Patrick Wright wrote up a bunch of notes on an etherpad, I followed those instructions and in the end I had two laptops running boot-speed tests every time a new daily iso was generated. This page, and possibly subsequent, related pages are my attempt to take those instructions and pretty them up so that anyone can follow them.

The Problem
I want to be able to run a set of kernel tests on a regular basis on a specific system in a fully automated fashion. I want it so that the tests are just run whenever appropriate and the results made available for perusal.

The Solution
This may be more heavyweight than other solutions but fits my needs nicely. It is a bonus that this fits in well with the direction the Ubuntu QA Team is going.

A combination of a Jenkins continuous integration server and a Cobbler PXE boot server are used. For this example, both services are run on the same system. A second system is used as the "device under test" (DUT).

Cobbler, the PXE boot server.

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