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What I use Ubuntu for

Have Ubuntu running on 2 machines - one my workstation/server (Dell PowerEdge SC430) - used as a fileserver/jack of all trades machine. (on a side note, ask me why I had to use a hacksaw to run a decent video card) Loaded it up with memory to run VMWare and run virtual OS's for practice/studies (I do MS stuff in the workplace, but would much rather deal with Linux). FreeNX for remote access, even played some UT2004 on it as well (though I am horrible at FPS games). Laptop (Dell C640) with Ubuntu for day to day surfing and whatnot on the couch. Have a Shuttle PC setup running Knoppmyth, playing vids/music hosted on my server over NFS. Almost a terabyte of storage in total at home, with no problems of stability or dealing with licensing (YAY!). I'm a linux newbie still, but very enthusiastic about learning more about it.

Apps and such that I am interested in

  • Firefox - enjoy using it everyday, and many different extensions. Wish it was a bit faster under Linux.
  • Gaim - for IM
  • mplayer - for vids
  • Automatix - for easy configuration of my Ubuntu machine(s)
  • FreeNX - used this under Breezy for remote access of my PC's, have not configured it under Dapper yet.
  • Samba/NFS - for filesharing usage
  • Amarok/Listen/Beep/Rhythmbox - haven't decided on a music player yet, there are many nice ones. Need something to help with organizing my gigabytes of music though.
  • Knoppmyth distribution - I started using MS Mediacenter a few years back and enjoyed it. Tried Mythtv via Knoppmyth and *really* enjoyed it. PVR functions are great, as well as the ability to show off pictures, play music, play any format videos (using mplayer on Myth).
  • May start using Tomboy, I use Google Notebook a lot, and appreciate being able to access those notes anywhere.
  • XGL/Compiz is something I'd like to use, but my laptop video card isn't powerful enough most likely, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort on my desktop/server box.
  • Google Picasa looks interesting, as I need to organize my pictures a bit more.
  • Google Earth is nifty, and I used it a lot on Windows. I appreciate the Linux port by Google; I installed it on my desktop machine and it works great.

Other things...what I am working on, relating to Ubuntu & Linux

  • Learning to use Linux in general (command line usage, file system & troubleshooting basics)

  • Spreading Ubuntu love Smile :)

  • Migrate my parents' PC from MS to Ubuntu (I'm their tech support, therefore I can make their OS decisions)
  • Slowly change career focus from MS products to Linux products (difficult transition for me thus far).
  • Try getting Ekiga working, so I can chat with my parents' from afar.
  • Get my niece using the Edubuntu PC I setup for her. She's only 2, but I need to start her out on the right track. Smile :)



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