi_zazen> discuss it among yourselves

    00:24:09 <bodhi_zazen> on -team

    00:24:12 <bodhi_zazen> build on success

    00:24:27 <duanedesign> anyone have anything else?

    00:24:32 <duanedesign> thanks bodhi_zazen

    00:24:37 <bodhi_zazen> [topic]open floor

    00:25:10 <benonsoftware> Next meeting on the 9th of May?

    00:25:15 <JoseeAntonioR> And what about Mentorship? Is it also going to be abolished, or it's going to remain open?

    00:25:18 <IAmNotThatGuy> Is there anyone with any other topics to discuss ?

    00:25:30 <IAmNotThatGuy> benonsoftware, yes

    00:25:40 <bodhi_zazen> JoseeAntonioR: I like all these ideas, if you want to do mentorship => wiki page please

    00:25:46 <bodhi_zazen> and build support on -team

    00:25:57 <bodhi_zazen> I honestly do not think we need meetings

    00:26:12 <bodhi_zazen> most all of this can be done on -team and a set of wiki pages

    00:26:38 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: currently we do not have a mentorship. Membership in the team is open.

    00:27:11 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: though we could do both i guess. Have an open team and have mentorshps if someone wanted the extra support joining the community

    00:27:23 <bodhi_zazen> We sort of need the team to build on small accomplishments, then aim for the stars

    00:27:57 <JoseeAntonioR> Then, let's see if someone points to the channel for this, in the case this doesn't happens then it's out of the line.

    00:28:21 <bodhi_zazen> JoseeAntonioR: I am not following you on that

    00:29:08 <bodhi_zazen> You all have good ideas, but the perception I have is that we need to turn that energy into action

    00:30:01 <JoseeAntonioR> If not, then it'll stay as idle as it's now

    00:30:02 <duanedesign> yep

    00:30:15 <bodhi_zazen> Exactly

    00:30:19 <IAmNotThatGuy> true

    00:30:23 <bodhi_zazen> the BT has great potential

    00:30:45 <bodhi_zazen> convert the potential into action

    00:30:49 <bodhi_zazen> start small

    00:30:59 <bodhi_zazen> which is why the mission statement has contracted

    00:31:19 <JoseeAntonioR> Step by step. We're on the first one, which is setting our goals

    00:31:22 <bodhi_zazen> Everyone wants to support beginners, on #ubuntu-beginners or elsewhere

    00:31:23 <IAmNotThatGuy> okies

    00:31:30 <bodhi_zazen> but we need to translate that into action

    00:32:13 <bodhi_zazen> Any other comments ?

    00:32:24 <duanedesign> i think reducing the team structure back to the very basics will hopefully help.

    00:32:25 <bodhi_zazen> I HIGHLY suggest ongoing discussions in -team

    00:32:37 <bodhi_zazen> during the month == time for discussion

    00:32:38 <duanedesign> I think members are confused as to how things work

    00:32:45 <bodhi_zazen> meetings = make a community decision

    00:33:08 <duanedesign> agreed. All discussion should mostly be done before the meeting

    00:33:26 <bodhi_zazen> Some discussion is acceptable during meetings, but the majority of the discussion needs to happen between meetings

    00:33:59 <bodhi_zazen> Example of what I see as a team effort ...

    00:34:20 <bodhi_zazen> Let us assume IAmNotThatGuy is interested in improving IRC

    00:34:38 <bodhi_zazen> IAmNotThatGuy: should join #ubuntu and serve as a facilitator to the channel

    00:35:21 <bodhi_zazen> http://freenode.net/channel_guidelines.shtml

    00:35:39 <bodhi_zazen> http://freenode.net/catalysts.shtml

    00:35:58 <bodhi_zazen> IAmNotThatGuy: then can guide people interested in IRC to participate in IRC

    00:36:12 <IAmNotThatGuy> Gotcha

    00:36:15 <bodhi_zazen> If the channel is too big, people get overwhelmed , use #ubuntu-beginners

    00:36:24 <bodhi_zazen> fine, very valid point

    00:36:31 <bodhi_zazen> who now will help ?

    00:36:44 <bodhi_zazen> Say JoseeAntonioR is interested in wiki

    00:36:53 <duanedesign> the $65,000 question

    00:36:58 <bodhi_zazen> Join wiki team and facilitate new users on wiki

    00:37:08 <bodhi_zazen> Who is willing to help JoseeAntonioR ?

    00:37:15 <bodhi_zazen> and on

    00:37:21 <bodhi_zazen> build a team

    00:37:27 <bodhi_zazen> build community relations

    00:37:41 <IAmNotThatGuy> duanedesign, why not a 1 billion dollar? ;]

    00:37:52 <duanedesign> high roller

    00:37:55 <duanedesign> Smile :)

    00:38:01 <JoseeAntonioR> It's basically a group/team work. If anyone helps, we will make big, enormous things.

    00:38:09 <bodhi_zazen> team means you all work together and support eachother

    00:38:11 <duanedesign> +1

    00:38:17 <IAmNotThatGuy> _100

    00:38:21 <IAmNotThatGuy> err +100*

    00:38:40 <bodhi_zazen> start small, build on success

    00:39:17 <IAmNotThatGuy> sure :] 00:39:30 * benonsoftware looks at scroll back :/

    00:40:14 <Unit193> And because you want to do IRC support doesn't really mean you have to be in #ubuntu, #ubuntu-beginners at least, and add whatever DE you also use (#lubuntu or #xubuntu), I personally can't help with 1 Unity question as I've never used it, but I can help with the others.

    00:40:32 <Unit193> But don't just do it in #ubuntu-beginners

    00:40:59 <IAmNotThatGuy> Plus, use google if you don;t know =]

    00:41:00 <bodhi_zazen> +1 Unit193

    00:41:17 <JoseeAntonioR> I agree with that, too.

    00:41:23 <duanedesign> thank you everyone who attended

    00:42:01 * duanedesign is going to watch the rest of NCIS Smile :) i will be in -team if anyone needs me

    00:42:09 <IAmNotThatGuy> bye duanedesign

    00:42:22 <benonsoftware> See ya duanedesign

    00:42:31 <IAmNotThatGuy> Anymore questions or topics to discuss before ending the meeting?

    00:43:19 <Unit193> IAmNotThatGuy: But, quality, not quantity.

    00:43:21 <bodhi_zazen> I am going to have to leave as well

    00:43:37 <IAmNotThatGuy> bodhi_zazen, #endmeeting :]

    00:43:38 <bodhi_zazen> I suggest we move the discussion to -team

    00:43:43 <bodhi_zazen> #endmeeting

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