When? Where? What?


  • Bram Kortleven - whole day - present
  • Ward De Ridder (warddr) - Definately Before Noon, maybe after Noon as well - present
  • Jurgen - whole day - present
  • Ivo - whole day - present
  • Vincent Mangelschots - Before Noon, maybe after Noon as well - excused (ill)
  • Roel Huybrechts - maybe
  • Thijs De Laet - whole day - didn't show up


  • 48 euros


  • IRC meeting for coordination: proposed ... at ...h.. on IRC #ubuntu-be (initiated by the coordinator)
  • Think about a good set-up of the booth, for example in U-form !
  • Don't forget to add at the entrance of the fair posters inviting to the booth !
  • Use a camera or webcam to record testimonials of users about Ubuntu.

Stuff needed

paper, attachments, various

  • Banner Belgian LoCo Team :

  • Rollup: (Jurgen)
  • 50 burnt CD's 11.04 32-bits: (Jurgen)
  • Posters
    • o "Ubuntu highway to freedom is now open" (Bram) o "Free your PC" (Bram)
  • Flyers Ubuntu-be : (Bram) (Warddr)
  • Flyer use of live-CD : (Bram)
  • Sheet Informatie-Information_Ubuntu.odt : (Bram)
  • Pen's : (Bram)
  • Tablecloth : (Bram)
  • 1 inflatable Tux : (Ivo)
  • Contribution urn : (Bram)
  • Duct tape and other buro material : (Bram)
  • a couple of long power extension cords : (Bram)
  • a couple of power strips (4 sockets minimum) : (Bram)
  • anti-theft cables for laptops : (2-3: Bram)


  • CD's ( originals + copies + blanco) + paper bags: (Bram + to be bought at fair)
  • PC : 1 PC + 22" screen (Bram)
  • laptops : 2 older P4 laptops (Bram), 1 older i7 laptop (Warddr), 1 c2d laptop 10.04 (Thijs)
  • netbook : 1 Acer Aspire One 531h (Bram)
  • HP e350 semi-netbook + dvd-burner
  • eID card reader : (Bram)
  • HD cam with H264 is possible (Ivo)
  • ...
  • continuous slideshow Ubuntu_short_presentation-NL.odp, how to install 10.04LTS : (see wiki))
  • ISO's on an USB stick 10.04LTS and 11.04 (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Alternate, 64 bits, netbook, etc..) : (Iso's will be on a smb/nfs share)
  • Possibility of WiFi connection : ?

    • o I (warddr) can share my 3g connection with the people at the boot. I am most likely not there all day.
  • ...

What else?

  • Digital camera : (?) (I can use my smartphone - Warddr)
  • fresh drink : (to be bought at fair)


  • The fair was put up at around 9AM, while the fair opened at 10. Ivo, Jurgen and Ward were there to assist me (Bram) to put up everything. We set the booth up like we did the last few times: set up in an L shape, so we have a corner where we can sit down to demonstrate a couple of things, without interrupting the flow of people attending the fair. The fair was relatively crowded, and we had a lot of visitors. Most of them already knew Ubuntu or were already working with some kind of Linux distro, mostly Ubuntu. We explained a couple of specific problems and answered a lot of questions e.g. concerning the new Unity desktop, the new layout, the roadmap and things to come. We had a total of 95 CD's pre-burned, which were all but a couple distributed. We burnt a couple of 64bit versions on request. Earnings for the day covered the booth price and the additional cd-r stack and paper covers bought at the fair and left €12 in change for the next fair in Antwerp. We didn't get the chance to take pictures or record a video... For next time we need to pay more attention to both the 64bit versions pre-burned, and the picture- and video-taking of the booth...


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