When? Where? What?


  • Bram
  • Ward(dr)
  • Gie Van der Velden
  • Nero
  • Jurgen
  • ?


  • ...:


  • IRC meeting for coordination: proposed ... at ...h.. on IRC #ubuntu-be
  • Promotion of the booth within Ubuntu-be community, in the area of the fair and at the entrance of the fair ?
  • Think about a good setup of the booth !
  • Don't forget to add posters inviting to the booth at the entrance of the fair !

Stuff needed

paper, attachments, various

  • Banner Belgian LoCo Team : (?)

  • Posters
    • "Ubuntu highway to freedom is now open" Bram
    • "Free your PC" Bram
    • "Linux-Tux": Bram
    • Simple posters for the entrance of the event : -
  • Flyers 2009 Ubuntu-be : Bram
  • Flyer use of live-CD : Bram
  • Sheet Informatie-Information_Ubuntu.odt : Bram
  • Pen's : Bram
  • Tablecloth : Bram
  • 1 inflatable Tux :
  • x figuurtjes Tux : (?)
  • Contribution urn : Bram
  • Duct tape and other buro material : Bram
  • several long power extension cords : Bram
  • several power strips (4 sockets minimum) : Bram
  • anti-theft cables for laptops : Bram (3)


  • CD's ( originals + copies + blanco) + paper bags: Bram (a couple of originals, 40 Desktop i386, a couple of Desktop x64, Ubuntu Server i386/x64, Ubuntu NetBook, Xubuntu)

  • boot-able USB sticks : 1 2GB Bram (own use only)
  • PC : Bram : 1 fixed PC with 24" monitor for presentation (Thanks to
  • laptops : Bram 3-4
  • netbook : Gie (dual boot Ubuntu NBR / XP)
  • additional flat screen s: 1 24" for the fixed PC
  • eID card reader : Bram
  • beamer + screen : no
  • Audio set : too noisy, laptops have built-in speakers anyway
  • External cd writer : all laptops and PC's have built-in
  • ...
  • continuous slideshow Ubuntu_short_presentation-NL.odp, how to install 10.04LTS : (see wiki))
  • ISO's on an USB stick (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Alternate, 64 bits, netbook, etc..) : all -> Bram

  • Possibility of WiFi connection : no, 3G stick for urgent matters

  • ...

What else?

  • Digital camera :
  • candies : Bram (Fruitella, Chocotoff, Coffee candy)
  • fresh drink : on-site


The setup was comparably the same as last time, we set the tables up in a backwards U-shape, to have the possibility to talk to people in a way to not disturb the flow. Our booth was located at the opposite side of the entrance of the fair, next to the food and drink stands. The visibility was pretty OK.

As we were located on the outer side of the fair, we didn't have anything behind us but a concrete wall without any means of attaching posters etc. We did manage to hook a couple of them onto the water piping, but those cannot hold a lot of weight.

Starting from 10AM, the opening of the fair, until around 1PM, we had a lot of visitors, some of them were familiar faces, who came by on previous occasions. A lot of the visitors were already familiar with Ubuntu, and most of them use it already.

We handed out about 100 CD's again, accompanied by about 70 sheets of explanational pages about the Live CD, installation, support options 'forum links, ...' Apart from the normal 32bit Desktop Edition, we had a couple of 64bit CD's, a couple of Netbook remix CD's, server versions etc, handed out on request. Those were burned in advance, so the people didn't have to wait very long.

We got a total of €90.68 in fees, and we needed to pay €72,60 for the booth, €26 for additional CDR's and €2 for extra sleeves. We came about €10 short. The previous fair left about €104 after expenses, so the €10 deficit was covered by that.

The fair was a successful one, where lots of people were really interested, and a lot of information was spread and shared.

The booth setup is a keeper, although we used a 'smaller version', which left out the 2 side-tables where the fixed PC's were put at the last fair in Antwerpen. As we only had a couple of laptop PC's, and no fixed machines (apart from the PC that held the mirror and the presentations on the 24" screen), and there was no need for extra 'installation demo' like with the 10.04 release party, this was not an issue, and allowed us to keep the booth small.

We do need to prepare more CD's, or have more originals available, in advance. We also could use a simple truss-and-stand set (height about 2m50-3m, width about 3-4m in 2 or 3 pieces, costs around €100-120 when bought new) to always have something to put the posters up behind/above us.


  • coming soon

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