This document tries to gather ideas on how we could organise searching with bughelper. It started with bug 79143, which grew just too much to address in a single bug.

General ideas

Options we should have

  • date related:
    • Bug filed before <date>

    • Last post entered before <date>

    • Bug filed before <dapper>

    • Last post entered before <dapper>

      • * <before dapper> might be a bit tricky to solve, as we now still have people running breezy and filing bugs. we might just say "ok, dapper was released on ..... - all bugs after that date are 'dapper bugs'", which should be fine for the majority I guess --DanielHolbach

  • attachment related
    • only those with[out] attachments
    • attachments named 'syslog' (or whatever)
    • with patches
    • Certain file types (like screenshots)
      • file types meaning the file extension (*.jpg) or a content-type (text/plain), both? --DanielHolbach

    • Automatically unpack logs in tar or zip files


  • AlexMuntada:

    • IMHO, it seems that we'll need many command line options to deal with all this criteria properly. Maybe an interactive helper agent (like a shell) will make things easier to use.
    • We don't need AI-like behaviour yet, but it should be probably the way to go, and eventually even launchpad could benefit from this tool, e.g. trying to find dupes before new bugs are filed, helping to find existing bugs easily, etc.
    • And we'll need a name for that agent, of course Wink ;)

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