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  • Please develop an easy to install All in One version of Xubuntu Hardy Heron for the Playstation 3 with it's components working straight out of install. It is a very quick and easy project to do with most of the work already done. It just needs about a day's worth of work as explained here

  • I love (the hardware of) my iBook and would like to solely run Ubuntu on it. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is the lousy support for the trackpad (I think it's in kernel driver module appletouch). I want my touchpad to work exactly like in OSX, i.e. no jumping around nervously, not too high sensitivity, but sensitive enough; and probably most important: working two finger scroll (great UI feature, that should also be available on other laptops). I know there is a two-finger-scroll patch or something like that, and that there is a patch for the kernel module. But I'm not satisfied at all. I even think appletouch.c is buggy, because even if I set sensitivity as high as possibly (so that even when a fly sits down on my touchpad the cursor jumps around crazily), there is sometimes no reaction when I move my finger. I give 150 USD to someone who tells me how to make touchpad work as charmingly and as sensible as in OSX (most probably this would involve patching appletouch.c kernel module). contact: herr.ernst at gmail dot com. Edit: It seems that also Macbooks suffer from the same problem cause they use the same drivers. Just search for 'appletouch'. Sure there are some people who thinks you could resolve it with tweaking, but I know you can't. Problem lies deeper.
  • I have a few number of suggestion that I think they can help you for a better linux:

1.linux have a terrible addressing system which confuse the ordinary user.we know too many users are ordinary users not expert users,those want an empty space in hard disk to save their files and programs.if system files integrate in a folder or partition( like windows) and rest space dedicate to user then user is free and comfort to use the system.(if you are defiant windows this not reason you don't use of good things in windows). 2.we know many of programs produced for windows; you can design a layer as a virtual machine(vm) in linux that any windows's program operate with it. 3.installment programe in linux is hard. user want an icon to click it and install program.softwares in linux must be self install till linux be user friend operating system. if you want linux has had more and more user it shall be easier and easier to use.(

  • Integrated iso burn software for windows/mac/linux

One area I can say is a significant problem is the lack of an integrated CD burner for Windows. I’ve heard many users say they’ve burned a copy of a distribution and then it didn’t boot. The primary reason for this is that they simply burned the ISO file itself to the CD, instead of burning the image properly. Now that Ubuntu is targeting a larger audience, it would be neat to have a Windows user simply install an EXE file, open it up, and it prompts to insert a new CD and then provides some additional instructions for getting it installed and setup, perhaps even give an option to print out a PDF of those instructions.

  • Update the Video4Linux Support. the current version in Ubuntu cant support Encore ENLTV-FM card (the last V4L version downloaded from the official page works well)

  • Detect mouse better; make thumb buttons work out of the box instead of forcing the users to play around with apps such as imwheel and xmodmap by themselves. Additionally the thumb buttons should work as back and forward almost globally like they do in Windows (e.g. in browsers and filemanagers). Willing to pay 50 € and up depending on quality and features if it actually gets included in the next version of Ubuntu. / AnRkey: I would be willing to bay another €50 along with yours for this bounty, count me in.

  • Update the installer on the Alternate CD's to allow for the selection of specific packages to install. Give advanced users the power they need to install a system that they want specifically. Would also be great to be able to select any and all desktop environments during install. For example, the installer should give the user the option of installing Gnome, KDE, Xfce, or all of them. Why limit the installer of the more advanced Alternate CD? Most other distributions offer an "Advanced" mode for installing so users can tailor their operating system to their specific needs. Ubuntu would certainly benefit from this, yet still be good for new users installing from a Live CD.
  • Integrate Mono project in Ubuntu allowing .NET programs to run as they would in Vista.
  • Create an official Ubuntu flyer for users to download/order that can be displayed at schools and Windows-oriented workplaces. This will further get the word out about the financial and security benefits of switching to Linux.
  • Develop a Gnome program which allows the easy creation of CD/DVD covers/inlets: willing to sponsor $200 - see CoverCreatorBounty

  • Having gaim use or at least automatically update buddies from and to evolution's contacts.
  • Gstreamer MIDI playback: willing to sponsor $ 100 -

  • Parental control based on willing to sponsor $ 100 -

  • The instant messanger application should be able to use a webcam like MSN (Help gaim-vv, gaim). - KentNyberg

  • Complete several works on rhythmbox ( Audio-CD support; Icecast (SQL) support; add Equalizer (gstreamer?); add Playlist (bounty already exist) and PartySuffle; Add MusicShare fuction; integrate MusicStore (PyMusic,SharpMusique?); IDTag support (MP3,Ogg,Flac,MP4,Ape); Log/Statistic support, More Automatic Playlists (timebased,most played) -- Reviczky Ádám János |-> add a function to minimize in system tray when clicking on close button.

  • Add LaTeX and Handwrite support for gaim ( and/or gossip ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Make a Nautilus extension for matroska: view attachements, chapters, comments, etc. (, bug: -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Add autorotate function for sane/xsane scanner interface (, BUG: or in the new gnomescan ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Make negative scanning work with correct color calibration in xsane -- Patrick G
  • Write a GTK-Formula program like KFormula with LaTeX, MathML, etc. support (Abiword will support a FormulaEditor, but this must be a separate program!) and export features in various formats (textsource:LaTeX,MathML;image:PNG,GIF) -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Add PDF version 1.7 support for poppler/xpdf and some PDF editing support for evince ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

    • Evince is strictly a document viewer. Editing should be in the hands of, Inkscape and similar programs. --Schalken

    • I'd be willing to contribute some money in order to have an easy and stable (both hugely important) way to make additions and notes (and corrections) to PDF-documents. Many (like on OOo forums) do not see why this is something anyone would want, but for students like me, getting a lot of lecture notes in PDF, it would be a crucial tool, to be able to put in my own comments and additions. --Ketilwaa
  • Write a LaTeX Control Center with easy GUI support for: Font installation for LaTeX (TTF); more general preferences (Character Encoding,usepackage,papersize); integrate amyedit LaTeX editor (; integrate evince PDF viewer/editor; Templates and sample LaTeX documents: Newspaper, Book, Article,... -- Reviczky Ádám János

    • Evince is integrated as of Dapper -- Schalken
    • I mean integrate it into the LaTeX Control Center -- Reviczky Ádám János
  • Add native SVG support for PDFLaTeX -- Reviczky Ádám János
  • Add PDF saving support for GIMP -- Reviczky Ádám János
    • GIMP is a raster graphic editor. PDF export should be in the hands of (which it is), Inkscape and similar programs. --Schalken

    • I thinked something about saving scanned pictures to PDF (like for gimp.

  • Add Descendant View and organizing via Descendants on the Main Interface for gramps (, bug: -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Add Photolist export function for gthumb (bugzilla: -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Add animation support for rsvg ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Add RealAudio 40, RealVideo 40 support for ffmpeg ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Complete editing support for criawips presentations ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Add several functions for gnumeric: multiple split view, make thousand and comma separator character for numbers userdefined (bug:, new UI (maybe rippons like MS-Office 2007)... ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • complete work on libgoffice and make so integrating features in Abiword/Gnumeric etc. -- Reviczky Ádám János
  • Add Sidepane support for TextStyles in Abiword (, bug: -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Really much thing for more Jabber support in gaim -- Reviczky Ádám János
    • Jabber is already supported] in Gaim --ghee22

    • well, it is supported, but its functionality is very limited, maybe telepathy support will help here -- Reviczky Ádám János
  • Add General TV-Out Properties for Gnome Control Center -- Reviczky Ádám János
  • Add matroska support for Thoggen (, bug: -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Complete work on gnomepedia -- Reviczky Ádám János
  • Fix mozilla xml+javascript bug: -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • Add unicode support (UTF-8) for Midnight Commander ( -- Reviczky Ádám János

    • UTF-8 support is nearly complete with patches -- Reviczky Ádám János
  • Porting SubRip to linux (using kylix): -- Reviczky Ádám János

  • intergration of linux-wlan-ng (driver for prism based wireless cards (lots of cheap usb ones)) into the standard network tools, so that they can be configured using the gnome-network-admin.
  • feature or extension for Thunderbird allowing attached images to be shrinked and constrained in file size before sending them along with mails. The solution will use existing libraries to provide a dialog to adjust the preferred file size for images. -- Philipp Sadleder

  • Integration of an audio multi-band equalizer instead of the single band one in order to let users regulate sound for all applications. -- Tenshu at gmail dot com
  • Insert backslash before each space in a filename, when sliding a file icon to a terminal -- glathoud at yahoo dot fr
  • A browser that blocks loading of images selectively by file extension OR including an option in the preferences menu which allows to block flash player files (.swf) from loading. Background: disabling the "Load images" feature only works for .jpg and .gif files but not for .swf files (.swf ad banners are the most annoying ones nowadays and furthermore seem to cause performance problems on older machines). Such a feature could be a relief for users who wish to selectively block annoying .swf ad banners but still want to be able to view pages which include .swf where this is appreciated. Kpr2 ( reiffk at arcor dot de )

  • Welcome screen, like in Windows, where you click on your username, which has a personal picture by it, and then type in your password and press enter. Alec Wright (alecjw {[{</AT{}[][{ gmail \/{#dot}[ com

    • I know GDM can use a "face browser" which automatically fills in username, then asks for password. This depends on the theme (I found this, see section 2.9) and there have been suggestions for making Ubuntu include, or even use by default, a theme supporting this.

  • Removable drive synchronization. See:

  • Beagle should use OCR to index scanned documents.
  • An application, similar to xcompmgr, which can apply OpenGL transformations/effects to windows no matter what window manager is used (making some of the 3D effects of Compiz independant).

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From DaveBotkin Sun Jun 12 08:20:39 +0100 2005 From: Dave Botkin Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 08:20:39 +0100 Subject: Orphaned but still usable hardware Message-ID: <>

Any chance of a port to m68k (pre-PPC Macintosh)?

  • Warbo: I think M68K chips cannot go much higher than around 100MHz (unless you count Coldfire...), making most UNIX OSs unusable from a graphical perspective, and for a text-based server system there is not much difference between Ubuntu and Debian (please don't reply with a list of differences, since it is clear that Ubuntu's real innovation lies in graphical tools such as Alacarte and Ubiquity)

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