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Full Name : J. Brian Shumate
E-Mail    : brian at NOSPAM, bshumate at NOSPAM
IRC Nick  : bshumate @ : #ubuntu, #ubuntu-doc, #ubuntu-meeting
GPG Key   : 0x4B950BFA
LaunchPad :
WWW       :


New stuff I've authored appears here:

nothing "fresh" in quite some time- but, hey, that could change... Wink ;-)


I am just a spring chicken of the compuverse, having only started noodling on computers just over 20 ago with an Apple IIe in elementary school. Today, I still use an Apple machine to stay in touch with my inner Mac cultist, but I have far more machines which are running free, and open source operating systems, and software within my evil genius lab snuggled away in the vast beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA. There, I currently reside with my wonderful wife, and two young children. I also have an official, acrid, and dangerous sense of humor, on loan from an extra-terrestrial being until the year 2020. (hey don't scoff- some people claim to have talent on loan from $DIETY!)

Ubuntu Contributions

I have only helped out as I can, when I can, but have certainly given far more to Ubuntu than I have any other free, or open source project to date, and I am happy to do so! In the future, I'd like to contribute more documentation efforts on the Wiki, possibly in the format of simple, step-by-step how-to guides, and finish my book, which has grown to be somewhat Ubuntu-specific at this point. In the more immediate future, I am launching an Art Project based on Ubuntu. Stay tuned!


I am sometime active on IRC in #ubuntu, trying to help others out, and learning in the process myself! Wink ;-)

Server Guide

I helped to write several sections of the Ubuntu Server Guide!

Documentation Team Patches

Below are the patches related to my DocumentationTeam work:

Assisted Material

These patches represent modifications to existing material I have suggested:

About Ubuntu

Server Guide - Installation Section

Server Guide - Network Applications

Original Material

These patches represent original material I have contributed:

Server Guide - OpenSSH Introduction

Server Guide - OpenSSH Section

Server Guide - Windows Networking Section

Server Guide - Network Applications - TCP/IP

Server Guide - Network Applications - TCP/IP

Server Guide - Network Applications - Networking

Server Guide - Network Applications - Squid

Server Guide - Packaging

Server Guide - Minor Cleanup, <filename> Tags

Server Guide - CUPS Section

Server Guide - CUPS addition, per PV, and misc cleanup of my ugly <tip>/<command> combinations.

Wiki Pages

Below are Wiki Pages I've authored:

Advanced OpenSSH Configuration for Enhanced Security

Bastille Linux

File Integrity Monitoring and Verification with AIDE

System logs, Application logs, and syslogd

Strong Passwords

The OpenSSL implementation of Secure Sockets Layer

VNC connections tunneled over SSH


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