Eligibility : who is concerned ?

  • Commercial companies, organizations and non-benefit organizations, with activities related to Ubuntu.


  • location : companies located in Belgium, and abroad based companies with activities in Belgium, if product/service is available in Belgium (shippable to Belgium and Belgian contact address),
  • activity : clear and obvious relation to Ubuntu (hardware, maintenance, promotion, education, ... ),
  • link : a direct link to web page presenting the Ubuntu related product or service is mandatory,
  • language : at least 1 national language NL/FR/DE and/or EN

Details of the insertion - content

  • To be provided by the company and accepted by members of the Ubuntu-be community reviewing the application
    • Place for a logo (max. size 100x100 px)
    • name of the company, location (possibly with road-information), phone Nr and email-address
    • URL of web page presenting the Ubuntu related product or service
    • Short description of the activity (300-600 characters) in Dutch, French, German and/or English (as much languages as possible). This description must be as informative as possible and shouldn't include dubious or non-verifiable claims.
  • Ubuntu-be is not responsible for the published information.
  • Visitors are invited to contact Ubuntu-be ( to add information and/or correct mistake.

Reciprocity : what do we ask for ?

  • Nothing is required, but suggested linking to and taking action in/for the community (sponsoring, etc.). It is clear that Ubuntu-be will really appreciate this kind of reciprocity.

Application procedure (to be sent to interested companies/organizations/people)

  • Send an application to, explaining who you are (all detailed information) and demonstrate your engagement towards Ubuntu and Ubuntu-promotion.

  • When your application is accepted, you will have to send the information as to be published (see Par. 3 above)
  • Your contribution will be published on the web-page "Links" on for an initial period of 12 months.
  • Before expiration, renewal of your request (and engagement towards Ubuntu) will have to be sent to for extension of the publication period for another 12 months.


  • Application will examined by members of Ubuntu-be (Belgian LoCo Team, contact-group) and, after coordination, (eventually) agreed for an initial period of 12 months. If necessary, coordination can be made through IRC meeting or post in the mailing list. The decision can be canceled if conditions/rules are not respected.

Contact-group -

  • Composition of the contact-group : members of the Belgium LoCo Team, interested to co-operate in this matter and who apply to be part of. Applications are discussed in IRC meetings. Composition agreed on 08/09/2010: JanC, mongolito404, massimo21, Mark VDB, Jean7491.

Update, periodicity

  • Links will be accepted for a period of 12 months, for an easy update and to avoid dead links and declining interest for Ubuntu. Renewal will be accepted after a simple request for. Eventually a reminder mail can be sent before expiration.


  • ...

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