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Getting Involved

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Tue 9th Jan 15.00 UTC (details)

This page should outline two specific areas - how people can get in touch with the project as well as things they can do to get involved. This is the page that people will read if they are considering joining the project, so make it clear, friendly and easy to read. Smile :)

Joining the community

If you want to get involved with Sample Team, you can use the following resources:


You can always access out homepage at

Mailing List

Join our mailing list at

You can read an archive of messages at


Contact on the Freenode IRC network at #ubuntu-sampleteam.

How to join the team

This section should detail a series of clear, simple steps that show someone how to get involved with the team and do things. Mentally put yourself in the position of that person and try to imagine the kind of things that they will want to know to join the team. Try to outline as many of these things as possible.

You should always put at the bottom of this section that if the reader still has questions that they should contact the team via the mailing list or IRC channel listed above.


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