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Hello everyone! My name is Billy Jones and I love Ubuntu! Being very interested in electronics and technology, I built my first shortwave radio when I was about ten. I took electronics classes, physics and PC repair classes in school and now I am a General Class amateur radio "ham" operator. I have always loved computers and networking I began to learn about them back in the 80's spending time with Apple II machines, BBS systems and BASIC. I got on the Internet around 1991 on UNIX at the office. The net was so much faster when it was all text based (ha ha). My first exposure to Linux was Red Hat back around 2003 when it was on about 10 floppies and I had to take my PC apart to identify hardware prior to installation! Hardware detection has gotten so much better!

I found Ubuntu around 5.04 and I figured I had found the perfect O/S and we all know, FOSS Rules! I am a KDE fan though and I usually run Kubuntu and OpenSUSE on my big PC. I use a few Panasonic Toughbooks for rugged mobile testing with Kubuntu and I have Kubuntu 10.10 netbook and XFCE on my Dell Mini 9. I consider myself much more of a hardware guy than a software guy but I am trying to learn a little scripting and I would like to learn Python and a little programming

This page is always a work in progress and comments are welcome. Thanks to all in the Ubuntu / Kubuntu communities for all the help and patience!


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