Bernard Stafford

I started off completely computer illiterate. Until I found my first copy of Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. That was the first OS I learned. After a long time I had found out that Ubuntu needed contributors to help with Ubuntu.

In 2019 I opened a Ubuntu-One login and started translating Afrikaans Language. It was barely started as translations go. I have taken it upon my self to Translate the entire Language Pack. I first thought their were lots of translators. None of them have any account activity for years. Here I am self motivated and and dedicated through determination to accomplish this.

Ubuntu’ is a well-known phrase in South Africa. It speaks about the country’s moral ideals, the spirit of togetherness and our ability to work together. Essentially, ‘Ubuntu’ means “I am, because you are". "Humanity towards others" <-Describes Me

Hobby: Fishing - & -> Favorite Pet: Basenji - The bark-less dog from Africa

Email: IRC: basenjis on


Translating Afrikaans Language for Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish Ubuntu 22,04

Answering Questions for Ubuntu

Top Ubuntu Contributors

Top Launchpad itself Contributors

Future Goals: Continue Translating Afrikaans Language for Ubuntu. Help the community of Ubuntu become greater than it is. We accomplish all of this together as a community.


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@ActionParsnip@ Great support in launchpad. Friendly person. Can't comment on the translation part but otherwise very commendable

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