For details see also wikipedia.

BitTornado can be reached on the BitTornado-homepage. The corresponding installation-packages are overviewed here.

For Ubuntu 9.10 a more detailed desription is located here.

Basic Idea

BitTornado is a deamon for tracking and downloading torrents. Bittornado does not require an instance of an x-server session. Hence Bittornado can be run in the shell completely. This ability makes BitTornado attractive to be run in a server or in the background of desktops.

Advanced Usage

As the commandline may not be very handsome to use, there are existing clients to connect to the deamon and control it. This means, a user can connect to the BitTornado with additional software to the client from a different PC and manage his 'downloads' from there.


There are other BitTorrent clients working in a similar way: -MLDonkey Project

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