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Mentors should be well qualified to guide ubt members in specific areas and guiding interested Ubuntu users in becoming members of teams associated with current ubt focus groups. Mentors will be approved by specific areas and can be approved in multiple areas if they desire.

Once established we need to be able to monitor performance of the mentors and provide mentees a route for raising issues.

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Areas of the community we are mentoring people for expect us to teach a certain skill set and convey a certain amount of knowledge. In order to integrate more efficiently with other teams mentors need to be well qualified and prepare their mentees appropriately.

Mentors are going to be the first main contact for a user entering the community. The experience they have is very important. The Beginners Team needs a way of measuring the performance of mentors.

User stories

  • Charles, an ubt member, wants to be an approved mentor for the QA focus group. He contacts the current lead of the QA focus group and learns the basics of assisting with QA in Ubuntu. Charles then works with a few members of the QA team he was introduced to until they are willing to recommend his becoming a mentor for ubt in the QA focus group. Once Charles gets both recommendations he is approved by ubt as a mentor for the QA focus group
  • Lisa has been involved in QA for three years and it a member of the QA team. She feels that there are not enough people involved in her team and wants to help with the on-boarding process for her team. She is directed to the ubt QA focus group and puts in an application with a reference from the QA team lead. She is approved by ubt due to this reference as a mentor for the QA focus group. She is also approved as a member of ubt.


  • mentors will be approved on a focus group level
  • the folks currently involved in being generic 'mentors' for prospective ubt members will be approved under an 'ubt fg' or be granted a different title such as guide.
  • all current mentors will need to get recommendations to maintain mentor status


  • A well qualified mentor will consist of a mentor being approved by a team associated with the area they are mentoring in.
  • this change needs to be discussed with team leads of teams associated with current FGs and any planned FGs
  • the proposed change should be sent out to the general membership for comments and concerns
  • mentor recertification (see above assumption)
    • there will be a 1 month time period for current mentors to get recommendations for the areas they want to mentor people in
  • Document a path mentees can take if they have a concern about their mentor. Whether it is just a time zone issue or something more serious they need a way to convey this and get a resolution.
  • Create a survey mentees fill out after their mentorship to quantify their experience.



  • data migration, if any
  • redirects from old URLs to new ones, if any
  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion



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