When? Where? What?


  • Kenneth (KW)
  • mimor (Mike)
  • Carharttguy (Matthias)
  • mandel (Manuel)
  • Joris
  • JanC
  • ?
  • ?


  • ...:


  • IRC meeting for coordination: proposed 15/04/2010 at 21h on IRC #ubuntu-be
  • Promotion of the booth within Ubuntu-be community and outside ?

Stuff needed

paper, attachments, various

  • Banner Belgian LoCo Team: (KW)

  • Posters "Ubuntu highway to freedom is now open", "Free your PC", "Linux-Tux": (KW)
  • Flyers ubuntu: (KW)
  • Flyer use of live-cd: (?)
  • Sheet Informatie-Information_Ubuntu.odt: (?)
  • Pen's: (?)
  • Tablecloth: (KW)
  • 1 inflatable Tux: (KW)
  • x figuurtjes Tux: (KW)
  • Contribution urn: (KW)
  • Duct tape and other buro material: (KW)
  • 1 long power extension cords (KW)
  • 3 power strips (4 sockets minimum) (KW)


  • cd's (originals + blanco) + paper bags: (bought on site)
    • original CDs (JanC)
  • PC:
    • 1 PC to show presentation (KW)
  • laptops:
    • 2 IBM laptops (kubuntu + ubuntu) (KW)
  • netbook:
    • 1 Asus EEE 900 with NBR (JanC)
  • additional flat screens: (KW)
  • eID card reader: (?)
  • TuxDroid: JanC

  • beamer + screen: (?)
  • Audio set: (?)
  • External cd writer: (1 vailable, KW)
  • ...
  • continuous slideshow Ubuntu_short_presentation-NL.odp: (see wiki))
  • iso's on a stick (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Alternate, 64 bits, etc..): (?)
  • Possibility of WiFi connection: ?

  • ...

What else?

  • Digital camera:(Mandel)
  • candies: (Mimor)
  • fresh drink: (KW)
  • Fee for visitors: (?)
  • t-shirts for sale (JanC)


It was a sunny day and the last weekend of the Easter holidays and we did not expect a lot of people to show up. Kenneth and Joris DV arrived at fair at 9h15. Jan, Mike, Joris and Matthias where already there. Everybody helped to arrange all our PC's and laptops and decorate the booth with the necessary flyers and posters. The inflatable Tux had to sit on the ground and Jan's Tux Droid was set to "random-mode" so he was mumbling random words at random intervals. Jan also brought some t-shirts to sell, to spice up the donation urn. Since Ubuntu 10.04 was going to released real soon, we had a large stock of left-over CD's with Ubuntu 9.10 and we were hoping the number of CD's would suffice. Mandel did not show up and since he was in charge of taking pictures, we don't have any pictures to show our nice looking booth.

The Dipro fair is trying to widen its audience having exhibitioners selling photography material and hobby material (like RC cars and tanks). Our booth was located near the photography section of the fair, so we were afraid not to have any people interested in Ubuntu.

As expected (beautiful weather, holidays, wrong location) we didn't have the chance to talk to a lot of people. The quality of the talks we had, however, was better. There was this guy, that _always_ comes to talk to us, that finally installed Ubuntu on his PC and had some very interesting questions. I will try to give a brief list of these questions:

  • is there any disk imaging software available to create backups
  • what about viruses
  • how can I install Ubuntu on ext2/3 instead of ext4
  • is there any FAX software available
  • what about fragmentation of files
  • where are the logs kept, what is in there, can I disable this, ...
  • is there any firewalling software, how does iptables work, ...
  • ...

We managed to answer all his questions and he was very pleased.

We also got to see an old iBook (PPC) running Ubuntu. The owner had forgotten the password for this iBook and was wondering if _we_ could reset for him. Which we gladly did.

Although there weren't a lot of visitors, we've managed to conclude the fair with a positive balance. I will deposit €30 on the ubuntu-be account. The fair was, again, a pleasant experience that ended on a terrace with a glass of sangria in a pub nearby.

Thanks to all the people that participated in this event. See you again in September!


  • coming soon

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