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These days I'm a happy Ubuntu user, watch its development from afar, have many still active friends here and might fix a bug or two every now and then.

Community Council Election (2015)

I have a deep interest in the Ubuntu community. Its friendliness, transparency and welcoming nature enabled me to help out with Open Source software, learn a lot and get to know many new friends. To me Ubuntu is not just about having a great technology, but also about working together for a better world.

We have millions of users and our community has grown to an incredible size. Our biggest goal to me is to sustain the incredible rate of growth and at the same time give everybody who is new to the project the fantastic experience of being welcomed and enabled to help out with whatever they are good at. Particularly with Ubuntu branching out in many new areas and getting relevant in many new corners it's important work together, be in touch and have the same values.

The Community Council plays an important role in that effort: it oversees all community governance bodies and is involved in policy and process decisions. To make sure we succeed with our goals we need good leadership, efficient processes, effective reporting and good overlap between the different parts of our community.

MOTU Council Poll February/March 2009

I'm running for a seat on the MOTU/Council again, so I hope you'll vote for me.

Here's why MOTU is important to me: when I started in the MOTU team, it was still very young and fairly unorganised, but one thing was radically different from everything else I had seen in the Open Source world before: every sign said "we're all in this together, let's make the world a better place". The very welcoming feeling and the atmosphere of getting stuff done with great people simply intrigued me. I learned by doing and people who were on the team already encouraged me and helped me out where they could. This way I found a lot of friends who are just awesome people.

I want every newcomer in the Ubuntu Development community to have the same feeling: "these people are united by the wish to make the world a better place and they are welcoming me into their team". Also I want it to be as easy as possible to get involved.

My plans for the future are: more events, more work with the LoCo community (training videos in other languages), better coordinated overlap with other communities and better ways to figure out what needs doing.

Talk to me if you want to know more or have more good ideas on what we should do. Smile :-)


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