Meeting Agenda




Topic 1 - Start of Meeting etc.


Topic 2 - Let's get this team Back On Track!!!


Topic 3 - Who's Still around.


Topic 4 - Ideas/suggestions and Q&A session.


Topic 5 -

Meeting was held with the purpose of reviving the BT Wiki FG, meeting has been a success in this matter.

Meeting Agreements

Topic 1: Start of Meeting etc.

  • Meeting was started, show of hands from those present, etc.

Topic 2: Let's get this team Back On Track!!!

  • Revived the SoD Project, following statement from last meeting still applies.

This project covers both the Ubuntu Team Wiki and the Help.Ubuntu/community site, it was decided that the SoD Project would focus on updating the Help.Ubuntu/community site more than the Team Wiki. We'll still cover both just one more than the other...

Topic 3: Who's Still around.

  • Just a section of seeing who of the team is still active etc.

Topic 4: Ideas/suggestions and Q&A session.

  • Questions were previously answered in previous topics, meeting was subsequently ended.

Meeting Log

   1 Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-meeting
   2 [12:59:44] <zkriesse> Ok, welcome to the BT WIki Focus Group Meeting
   3 [12:59:55] <zkriesse> Been a while since we've had one of these I know but that is changing
   4 [13:00:17] <zkriesse> If the wiki will cooperate I shall have a meeting agenda lol
   5 [13:00:49] * MH0 hopes the wiki aint playing up
   6 [13:00:56] * MH0 gets the boot :P
   7 [13:01:02] <UndiFineD> plenty of bugs in the wiki
   8 [13:01:12] <zkriesse> [Link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Docs#Meetings
   9 [13:01:19] <zkriesse> There's the agenda for the meeting
  10 [13:01:29] <zkriesse> Ok, first topic!
  11 [13:01:52] <zkriesse> [TOPIC] Topic 1 - Start of meeting, show of hands etc.
  12 [13:02:21] <zkriesse> Ok, so....welcome to the meeting, glad you're here, if yo could just toss out your name and say "Im here!" or something that'd be great!
  13 [13:02:36] <MH0> Im Here o/
  14 [13:02:43] <UndiFineD> something that is great
  15 [13:02:54] <zkriesse> UndiFineD: Joker....
  16 [13:03:07] <zkriesse> collinp: You here for the meeting too?
  17 [13:03:18] <collinp> Somewhat.
  18 [13:03:22] <zkriesse> Yay!
  19 [13:03:32] <zkriesse> Ok, well...moving on then
  20 [13:03:45] <zkriesse> [TOPIC] Topic 2 - Time to get the team back on track...
  21 [13:04:40] <zkriesse> Alright, as of late the BT has been going through some restructuring so I've been loathe to make any sudden movements which could possibly upset everything...but now that the boat is stable well, time to get stuff moving again!
  22 [13:05:24] <zkriesse> Since we're almost into Spring (At least we dang well better be...too cold for me :P) I'd like for us to start getting prepared for the Summer of Documentation project
  23 [13:05:57] <zkriesse> It's a great project, one which is fun, and awesome as it helps do a few things
  24 [13:06:31] <zkriesse> Helps get the Wiki cleaned up and maintained, AND helps those who are interesed in wiki/doc work to learn more about the wiki and how the innards of it works
  25 [13:06:59] <zkriesse> Any suggestions for a jump start to the wiki fg?
  26 [13:07:24] <MH0> Hmm... So for the Summer of oc project
  27 [13:07:40] <MH0> What will happen, all the unedited pages get deleted or?
  28 [13:07:45] <zkriesse> We will be working more closely with the Ubuntu Documentation Team this year, helping them train new recruits, taking on some of the ones they need to have trained, and overall easing of their workload
  29 [13:08:30] <zkriesse> MH0: Good question, the Summer of Documentation Project is basically the cleaning up/editing/and yes, deleting of old, forgotten pages on the help.ubuntu.com/community and wiki.ubuntu.com pages
  30 [13:08:57] <MH0> Can we start now or is there a perticular date for it?
  31 [13:09:30] <zkriesse> Well the "Summer of Doc" implies that it starts in the summer but the cleaning and maintaining of the wiki is a constant battle
  32 [13:09:50] <zkriesse> So while there isn't a "Start Date" perce, there is a big "party" for the start of the project
  33 [13:09:56] <zkriesse> Usually on the first day of summer or that
  34 [13:09:58] <MH0> What priority pages will require cleanup?
  35 [13:10:14] <zkriesse> Thats another good question
  36 [13:10:46] <zkriesse> If you take a look at, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag
  37 [13:11:08] <zkriesse> You'll see that it lists a huge amount of "tags" that can be put on the help.ubuntu.com/community pages
  38 [13:11:18] <zkriesse> If you don't know what the whole "Tag" thing is don't worry
  39 [13:11:28] <zkriesse> That is easily explained and learned...
  40 [13:11:35] <MH0> I know Tagging :)
  41 [13:11:55] <zkriesse> On each page you can tag a page, and based upon the tag it will require less or more attention
  42 [13:12:24] <MH0> So the most tagged + main pages are priority?
  43 [13:12:27] <zkriesse> This is also where I kinda introduced a bug system for this whole thing
  44 [13:12:33] <zkriesse> It can depend
  45 [13:12:54] <zkriesse> But usually yes, tagged pages have been truly recognized as "Needing Cleaning" or etc
  46 [13:13:15] <phillw> zkriesse:
  47 [13:13:23] <zkriesse> phillw: ?
  48 [13:13:37] <phillw> this may come as a flood, but from the email list...
  49 [13:13:39] <phillw> > Over the last month or so i have been using the Recent Pages page
  50 [13:13:40] <phillw> >?https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecentChanges?max_days=7?
  51 [13:13:40] <phillw> 
  52 [13:13:40] <phillw> Hi
  53 [13:13:40] <phillw> If is a persistant problem you can evaluate to introduce a TexCha [1] or
  54 [13:13:40] <phillw> added in wikiconfig.py more range ip in hosts_deny = [ ]
  55 [13:13:40] <phillw> In italian wiki we exclude some chinese range ip.
  56 [13:14:11] <zkriesse> !pastebin | phillw
  57 [13:14:12] <ubottu> phillw: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.
  58 [13:14:58] <zkriesse> Ok, when I mentioned "Bug System" i'm sure some of you were like "Bugs???? For a wiki page? Seriously?"
  59 [13:15:07] <phillw> it is about vandalised pages, I'm sorry that I can not be more active, I'm still on duty shift as my bar staff has a poorly son.
  60 [13:15:19] <zkriesse> phillw: It's fine phillw
  61 [13:15:24] <zkriesse> phillw: Appreciate the notice
  62 [13:15:56] <zkriesse> Well yes, I was and am serious...I introduced a bug system on the BT Wiki LP page last year for tracking who edits what pages for the SOD (Summer of Documentation) project
  63 [13:15:59] <zkriesse> If you go to Well yes, I was and am serious...I intro
  64 [13:16:01] <zkriesse> dangit
  65 [13:16:01] <MH0> to bad there want a request for adminship becuase I would clearly block vandals ect.
  66 [13:16:23] <zkriesse> MH0: it takes much time and progress to become a Wiki Admin
  67 [13:16:28] <MH0> Yeah
  68 [13:16:31] <zkriesse> https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-beginners-wiki-sod
  69 [13:16:34] <MH0> I fully understand that
  70 [13:16:43] <zkriesse> If you look at that page you'll see some bugs that are listed
  71 [13:16:55] <zkriesse> Those are old but a very good example of what I'm speaking about
  72 [13:17:59] <MH0> Okies
  73 [13:18:08] <MH0> So when would new bugs apper?
  74 [13:18:13] <MH0> *appear
  75 [13:18:15] <zkriesse> When you edit a page on the wiki for the SoD project I usually ask that you go to that page and file a bug...List the Wiki/Community Help page URL, the nature of the "Bug" (General Cleanup, complete overhaul, spell checking/edits, etc) and if it's been triaged, or if it's in progress
  76 [13:19:04] <MH0> So as we look around
  77 [13:19:13] <MH0> We can tag pages for SOD?
  78 [13:19:15] <zkriesse> If that doesn't make sense, please...ask and I'll explain in more detail
  79 [13:19:17] <zkriesse> Yes
  80 [13:19:27] <zkriesse> If it's an edit for the Summer of Documentation project do that
  81 [13:19:31] <zkriesse> Otherwise do not
  82 [13:19:38] <zkriesse> This is just for the SoD project alone
  83 [13:19:46] <MH0> zkriesse: It didnt make sence
  84 [13:19:48] <phillw> zkriesse: you will getting two extra people for the next SOD, possibly 3 :)
  85 [13:19:56] <zkriesse> phillw: Rad my man
  86 [13:20:05] <MH0> What pages are under sod?
  87 [13:20:19] <zkriesse> All wiki/community help pages
  88 [13:20:25] <phillw> any page that needs updating
  89 [13:20:28] <zkriesse> Ok, lemme say it this way
  90 [13:20:42] <MH0> oh so all help.ubuntu.com?
  91 [13:20:57] <zkriesse> help.ubuntu.com/COMMUNITY
  92 [13:21:00] <zkriesse> and wiki.ubuntu.com
  93 [13:21:05] <MH0> Yeah
  94 [13:21:43] <MH0> Duh I amskign too many Q's
  95 [13:21:57] <MH0> So when will the switchover to the new theme take?
  96 [13:22:07] <zkriesse> When the SoD project starts, and say, Bobby wants to edit help.ubuntu.com/community/examplepage for the SoD project, he would file a bug on the https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-beginners-wiki-sod page, list the page URL, the nature of the bug/edit, and then list if it's been triaged, work in progress, etc
  97 [13:22:12] <MH0> on help.ubuntu.com
  98 [13:22:22] <zkriesse> That is a question which I have no answer atm
  99 [13:22:46] <MH0> Triaged = Ready for SoD to work on?
 100 [13:23:17] <zkriesse> Triaged is it's been taken care of
 101 [13:23:22] <zkriesse> Or is being worked on
 102 [13:23:28] <phillw> it may be worth mentioning that currently the italics is not working on the new scheme
 103 [13:23:59] <MH0> pI noticed
 104 [13:24:06] <MH0> phillw: ^^
 105 [13:24:13] <phillw> the bug has been assigned to AlanBell
 106 [13:24:18] <zkriesse> Or you can do "In Progress, Fix Committed, Confirmed, Invalid, Incomplete, Fix Released"
 107 [13:24:30] <zkriesse> Those are the main ones I request ya use
 108 [13:24:37] <UndiFineD> so we need more tagging, bugfiling and fixups
 109 [13:24:40] <zkriesse> But if in doubt contact me or someone else who's done one
 110 [13:24:57] <zkriesse> UndiFineD: BTW I got your request to join, pm me after meeting and we'll discuss it
 111 [13:25:06] <UndiFineD> :)
 112 [13:25:15] <MH0> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhpBB2 << This will be Outdated?
 113 [13:25:29] <MH0> Its now PhpBB3 isnt it?
 114 [13:26:14] <zkriesse> Well I imagine that some use PhpBB2 still so it's not current
 115 [13:26:15] <phillw> MH0: some people still run it, but phpbb3 is the current version.
 116 [13:26:25] <zkriesse> But neither is it outdated
 117 [13:26:46] <MH0> Marked as Cleanup?
 118 [13:27:11] <zkriesse> It would just be good to leave the page/check it for errors, and put an notice on the page either at the top or the bottom that phpBB3 is the current version and that it's page can be found at "foo"
 119 [13:27:17] <phillw> MH0: the page would simply need a mention that there is now phpbb3 and a link.
 120 [13:28:08] <zkriesse> After that it'd be fine to leave
 121 [13:28:21] <MH0> zkriesse: Need to learn these TAAAGGGS off by heart :P
 122 [13:28:30] <zkriesse> Just bookmark the page
 123 [13:28:49] <zkriesse> As each tag links to a separate page with all the pages that have been tagged with that particular tag
 124 [13:29:00] <MH0> Okies
 125 [13:29:14] <MH0> Got the 2 wiki ninjas with me ;D
 126 [13:29:37] <MH0> So, Anything else I would need to do as per SoD?
 127 [13:29:45] <zkriesse> And if i page has been marked for removal OR you think it should be removed, don't do ANYTHING without first consulting phillw or myself
 128 [13:30:27] <zkriesse> MH0: Just the usual after that, stay safe and curteous in editing as it's other peoples work that you're changing, make sure you edit correctly and always follow wiki guidelines
 129 [13:30:34] <phillw> +1 I promised Phil Bull that I will retain a copy on my system and my server.
 130 [13:31:01] <zkriesse> And always, ALWAYS talk to me or phillw if yo have a question
 131 [13:31:07] <MH0> It says before adding Tags I need to consult Doc team?
 132 [13:31:28] <zkriesse> Yes..you always should....or you can ask me or phillw and we'll find out for you
 133 [13:31:38] <zkriesse> Which is why we hang out in #ubuntu-doc
 134 [13:31:43] <phillw> MH0: yes you do need to do so.
 135 [13:31:46] <MH0> /joinign
 136 [13:31:52] <MH0> Gah! keyboard
 137 [13:32:05] <zkriesse> phillw: BTW can I have you join #ubuntu-beginners-wiki ?
 138 [13:32:18] <zkriesse> That's pretty much topic 2
 139 [13:32:28] <zkriesse> Before I jump onto topic 3 any questions?
 140 [13:32:52] <MH0> It only took 20 mins *chuckle*
 141 [13:32:53] <phillw> zkriesse: ....... yeah I will, but there is only so much of me to around the teams.
 142 [13:33:04] <zkriesse> phillw: I just like to have yo there is all
 143 [13:34:05] <zkriesse> [TOPIC] Topic - 3 Whos still around?
 144 [13:34:09] <UndiFineD> o/
 145 [13:34:19] <MH0> o/ Im new, In a way
 146 [13:34:21] <zkriesse> I figured i'd ask...is anyone around from last year in the team?
 147 [13:34:31] <zkriesse> MH0: Yes...you're very new
 148 [13:34:55] <phillw> zkriesse: done, and added to autojoin
 149 [13:35:11] <zkriesse> phillw: Ty my good man
 150 [13:35:17] <UndiFineD> and for me the same as phillw is having
 151 [13:36:05] <zkriesse> Ok....i gues on to topic four then
 152 [13:36:38] <zkriesse> [TOPIC] Topic 4 - Ideas/Suggestions and Q&A
 153 [13:37:22] <zkriesse> I think the topic speaks for itself, any ideas? Bring em up...any suggestions? We buy those too...and we always sell Q&A
 154 [13:38:42] <zkriesse> Anything? Anything at all?
 155 [13:40:27] <UndiFineD> no you were quite clear :)
 156 [13:40:27] <zkriesse> Well then I guess I shall end it the meeting
 157 [13:40:56] <zkriesse> Thanks all for showing, I appreciate you coming and all the questions...afterwards ya can find me in #ubuntu-beginners-wiki for wiki/doc related matters
 158 [13:41:01] <zkriesse> #endmeeting
 159 Meeting ended.

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