Lekker SA style Braai for Ubunteros on 16 July 2011

The Idea

  • The freshly founded ubuntu council sent out a mail/invitation to members, suggesting, among other things, to organise some social meetings.
  • Janb offered to organise a barbecue.

The Venue

  • Janb used his own flat in Antwerp for this event. This limited participation to about 10 people. Accessibility to the venue is easy from anywhere in the country.
  • A limited amount of overnighters can be accommodated.

The Date

  • A doodle was started for people to enter their availability,and stayed open for about two weeks.
  • 5 people responded, and a final date of 16 July was chosen

The Event

  • Janb decided to make it a braai, South African style.
  • The emphasis was put on being casual, and anyone was welcome.
  • 5 people confirmed their attendance: Pieter Vande Wyngaerde, Ward De Ridder, Wouter Vandenneucker, Jan Claeys, and Pierre Buyle. Pierre excused himself for personal reasons.
  • In the end, we were 8. Janb and his wife, June, the 4 aforementioned ubunteros, **********, a friend of June, and Erik Van Ranst, a friend/collegue of Janb who came later.
  • Most people arrived between 5 and 6 pm, and drinks and appetisers were served.
  • Murphy was among us too. The rain was at it worst between 6 and 9pm.
  • Janb started a fire at around 6.30pm. He relentlessly attempted to prepare some food later, but unfortunately the rain was getting too bad, and we had to braai our food inside.
  • All in all, good fun was had by all. The people that wanted to catch the train, did so without problem.
  • Wouter and Erik decided to miss their tram/train, and spent the night. We all went to bed at around 2am.


  • Judging by the late hour, and the mess that was left in the kitchen, it was a great success.
  • Attached photo's summarise it quite well.
  • This is definitely something we should do more often.


Addy Jan Pieter Ward Wouter Relentless In The Rain Jan June Erik Whole Crowd Plus Vuvuzelas Warriors Of The Last Hour Kitchen Mess

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