Ben Edwards, England, UK

Have been using Linux for about 4 years on and off. Interested in Philosophy and Social Issues of/around Open source. Can best be described as a reluctant teche.

You can email me here.

The Early Years:

  • First computer used - ZX81 - wrote a hangman program
  • Family owned - BBC Micro Model B - played games and learnt how to program badly
  • At school we had - Commodore Pet - which i played with a little
  • I later owned - Commodore 64 - played games
  • Also owned - Jupiter Ace - but never really got into Forth

I also shoot/edit and direct video/film (see and have been involved with various campaigns including Generics.

For more info Gurt Lush is Bristolian (Bristol, UK) for big and Good Wink ;)


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