In addition to the self-explanatory --help and --version commands, bughelper relies on the -p and -l options to process packages and Launchpad URLs, respectively:

   bughelper -p <source package> 
  bughelper -l <Launchpad-URL>

<source package> is just the name of a source package in Launchpad such as totem, while the URL can be the result of a search or the list of bugs assigned to a given person or team.

Additional options

-A - search in attachments
-c - case sensitive (off by default)
-v - also display inherited clues
-U - also consider upstream bugs
-H - use all clue files, if no source package specified or no clue file exists
-m <minimum bug number> - only search in bugs with bug numbers higher than <number>
-f <filter bugs listed> - filter out certain bugs (also comma-separated lists)
-t <package> <condition> <info> - try to find the <condition> and display <info> when found (in addition to stored clues)
-T <package> <condition> <info> - try to find the <condition> and display <info> when found (disregarding stored clues)
--format=FORMAT - format output type (plain|wiki|html)
--gen-config - generate default config file

Note: These options are likely to change in future versions of bughelper.

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