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About Me

I've been using Ubuntu since Feisty, but I had used Fedora Core 6 before. Currently I use Hardy.

I started being active in the Ubuntu Community a few months ago by translating, and learning about packaging. After that I joined the Mexican LoCo and have been active in it for a few months now. I also joined the Marketing Team and I am helping out with the re-activation of the Team and its projects.

A few weeks ago I joined the Ubuntu Training Team and I plan to translate the Ubuntu Desktop Course into Spanish and help with the development of the 8.04 version of the Course.

I live in Mexico City.



I started my contributions to Ubuntu by translating. You can see them here


For a while I started to get involved with the MOTU. Andrea Colangelo was my mentor and he taught me the workflow and processes of Ubuntu development. While I was there I fixed a very simple bug and made a couple of merges. You can see them here

Ubuntu Marketing

I joined the Marketing Team a couple of months ago. Up until now, I've helped with the meeting minutes, but i want to become more involved with the SU project.

Ubuntu Mexico

I joined the Mexican LoCo a few months ago. Right now I take care of the wiki, updating it constantly to reflect the LoCo's activity and current proyects. I am also admin of Ubuntu Mexico Marketing, where we are currently making a podcast. A journalist got in touch with us too, so we might be appearing on a mexican magazine soon Big Grin :) .

I was also at an event with the mexican LoCo. You can see some pictures here (im not actually on the pictures though, hehe)

Ubuntu Training

I joined the Ubuntu training team a few weeks ago, hoping to translate the Ubuntu Desktop Course. My mebership expired some time ago now :S , but I was told there was going to be an Ubuntu/Canonical Training meeting to check on the status of the Ubuntu Desktop Course version 8.04... Im still wating for a date though.

What I want to do

  • Get the Mexican LoCo approved.

  • Help with the SU project
  • Try to get Ubuntu in public schools here in Mexico
  • Go to various FOSS events in Mexico.


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