When? Where? What?


  • Thijs (hfsdo) (till 12h30)
  • Ward De Ridder (warddr)
  • J. Huberts (jean7491)
  • Willem (till 14 h.)
  • Bram Kortleven (till 14 h.)
  • Jan Bongaert (till 14 h.)
  • Koen (14 - 17 h.)


  • 48,40 € in fees paid by: public gifts


  • IRC meeting for coordination: proposed 10/09/2009 at 21 h. on IRC #ubuntu-be
  • Promotion of the booth within Ubuntu-be community and outside: how to do it in Antwerp ?
  • We need a support to fix posters as background of the booth : who has ideas how to do it ?

Stuff needed

paper, attachments, various

  • Banner Belgian LoCo Team:(jean7491)

  • Posters "Ubuntu highway to freedom is now open", "Free your PC", "Linux-Tux": (jean7491)
  • Flyers ubuntu: (jean7491)
  • Flyer use of live-cd: (jean7491)
  • Sheet Informatie-Information_Ubuntu.odt: (jean7491)
  • Pen's: (a few: jean7491)
  • Tablecloth: (jean7491)
  • 1 inflatable Tux: (not available)
  • x figuurtjes Tux: (jean7491)
  • Contribution urn: (jean7491)
  • Duct tape and other buro material: (jean7491)
  • 1 long power extension cords (jean7491)
  • 3 power strips (4 sockets minimum) (jean7491)
  • anti-theft cables for laptops (not available)


  • cd's (originals + blanco) + paper bags: (jean7491)
  • PC: 1 PC (for continuous presentation) (jean7491), 1 PC(all-in-screen) (jean7491)
  • laptops: 1 Acer (from event-box Ghent-jean7491), 1 HP (jean7491), 1 (Bram), 1 (thijs)
  • additional flat screens: 1 TV Sony 27" (jean7491)
  • eID card reader: Ward De Ridder (the one distributed by the federal government)
  • beamer + screen: (not available)
  • Audio set:
  • External cd writer: No
  • continuous slideshow Ubuntu_short_presentation-NL.odp: (jean7491)
  • iso's on a stick (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Alternate, 64 bits, etc..): (jean7491)
  • Possibility of WiFi connection: No

  • ...

What else?

  • Digital camera: (jean7491)
  • Fee for visitors: 7 euro


The booth has been organized as described in this wiki :

- with 7 volunteers (Bram, Koen, Jan, Jean, Thijs, Ward, Willem), the work schedule was improved and better adapted : 2 all the day, 4 from 09.00 h. till 14.00 h. and 1 from 14.00 till the end),

- enough hardware (4 laptops, 2PC, 1 additional TV screen ) and additional material.

The Dipro Computer fair was coupled with a music instrument fair at the same location. The Ubuntu-be booth was located closed to the music part at a unfavourable location, but next to the booth of Computerclub C&T. There was not enough place for visitors to walk.

The work was organized as follow :

- 1 TV screen + 1 desktop at the beginning of the booth, with 1 or 2 volunteers at the corner of the booth (for an easier contact with visitors), to address the public attracted by the presentation (see wiki : Ubuntu_short_presentation-NL.odp),

- 4 laptops and 1 PC All-in-screen, with 3 volunteers in front of the tables, giving explanations and demonstrations, distributing flyers and cd's ;

- 1 volunteer at the other side of the booth for general control and security of the booth.

Our booth (3 tables for the price of 2) was well adapted to our deployment. We lacked of depth back of the booth due to other booths material.

We should ask the Dipro organization at least 3 tables and a better location (like at a wall and close to the main entrance).

The booth was correctly decorated with table cloth, posters, flyers, plastic stands with A4 flyers. We improvised a kind of support to fix 4 posters as background of the booth. Working with laptop on the table is not easy when you and the visitor are standing in front of the table, we used 1 wooden box to elevate 1 laptop ( ± 30 cm high). We should find other easy solutions.

There was no WiFi, nor internet connection.

We distributed approximatively 200 flyers, 30 information sheets, 100 explanation sheet about live-cd's and 90 cd's Ubuntu 9.04 (+ a few other versions), always on request of interested persons and with explanation. With a stock of 15 original cd's and 20 home-burned cd's, we had to burn 80 cd's and used home-printed CD sleeves. We should prepare the fair by burning at home more cd's and printing decorated cd sleeves.

From 10.30 to 15.00 h. : many interested visitors, we were permanently busy with questions, explanations and demonstrations (full manning of the booth!). From 15.00 to 16.30 h. : less public, but permanently visitors with questions.

Generally visitors knew about Ubuntu and were interested by additional information. Some people did not know about the existence of Ubuntu, likely they were more interested by the music instruments fair than in computer, but we sometimes succeeded to attract their attention. The (slide show) general presentation of Ubuntu has been successful for this public. Many questions about the co-existence Ubuntu - Windows (dual boot) and how to work with a live-cd. Suggestion : we should prepare short video's (with or without comment) as demonstration to explain :

- how to use a live-cd,

- the step “Partitioning – where to install Ubuntu” during the install process,

- the dual-boot Ubuntu – Windows.

Who has the experience skin and possibility to realize such video-clips ?


106 euro gifts, booth fee 50 euro, we bought 3x50 cd's (12,50 euro/spindel), 4 x 50 cd sleeves (2,50 euro/each), the remaining 18,50 euro will be transferred to Ubuntu-be account by Jean7491.

The remaining stock of blanco cd's and cd sleeves will be used in the next events.


It was a very successful event for Ubuntu promotion, with enough motivated volunteers (6) from the Antwerp area.

We need video-clips as explanation support, boxes to elevate the laptops and supports for posters.

We already started the preparation of the Dipro comuters fair in Antwerp on 29/11/2009.









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