BlueT is not Bluet,

but Bluet is BlueT in this site.

  • BlueT is a Perl/Linux/OSS lover and hacker.
  • Bluet is Butterfly or Flower.

Anyway, now we're talking about the guy who's leading Ubuntu-TW Smile :-)

Matthew Lien

Simple Resume:


  • Linux (for 10 years)
    • Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo. (and RedHat from 5.0 to 9, CLE 0.3 to 1.0)

    • Desktop, Laptop, Server, LiveCD.
  • Security
    • Gray Hat Hacker.
    • Hacking, Defense. (CGI injection, IDS, DoS, DDoS, spoofing, and else in the networking way)
  • Networking
    • IEEE 802.11
    • TCP/IP
  • Perl
  • Edu (InfoTech/ComputerScience/OSS speaker)


  • Reading
    • Novel, Cyberpunk, Technical
    • Poetry
  • Music
    • Classical, Jazz
    • R&B, Old Chinese/English songs, Live Band

  • Sport
    • Tennis
    • Riding, Motocycle Racing
    • Long distance traveling by motocycle and any kind of traveling
  • Eles
    • Photograph
    • Making something by hand
    • Hacking Girls (?) A_A(Y)


Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic Of China (ROC).

Timezone: Taipei, Taiwan (GMT +0800)


Other Info

* SCA (Association of high school Computer science and information technolodge researching clubs in Southern Taiwan) Technical Speaker.

Now work on

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Future Plan

  • Make ubtw (Ubuntu-TW) bigger and stronger.
  • UbuntuTW LiveCD release.
  • Make Ubuntu better and easier to use for any propose.
  • Make more and more people can use Ubuntu for their daily use OS.
  • Spend my whole life in a best OpenSource OS, a best Linux Distro, and all OSSs.

Solving Problems


  • can we make "Official" ubuntu cd in taiwan?
  • can we use the logo of ubuntu on our localized cd?


  • Is there any plan about Canonical-Taiwan corp. or Technical Center at Taiwan/China?

Books and Supports:

  • I heard somebody said ubuntu/canonical will publish a book about ubuntu. We (Ubuntu-TW and Ubuntu-CN) are interested in transplating it to Trad/Simp chinese and publish it at Taiwan and Mainland China at the same time.
  • Bcoz of there's still only a few books talking about Ubuntu, Ubuntu@TW wanna publish a book for users who are interested in Ubuntu/Linux in taiwan. The content will be from Our wiki and our Doc_Team.
  • As above, there's no any Officially Org to offer the tranning or tech support, maybe we can do that?

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