Meeting Agenda




Topic 1 - Joining the Wiki FG?


Topic 2 - Summer of Documentation?


Topic 3 - What do we want to focus on doing?


Topic 4 - Any suggestions, ideas, or other stuff....


Topic 5 -

New LP Team: Moderated, Members of BT team can apply. Paddy's/other collaborators will have to wait for approval on main team.

Meeting Agreements

Topic 1: Joining the Wiki FG?

  • It was decided that to join the Wiki FG two requirements must be met. One, you must be a full member of the Beginners Team. Two, you must have at least one example of your wiki abilities. E.G. A page that you did a major edit on, not just some spelling/grammar correction on.

Topic 2: Summer of Documentation Project

  • As this project covers both the Ubuntu Team Wiki and the Help.Ubuntu/community site, it was decided that the SoD Project would focus on updating the Help.Ubuntu/community site more than the Team Wiki. We'll still cover both just one more than the other...

Topic 3: What do we want to focus on doing?

  • Our main focus at this time will be to continue updating and cleaning up the Team Wiki & Help Site.

Topic 4: Any suggestions, ideas, or other stuff....

  • We really didn't have any at this time...

Meeting Log

   1 [3:41:27] <swoody> :)
   2 [3:45:18] <ZachK_> ddecator: you ready?
   3 [3:45:27] <ddecator> oh, sure
   4 [3:45:48] <ZachK_> I think we'll hold it now swoody..u too ddecator and I'll just send a log of it to the list
   5 [3:46:02] <ddecator> ZachK_: your call :)
   6 [3:46:39] <ZachK_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Wiki#Meeting Agenda
   7 [3:46:51] <ZachK_> dang it..my mom is calling me...i'll be back
   8 [3:46:56] <ddecator> haha
   9 [3:47:01] <ZachK_> that'll give you guys to think on questions
  10 [3:59:33] <ZachK_> sorry
  11 [3:59:34] <ZachK_> back
  12 [4:00:46] <ddecator> no prob
  13 [4:01:57] <ZachK_> ok so questions
  14 [4:02:26] <ddecator> i'll probably have some as we go through the topics, but atm i don't have any
  15 [4:03:21] <ZachK_> ok
  16 [4:03:36] <ZachK_> well right now we have a big project as i'm sure you guys know
  17 [4:03:42] <ddecator> SoD?
  18 [4:03:46] <ZachK_> yes
  19 [4:04:00] <ZachK_> ddecator: that page you did can be your first page for the project
  20 [4:04:12] <ddecator> sounds good to me
  21 [4:04:39] <ddecator>: i know kermiac and myself are going to try and help improve bugsquad wiki pages along with others in BS
  22 [4:04:50] <ZachK_> ok
  23 [4:05:06] <ddecator> and i'm going to potentially help update the firefox bug reporting and triage pages
  24 [4:05:19] <ZachK_> well any page that receives major improvement is a page to put on our project page
  25 [4:05:26] <ZachK_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Wiki/SoD2010
  26 [4:05:45] <ZachK_> the field "Wiki Pages" is where you put the page info
  27 [4:05:50] <ddecator> bookemarks
  28 [4:05:53] <ZachK_> under the one that i've listed
  29 [4:05:55] <ddecator> bookmarks een
  30 [4:05:57] <ddecator> even
  31 [4:06:11] <ddecator> want me to put my page on there?
  32 [4:06:42] <ZachK_> yes
  33 [4:08:43] <ddecator> done
  34 [4:09:32] <ddecator> or it will be if it ever saves...
  35 [4:09:59] <ddecator> there
  36 [4:10:51] <ZachK_> awesome
  37 [4:10:58] <ZachK_> once again i must go....ARGH!
  38 [4:11:54] <ddecator> haha, i need to get food. should we just postpone the meeting?
  39 [4:12:25] <swoody> lol, oh sure when I'm done being AFK, you guys head out :P
  40 [4:12:49] <ddecator> well if we can actually finish this thing, i can stay, but i'm kinda hungry :p
  41 [4:13:15] <swoody> well, not sure how long Zach is gonna be... :/
  42 [4:13:34] <ddecator> exactly
  43 [4:14:22] <swoody> so it's your call, I'm sure we could put this off for a few more mins and it wouldn't be an issue :)
  44 [4:15:58] <ddecator> well i'm just wondering if we should wait for more people to be on or not, haha
  45 [4:19:13] <ddecator> i need food, i'm gonna go get some, if we want to continue when i get back that's fine with me (should only take me 10-15min since i'm bringing it back here)
  46 [4:33:32] <swoody> left the room (quit: Quit: leaving).
  47 [4:35:03] <ddecator> alright, back
  48 [4:36:37] <swoody> [~swoody@ubuntu/member/swoody] entered the room.
  49 [4:36:37] <mode> (+v swoody) by ChanServ
  50 [4:39:49] <ZachK_> back
  51 [4:39:53] <ZachK_> sorry guys...
  52 [4:40:12] <ddecator> swoody: you ready?
  53 [4:40:18] <mode> (-o ZachK_) by ChanServ
  54 [4:40:27] <swoody> yup, I'm good :)
  55 [4:40:46] <ddecator> alright, lets do this
  56 [4:40:49] <ZachK_> ok
  57 [4:40:53] <swoody> wooo!
  58 [4:41:07] <ZachK_> ddecator just so yo know swoody is now my co-lead
  59 [4:41:19] <ddecator> ZachK_ sounds good to me
  60 [4:41:35] <ZachK_> if i'm not here but he is and you need authoritative help with something go to him...
  61 [4:41:40] <ddecator> he is a wiki pro apparently :p
  62 [4:41:52] <ddecator> haha, would have anyway, i'm his padawan
  63 [4:41:56] <ddecator> but still good to know
  64 [4:41:58] <swoody> lol, I wish I could do this for a living :)
  65 [4:42:01] <ZachK_> ddecator swoody is a wiki superpower like me
  66 [4:42:14] <ZachK_> i so would love to do this for a job too
  67 [4:42:30] <ddecator> why can't canonical pay all of us? :p
  68 [4:42:39] <swoody> hehe, $.01 per wiki?
  69 [4:42:52] <ZachK_> lol
  70 [4:43:24] <ddecator> well idk about wiki work...i'd take $.10 per bug report and $2 per packaged package
  71 [4:43:59] smeag0l: hi everybody
  72 [4:43:59] <ddecator> anywho, what's next for discussion?
  73 [4:44:05] <ddecator> hey smeag0l, just in time :)
  74 [4:44:05] <ZachK_> smeag0l: welcome
  75 [4:44:26] <ZachK_> well joining the wiki fg is a question of mine
  76 [4:44:34] smeag0l: i fell a sleep
  77 [4:44:39] <ddecator> as in requirements?
  78 [4:45:19] <ZachK_> well that is up to the council..and me too i think....depends on what the council decides as to the new membership process for the bt
  79 [4:45:41] <ddecator> right, but you and swoody would decide specifics for the wiki fg right?
  80 [4:45:53] <ZachK_> i don't know if they will change it for just the bt or the main team and the fg's
  81 [4:46:15] <ZachK_> but yes me and swoods would most likely be able to give the council ideas as to what we think is best yes
  82 [4:46:28] <ZachK_> I am just thinking maybe we could hash that part out now...
  83 [4:46:39] <ddecator> yah, that was my impression for FGs, that the leaders would decide what good qualifications for each FG are
  84 [4:46:44] <ZachK_> as proposed members what do you guys feel...
  85 [4:47:03] <ddecator> well quality is more important than quantity i'm guessing
  86 [4:47:44] <ZachK_> Definetely
  87 [4:47:49] <ddecator> the hard part is not being able to put any real number on anything since wiki work can vary from correcting a grammar issue to writing a new page
  88 [4:48:06] <ZachK_> Also a big thing with me...
  89 [4:48:43] <ddecator> ...is?
  90 [4:49:10] <ZachK_> I feel that you should have at least one example of a major edit that the proposed member has done to show that they understand wiki...also not knowing wiki is understandable but learning the wiki is part of the padawanship in my opinion
  91 [4:49:25] <ZachK_> swoody thoughts?
  92 [4:49:42] <ddecator> i don't think it should be part of the BT padawanship
  93 [4:50:13] <swoody> well, I wouldn't include grammatical edits or small things of that nature... they can be very useful, but they don't really make a grand impact overall [not trying to belittle anyone who makes grammer edits, as they are still needed)
  94 [4:50:28] <ddecator> the hard part with requiring even 1 major edit per proposed member is the possibility that they may not be able to find one. maybe if there was a list on the wiki of big edits that need doing for proposed members to take on?
  95 [4:50:34] <ZachK_> well when the padawan makes a new wiki page for themselves they will learn wiki so it's part of it yes
  96 [4:50:58] <ZachK_> ddecator there is indeed
  97 [4:51:21] <swoody> but I do think some 'major' contributions are needed, i.e. adding an entire section to a page, creating a new page completely, updating a lot of out of date info, verifiying entire pages of links, etc.
  98 [4:51:25] <ddecator> oh yah, creating the personal wiki is part of the padawn thing...i forgot that the basics like that are included since we got to skip that :p
  99 [4:51:43] <ddecator> right
 100 [4:51:45] <swoody> and if I recall, there is a place to find wikis that require work...
 101 [4:51:51] <swoody> have to find that link...
 102 [4:51:54] <ZachK_> swoody i'm trying to find that link...
 103 [4:52:09] <ddecator> i think that's where i found the software center thing, haha
 104 [4:52:12] <ZachK_> got it! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Development
 105 [4:52:33] <ddecator> and sure enough
 106 [4:52:42] <ddecator> so clearly that page needs to be more known and easier to find ;)
 107 [4:54:37] <swoody> also see the list of tags here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag
 108 [4:54:45] <swoody> each one has a link to all the pages with that tag
 109 [4:55:07] <ZachK_> ddecator that page i listed is found on the bt wiki page header...the tag "Development"
 110 [4:55:21] <ZachK_> duanedesign was going to change that soon i believe
 111 [4:55:40] <ddecator> but having done one major edit is too basic of a requirement, so what else? at least 5 minor edits? active with the fg for a month?
 112 [4:55:57] <swoody> so for example, this is the list of all pages that are related to an unsupported version of Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag/Unsupported/List
 113 [4:56:34] <ddecator> ZachK_ i'd ask duane since he isn't in this channel, just to be sure
 114 [4:56:53] <ZachK_> been trying to get ahold of him for that purpose
 115 [4:57:01] <ddecator> good deal
 116 [4:57:28] <ddecator> but what other requirement[s) should there be?
 117 [4:57:46] smeag0l: sorry about that i fell a sleep i thought the meeting was 4 pm so i just figured that i may as well sleep since ZachK_ didn't show up :[
 118 [4:57:49] <ZachK_> ok so membership... ddecator i consider you a wiki member already due to your awesome work on that page...swoody is a member...has been for some time, and myself for sure
 119 [4:58:00] <ZachK_> smeag0l: it's no biggie!
 120 [4:58:10] smeag0l: good
 121 [4:58:11] <ddecator> ZachK_ why thank you :)
 122 [4:58:27] <swoody> ZachK_ well ddecator will be a member once he completes his padawanship and becomes a BT member :)
 123 [4:58:37] <ZachK_> swoody Yes...
 124 [4:58:42] <swoody> IIRC, you have to be a member of the BT in general, before you can join a FG
 125 [4:58:45] <ddecator> heh, hopefully next meeting will have been enough time :p
 126 [4:59:04] <swoody> :)
 127 [4:59:26] <ZachK_> swoody what do you think? Think that'll be enough? I was only a padawan for three months and i got in...then again the process wasn't so strict back then either
 128 [4:59:37] <swoody> well again, with the council creating the team requirements, they want to hold off on new membership votes until that is ironed out
 129 [4:59:38] <ZachK_> man that was a long time ago it seems wasn't it swoods
 130 [4:59:53] <ddecator> swoody yah, fair enough
 131 [5:17:42] <ddecator> yes
 132 [5:17:47] <ZachK_> ok swoody?
 133 [5:18:19] <swoody> sounds good to me :)
 134 [5:18:24] <ZachK_> Ok then!
 135 [5:18:28] <ddecator> yay for productivity :)
 136 [5:18:43] <ZachK_> Last main topic...the fateful Summer of Documentation
 137 [5:19:16] <ddecator> haha, back to my last idea...for those of us involved in other teams, i know many (if not most) teams want to update their support wikis
 138 [5:19:16] <ZachK_> We've got that page to put the major edit pages on so we know who's done what but how do we wanna go about it?
 139 [5:19:43] <ZachK_> ddecator: cool...got a list?
 140 [5:19:57] <ZachK_> oh and swoody you on facebook?
 141 [5:20:08] <swoody> nope, don't do FB or myspace
 142 [5:20:14] <ddecator> so mitch and i can help with bugsquad stuff, and i now nigel mentioned updating patch review wikis and apport-hook creation howto
 143 [5:20:18] <ddecator> swoody: i wish i could drop fb
 144 [5:20:21] <swoody> I have an email, and IRC nick ;)
 145 [5:20:34] <ddecator> s/now/know
 146 [5:21:25] <ZachK_> ok
 147 [5:21:56] <ddecator> oh, and no, i don't think they've put a list of wiki pages that need work up yet. i'm subscribed to the blueprint though so i'll keep my eye on it to see if they make one
 148 [5:22:12] <ZachK_> ok
 149 [5:22:22] <ddecator> i know micah wants to update the firefox stuff, so i can help with that, but idk what the pages are, haha
 150 [5:22:41] <ddecator> we really need to update the firefox triage page...
 151 [5:23:30] <ddecator> but at this point i think most of the SoD work will be a "help when the need arises" kind of deal
 152 [5:24:19] <swoody> true, I don't think we should really assign any particular areas or anything like that, but just aim to do and contribute more
 153 [5:24:56] <swoody> maybe if people want to reserve a certain area, like on the other page you linked ZachK_ , we could probably do that, but I don't think it would really be needed
 154 [5:25:28] <ddecator> nah, unless people want to say "i'm working on these things, let me know if you want to help out too" but even that isn't necessary imo
 155 [5:25:30] <swoody> maybe if we come across a big section we want to redo, we can jot it down on the SoD page, with a completion by date, so we can keep eachother motivated and on track
 156 [5:25:42] <ddecator> +1
 157 [5:26:18] <swoody> but again, smaller stuff we just come across, or one day of lounging around in your PJ's working on wikis wouldn't really need it
 158 [5:27:56] <ZachK_> ok..
 159 [5:28:46] <ZachK_> That's it then...

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