I, Bhavani Shankar, apply to be a ARB member.


Bhavani Shankar

Launchpad Page

Who I am

I am a 24 year old cerebral palsy physically challenged guy and an Electrical engineer from Bangalore India currently pursuing my dual masters in business administration in marketing management and financial management and doing day job as a professional system administrator

My Ubuntu story

My involvement in the community started back in 2007 where i worked on the forums (answered to around 4000 questions) which I really like doing Gradually I did a bit of translation in my mother tongue kannada and now active in bug triaging and packaging over past year and a half.I am an ubuntu member from November 2007 and ubuntu MOTU from 2010

My involvement

My involvement In the commmunity ranges from the answer tracker to translations to malone and soyuz of late (from the intrepid cycle) .. My list of packages can be found here

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Mostly I work on merges and syncs and new upstream versions and bugfixes. Some bugs I have worked and fixed:

In Jaunty release cycle with the collaboration of dholbach and hamish in debian I updated the whole geda stack in ubuntu (some of them which had missing build dep on intltool which I forwarded to debian and got it synced here) Some of the bug reports:

I am active in updating gnome-lirc-properties from Jaunty cycle

Some of the other bugs I have worked on:

Updates of ugene package:

Other bugs I worked on:


Some FTBFS bugs I have worked on recently:

(Some of the packages failed to build with new ffmpeg and I fixed few packages by defining STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS which is a workaround to allow C++ programs to use macros specified in the C99 standard that aren't in the C++ standard AFAIK.)

Few SRU requests that I filed recently:

Long list of packages uploaded can be found here

Areas of work

I mainly work on merges and syncs and updating packages and fixing FTBFS. Especially I m interested in Science packages (Electronics to be precise) and as a part of the MOTU science team as a long standing contributor ( and I maintain few packages in debian Major notable things are:

maintaining mobile-broadband-provider-info in debian from close to a year where I forward bugs upstream according to their relevance and do a git pull twice a month and update the package in debian and due to its integration with NM now the popcon of the package has risen almost exponentially


Copied emu8051 from ubuntu and almost repackaged it completely with packaging improvements to comply with modern standards

Serving on board of pkg-electronics as a senior packager/developer

Has been on the sponsors team actively sponsoring packages as and when I find time

Here are some examples of the same:

My Debian QA Page

My Vision for the ARB

ubuntu-revu as of now according to me seems somewhat less transparent to especially new guys who want to get their package into ubuntu as compared to debian-mentors where packagers put the links to their packages from on debian mentors mailing list and DD's give a generally quick response thereby packagers feel impressed and pushed even more to get their package into debian. So my main aim in the ARB would be to have a considerably quick response and turnaround time from reviewing the perspective package to getting the package into the repos which would inturn motivate contributors and developers to get their apps into ubuntu fora with high level of quality ensured


If you'd like to endorse, but are not the applicant, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @SIG@.

The majority of my work with Bhavani was before he became a MOTU. His work was all of high quality, and I happily endorsed his MOTU application. Since then he has continued to be an active MOTU, although rarely on IRC these days, and has sponsored quite a few uploads for new developers. I often see comments from Bhavani on things in the sponsorship queue. I'm sure Bhavani has the necessary skills to serve on the ARB, and I support his application. -- stefanor 2011-10-15 20:05:46

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