Ubuntu Weeks Planning and Promotion

This document is to help assist those who are planning and promoting Ubuntu Weeks or Online Classroom events.

Start of New Cycle

  • Decide Dates and Times of *Ubuntu Week
  • Decide on Planners
  • Identify Tasks
  • “Assign” Tasks to various planners
  • Decide dates for various milestone emails/conversations/meetings with planners to make sure everything is on track
  • Set up Calendar for Event and Share with all planners involved

Basic Organization

Basically the organisation of the event can be broken down into the following areas:

  • 10 weeks ahead: start finding speakers

  • 9-4 weeks ahead: get timetable, bios, summaries for event sessions in place (before announcements)

  • 3 weeks ahead: prepare announce

  • 2 weeks ahead: announce, spread the news

    • Forward an official press release to various press sources (Template for Official Press release can be found here)

    • Fedora Maintains a great press release list it can be found at here

    • Don’t forget about Linux User Groups

    • Don't forget about the LoCo Contacts Mailing List - loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com

    • Schedule (if possible) people who blog across the community (or just release the press release on their blog)
  • the week itself: blog summary, inform people about sessions on IRC

Timeline for Planning and Promoting Ubuntu Weeks

Ubuntu Developer Week

Ubuntu Open Week

Ubuntu App Developer Week

Ubuntu Classroom User Days

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