Ubuntu needs to gain more visibility in Belgium. It's important that people hear a couple of time of Ubuntu before they actually try it. Therefore, the 6 month release is ideal to do a "larger scale" action around Ubuntu.

Train station actions

During the Sunday evening there is a massive flow of students that pass through the train stations of Belgian student city's. It wouldn't be a big effort to do an action there, compared to the number of people we can reach. Eg. A train coming from Brussels to Leuven contains more than 600 students. The idea would be to:

  • (1) come with a projector, and project a presentation or a ubuntu desktop on a wall or screen at the exit.
  • (2) Flyer at the exit of the train station.
  • (3) Add your idea here

Leuven, Sunday evening 21/10/07


Needed material

  • -A lot- of flyers OK
  • T-shirts
  • burned install CD
  • screencasts:

  • projector(OK, ROB), and screen?
  • Power generator? very long power cable?
  • Laptop with nice desktop (and compiz), for showing off Smile :-)

Leuven, Sunday evening 28/10/07


Li├Ęge, Sunday 21/10/07


  • PierreVorhagen

  • Reginald Ratz (snulkid)
  • g-traxx (ubuntu-fr active member)
  • Yorrit

Action was successfull with ~350 flyers distributed, by getting out (it was a rainy day :-|) at main train arrival times. Flyers were pointing to ubuntu-be and next Gutsy Install Party in Liege; they were offered by Bawetic asbl/NPO.

Needed material

  • -A lot- of flyers (in french)
  • T-shirts

Ghent, Sunday 21/10/07

No further details known.

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