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1.linux have a terrible addressing system which confuse the ordinary user.we know too many users are ordinary users not expert users,those want an empty space in hard disk to save their files and programs.if system files integrate in a folder or partition( like windows) and rest space dedicate to user then user is free and comfort to use the system.(if you are defiant windows this not reason you don't use of good things in windows). 2.we know many of programs produced for windows; you can design a layer as a virtual machine(vm) in linux that any windows's program operate with it. 3.installment programe in linux is hard. user want an icon to click it and install program.softwares in linux must be self install till linux be user friend operating system. if you want linux has had more and more user it shall be easier and easier to use.(

One area I can say is a significant problem is the lack of an integrated CD burner for Windows. I’ve heard many users say they’ve burned a copy of a distribution and then it didn’t boot. The primary reason for this is that they simply burned the ISO file itself to the CD, instead of burning the image properly. Now that Ubuntu is targeting a larger audience, it would be neat to have a Windows user simply install an EXE file, open it up, and it prompts to insert a new CD and then provides some additional instructions for getting it installed and setup, perhaps even give an option to print out a PDF of those instructions.

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From DaveBotkin Sun Jun 12 08:20:39 +0100 2005 From: Dave Botkin Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 08:20:39 +0100 Subject: Orphaned but still usable hardware Message-ID: <>

Any chance of a port to m68k (pre-PPC Macintosh)?

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