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I've used Ubuntu since late Hoary

About Me

You will find most of my contributions on the forums, I spend a lot of my time looking for users with the problems that aren't necessarily an easy fix, which most people tend to shy away from. I've become pretty notorious (Hopefully in a good way) on the #ubuntuforums channel, and somewhat on the forums themselves.


My only goal here, is to help people the way I was when I first came here about 2 years ago (Ish? I don't remember and exact date.You'll notice My Launchpad and forum account are more recent, but trust me, it's been that long.), and try to just in general spread the community.


I'm fairly involved if only on the outside looking in with development, I follow the Ubuntu mailing-lists, and many other general linux development lists.

As one point to that claim, I have been known to follow and post quite frequently on the Wine Mailing lists, and also Maintain the World of Warcraft Wine AppDB Page, which I recently converted to wiki after rewriting the entirety of the guide. It's not all fun and games, even if it is about them. I deal with a lot of support requests, and problem solving when people have issues related to the getting the game working, and to handle this you must have a fairly high technical understanding of Wine. You will find this in the "What I Do" section. Even though this doesn't particularly apply to Ubuntu, it sure is a work out.

Also, I am now a part of the UbuntuForums "Beginner Team", and the "Hardware Team".

What I Do/Basic References

Launchpad: (Bad picture taking skills)

Forum Profile: (Again Bad pictures!)

AppDB Work:

Beginners Team - Maintainer or what have you of the Launchpad division

Hardware Team - We haven't really done much yet, but we're working on changing that

Added by bodhi.zazen

I have worked with Toxicity999 on the Beginners team, although I am familiar with his posts on the Forums as well.

Toxicity999 has both taken initiative and been a reliable asset to the team.

Looking Forward

I hope to stick around the community for a very long time, and as I grow, so will my contributions. I'm working closely as part of the Beginners team with the community in an effort to better link those knowledgeable with those new.



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