Installing NSPlugins in a common place


At the moment, nsplugins (mozilla plugins) are installed in a not-uniform way, across different directories and then linked to the plugins directories of other browsers. This makes difficult to remember installing all the plugins in all the right directories (or at least creating the right symlinks).

This purposal is to create a unique directory (say, /usr/lib/nsplugins) and to symlink all of the browser plugins directories to point to that. Packaging should be a lot easier, and we'd limit problems with packages like swfdec-mozilla, dejavu-mozilla, etc.


As of now, packagers often install a plugin for a browser but not for the other; a user is forced to create symlinks by hand to see her plugins working.

See for example bugs 133631 and 179588.

Packages affected and nature of change

Type of change:

  • Make the "plugins" directory of a browser a symlink of /usr/lib/nsplugins

Browsers affected:

  • epiphany-gecko: /usr/lib/epiphany-gecko/2.21/plugins -> /usr/lib/nsplugins

  • firefox-2: /usr/lib/firefox/plugins -> /usr/lib/nsplugins

  • firefox-3.0: /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b3/plugins -> /usr/lib/nsplugins

  • iceweasel

  • konqueror: ?

  • galeon: ?

  • other gecko-based ones?

Type of change:

  • Install the plugin in /usr/lib/nsplugins

Packages affected:

  • swfdec-mozilla

  • djvulibre-plugins

  • icedtea-java7-plugin and similars

  • others?

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