When & where

  • Date : Nov 01 2009
  • Time : 13.00 - 19.00 h.
  • Place : Universiteit voor het Algemeen Belang, Volkstraat 50, 2000 Antwerpen .


The release party is organized by Indymedia.

The party is open to everyone who wishes to find out more about Ubuntu, wants to install it on his or her computer, or just want to come by and have a cup of coffee and talk tech/FOSS.


  • Present the new Ubuntu version: 9.10/Karmic Koala.
  • Meet and greet with computer enthusiasts, people who are interested in installing and/or using Ubuntu, members of the community.
  • To install the new Ubuntu release.
  • Have a good time, help people on the way using Ubuntu/Linux and possibly other free/open source software.

More info

See our announcement on (Dutch)


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