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   1 [22:02] <Rocket2DMn> Ok guys, let's get started with the BT Wiki FG meeting
   2 [22:02] <Rocket2DMn> just FYI guys, the doc-team had a meeting last weekend
   3 [22:02] <Rocket2DMn> You can find the summary and log here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/DocTeam
   4 [22:02] <Rocket2DMn> Before we start with the wiki stuff - is anybody also interested in working on system docs?
   5 [22:03] <starcraftman> not really, I'm pretty happy sticking to wiki atm. Maybe further down the road.
   6 [22:03] <Rocket2DMn> ok then, let me know in the future if you are
   7 [22:03] <Rocket2DMn> Moving on - Summer of Documentation
   8 [22:04] <starcraftman> Rocket2DMn: will do.
   9 [22:04] <Rocket2DMn> Thank you all for your hard work this summer, a lot of great stuff has been done
  10 [22:04] <Rocket2DMn> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Development
  11 [22:04] <Silver_Fox_> thank you too Rocket2DMn
  12 [22:04] <Rocket2DMn> Of course, you can work on any page on the wiki, even if it isn't listed there
  13 [22:05] <Rocket2DMn> also, you can add any pages to the Available section if you run across a page you think BT members might be able to handle
  14 [22:05] <starcraftman> Yup, congrats to all, think we covered quite a bit of articles I'll get some more in before I go back in mid September.
  15 [22:05] <Silver_Fox_> i am still beavering away at the list :)
  16 [22:05] <Rocket2DMn> Yeah, we'll wind down the SoD in September
  17 [22:05] <Rocket2DMn> perhaps around Sept 22, that is the weekend at the end of the Summer season
  18 [22:06] <Rocket2DMn> Although, I fully expect some drop off around Labor day since people will be going back to school
  19 [22:06] <Silver_Fox_> why do we want to wind it down?
  20 [22:06] <Rocket2DMn> I recognize that this is all volunteer time, so don't stress yourselves
  21 [22:06] <Rocket2DMn> well Silver_Fox_ , we can't maintain the Summer of Documentation all year round :)
  22 [22:06] <starcraftman> Silver_Fox_: summer holiday doesn't last forever, even if some wish it did ^^
  23 [22:07] <Rocket2DMn> that's not to say you can't do work, it's just not part of this little project
  24 [22:07] <Silver_Fox_> okay,  just clarifying :)
  25 [22:07] <Rocket2DMn> we do maintain the community docs all year round :)
  26 [22:07] <Rocket2DMn> the SoD is really just a way to get people from the BT involved in the wiki
  27 [22:07] <Silver_Fox_> hey,  might even finish the glossary,  haha
  28 [22:08] <Rocket2DMn> Does anybody have any questions?
  29 [22:09] <Silver_Fox_> i think that is a no
  30 [22:09] <Rocket2DMn> Ok then, please feel free to interrupt me at any time, but I'll move on
  31 [22:09] <starcraftman> Not really, I think someone wanted to know what to do with orphans....
  32 [22:09] <Rocket2DMn> A page that I've thrown at a couple of you guys is exactly what starcraftman is now mentioning
  33 [22:09] <Rocket2DMn> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OrphanedPages
  34 [22:09] <Rocket2DMn> those are pages that aren't linked from anywhere else on the community docs
  35 [22:09] <Rocket2DMn> a lot of the pages listed there are redirects, so you can ignore those
  36 [22:10] <Silver_Fox_> i have a question regarding that page
  37 [22:10] <Rocket2DMn> However, many of those pages need homes, and pages that arent linked from elsewhere arent very useful unless somebody grabs it from google
  38 [22:10] <Rocket2DMn> go for it Silver_Fox_
  39 [22:10] <Silver_Fox_> is it generated by a bot or human? reason i ask is i can see where some of the links could be referenced
  40 [22:10] <Rocket2DMn> Silver_Fox_, it should be autogenerated
  41 [22:11] <Silver_Fox_> okay,  thank you Rocket2DMn.
  42 [22:11] <Rocket2DMn> starcraftman asked me to give an example
  43 [22:11] <starcraftman> I did? Don't think so ><.
  44 [22:11] <Rocket2DMn> no, maybe it was somebody else
  45 [22:12] <Rocket2DMn> sorry
  46 [22:12] <Rocket2DMn> anyway, let's take https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WineServer
  47 [22:12] <starcraftman> sure.
  48 [22:12] <Rocket2DMn> if you look at the page history, you will notice that it was only created a year ago, which meant somebody started an independent page
  49 [22:12] <Rocket2DMn> the main Wine page is here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine
  50 [22:13] <Rocket2DMn> So what do we do with the WineServer page?
  51 [22:13] <Rocket2DMn> why dont' you guys tell me what you would do :)
  52 [22:13] <starcraftman> Link from WINE > WineServer.
  53 [22:14] <starcraftman> The exact nature of how ya link it about though depends on the pages, the WINE page a bit of a mess as it is.
  54 [22:14] <Silver_Fox_> check content of wine page first to see if wine server covered
  55 [22:14] <Rocket2DMn> Yes, there could be content on the WineServer page that isn't covered on the Wine page
  56 [22:15] <Rocket2DMn> I'm not a Wine expert, but it should be noted that Wine and WineServer are two components of what is generally just viewed as Wine
  57 [22:15] <Rocket2DMn> perhaps there is content that should specifically remain on the WineServer page, or be moved there from the Wine page
  58 [22:16] <Rocket2DMn> if somebody were to take on that page, they would need to do some research or already know more about wine than i do :)
  59 [22:16] <starcraftman> Wineserver page definitely needs to be updated if it's to be linked, last tested on 606 it says.
  60 [22:17] <starcraftman> I'm more of a VM user tbh.
  61 [22:17] <Rocket2DMn> yeah starcraftman , after cleanup the links can be added
  62 [22:17] <starcraftman> Though I have been trying desperately hard to get WINE to make my folding GPU windows client work, no luck though.
  63 [22:17] <Rocket2DMn> lol
  64 [22:18] <Rocket2DMn> well, there are other pages like this on the wiki that show us interesting things about what's happening with the wiki
  65 [22:18] <Rocket2DMn> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PageHits
  66 [22:18] <Rocket2DMn> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecentChanges
  67 [22:18] <Rocket2DMn> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TitleIndex
  68 [22:18] <starcraftman> hehe, I'm listed a lot on the recent changes one. :)
  69 [22:18] <Rocket2DMn> There are a couple more i believe, but i dont recall them off the top of my head
  70 [22:19] <Rocket2DMn> Any questions?
  71 [22:19] <Rocket2DMn> ok then
  72 [22:19] <starcraftman> nope, simple enough concept, already linked about 20 or so orphans I thought were worth saving.
  73 [22:20] <Rocket2DMn> I'm not sure if you are already doing this, but it would be good if you all subscribed to pages that you did serious work on
  74 [22:20] <Rocket2DMn> then you can act as a maintainer of the page, and see what changes other people make later
  75 [22:20] <Silver_Fox_> good idea
  76 [22:21] <starcraftman> Yup, I do that for the ones I rewrite like my backup and the ISO pages.
  77 [22:21] <Silver_Fox_> are only 3 people here?
  78 [22:21] <Rocket2DMn> I also want to note that if you work on pages that are important, popular, or probably/might have experts in the subject, you should seek those people out if appropriate to ask for advice about a page, or to let them know that you are working on it
  79 [22:21] <dsas> Silver_Fox_: no
  80 [22:22] <starcraftman> Silver_Fox_: Only 3 wiki fg members, yup, I think so. Rest are regular doc members.
  81 [22:22] <Rocket2DMn> remember that this is a community effort and we are working with others to keep documentation up to date
  82 [22:22] <Rocket2DMn> it is respectful and helpful to talk to others - you can always check to see who has contributed to pages by looking at the Page History
  83 [22:23] <starcraftman> Rocket2DMn: Right, can always send a post to doc mail list to ask..
  84 [22:23] <Rocket2DMn> if you have questions or concerns, you can always take them to the doc-team mailing list, or other lists if appropriate
  85 [22:23] <Rocket2DMn> exactly starcraftman
  86 [22:23] <pleia2> some pages also instruct you not to edit them, so it's good to read them thoroughly too
  87 [22:24] <Rocket2DMn> yes, those are ones that should be taken to mailing lists.  there are only a handful of pages like that though, and are often ones linked from the main ubuntu site or are maintained by project owners
  88 [22:25] <pleia2> yeah, I'm thinking council ones mostly (irc council's irc rules, loco council's loco team list)
  89 [22:25] <Rocket2DMn> those are mostly on wiki.ubuntu.com, which we don't typically deal with
  90 [22:25] <pleia2> ah, ok
  91 [22:26] <Rocket2DMn> does anybody have any questions at all?  I am basically out of material.  I like to keep these meetings short
  92 [22:27] <starcraftman> not really, I usually ask ya a question in the bt channel when it comes to me.
  93 [22:27] <Silver_Fox_> I don't have any questions
  94 [22:27] <Rocket2DMn> okie dokie then.  Of course you can always ask questions later
  95 [22:28] <Rocket2DMn> Thanks for attending, meeting adjourned!


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