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In the [[SystemSettings#Phone|System Settings]] overview, the “Bluetooth” item should be dull if Bluetooth is off, bright if Bluetooth is on, and ''???'' if any device is paired.
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This is the home of Ubuntu’s Bluetooth team. Join up to help us make Bluetooth ROCK in Ubuntu, working together with upstream to test it and make it work out of the box. There’s also a mailing list of Bluetooth-related bugs. For help using Bluetooth in Ubuntu, see Ubuntu Help.

How you can help out

Partial specification



At the bottom of the “Bluetooth” panel in System Settings should be a checkbox, “Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar”. It should be checked by default for a new user account, but should be sensitive only when there is a powered Bluetooth card or dongle.


Whenever that checkbox is sensitive and checked, a Bluetooth menu should appear in the menu bar.


Should we also/instead distinguish whether a Bluetooth device is currently being used? For example, waiting for a headset to pair before making a call.

If Bluetooth is off, the title of the menu should be a skeletal Bluetooth icon with accessible label “Bluetooth (off)”. If it is on, the title should be a lozenge Bluetooth icon (fixing bug 761766) with accessible label “Bluetooth (on)”. (Using an actual color here would be inappropriate, because when Bluetooth is on it is likely to be on for a long time.)

The menu should begin with “Bluetooth” and “Visible” switch items. Whenever “Bluetooth” is off, “Visible” should be both off and insensitive.

After a separator, “Send Files to Device…” should open a “Choose Files to Send” file picker, followed (if you select files) by a dialog for choosing which device to send the files to. And “Show Files on Device…” should open the dialog for choosing which device to browse. Both items should be insensitive when Bluetooth is off.

If any devices have been paired and not forgotten, these should be listed following another separator, with an icon for each.

Finally, after another separator, “Set Up New Device…” should open the setup assistant, and “Bluetooth Settings…” should open the Bluetooth panel of System Settings.

Use cases

  • Connect a Bluetooth USB dongle
  • Verify that Bluetooth is working on the computer
  • Set up a Bluetooth headset
  • Stop using a Bluetooth headset
  • Set up a Bluetooth mouse
    • Variation: No other mouse is connected
  • Stop using a Bluetooth mouse
  • Set up a Bluetooth keyboard
  • Stop using a Bluetooth keyboard
  • Set up a Bluetooth printer
  • Stop using a Bluetooth printer
  • Transfer files between two computers over Bluetooth
  • Set up a Wii Remote as a joystick
  • Stop using a Wii Remote
  • Turn off Bluetooth to save power

See also


In the System Settings overview, the “Bluetooth” item should be dull if Bluetooth is off, bright if Bluetooth is on, and ??? if any device is paired.

phone-bluetooth.png phone-bluetooth-device.png



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