The bughelper suite currently contains:


This tool collects bug numbers from Launchpad. You can pass it

  • --version which will return the version number of the bughelper suite

  • -l <URL> for a Launchpad bug list URL

  • -p <package> for a source package like evolution


   bugnumbers -p evolution
   bugnumbers -l


This tool searches through bugs and tries to find matches with data in .info files. It has the same functionality and switches as bugnumber. In addition to that it accepts

  • --version which will return the version number of the bughelper suite

  • -A which lets it search through all the bug attachments with the mime type text/plain.


   bughelper -p ubiquity
   bughelper -A -l


This tool is primarily intended to help with the editing and creation of .info files. There are currently two use cases:

  • -a <source package> <condition> <information> adds a simple clue to an existing file or creates a new one.

  • -e <string> escapes a given string for use in XML files.

  • -v <file> validates a given file against the clue file schema.


   bugxml -a totem "" "This might be a xine problem. Ask the reporter to check with xine-ui."
   bugxml -v packages/
   bugxml -e This string has some weird characters like ä, ü and ö in it.

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