Bounty for a CD/DVD Cover/Inlet creation program for GNOME

I am willing to sponsor the development of such a program with $200.

This program should offer the following functionalities:

- scan pictures and import them to the cover, as picture only or as a background picture, which can be overwritten with text

- read data from audio cd or mp3/ogg/etc. sources and import them directly or allow to edit them

- switch from one interpret to various artists with one click

- text entries must be totally free to format, size, style and all on the cover but also on the sides of the cd, ability to align text right, left or center

- ability to set colors for background or foreground (layers?)

- various templates for dvds, cds, slimcase, inlet, backcover, etc.

- pre-built templates for cds, dvds (eg. with pictures, styles, etc.)

An example for a similar program for Win would be:

this website is in german language, screenshots are included.

Thank you,

Michael (m.dewes(which can be found at)

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