The Leadership Code of Conduct (LCoC) is perhaps one of the most valuable documents in the Ubuntu community, it presents the values of the project as a set of guidelines for leaders to consider in at all times. the LCoC can be found in LeadershipCodeofConduct .


The Leadership Code of Conduct was written in 2007 to foster and promote the Ubuntu ethos across the governing bodies of the project. It has been a document that is not as read as the code of Conduct but it presents issues that anyone in a leadership position should take into consideration. Members of teams can also read it for reference on what to expect from members is an leadership position.

Detailed Outline

LoCo Teams across the world are in unison with the principles of the project, however the LoCoCouncil with time has learned that leadership has many different colors and shapes in different regions of the world. The implementation of a digital signature for the Leadership Code of Conduct would establish a unified criterion that has only been suggested by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct when it comes to leadership.

Currently, the LoCo Council finds that not many LoCo Team Contacts are aware of the commitment to this new document and signing it would definitely help remind them of higher responsibility as a LoCo Team Leader.


  • Laura is a LoCo Team Contact and she would cannot acknowledge reading the LCoC and that express that she follows it.

  • Jono is not able to determine how many new LoCo Team Leaders are aware of the principles in the Leadership Code of Conduct.

  • The LoCo Council cannot be sure if a LoCo Contact is acting according the LCoC when issues in teams arise.

Use Cases

  • The signing of the Leadership Code of Conduct determines acknowledgement of reading, following the principles is already assumed since it was published.
  • The signing of the Leadership Code of Conduct would make more references to it.
    • It would help members of the project and other have clear expectations from their leaders.
    • It would be a constant reminder of the personal commitment each leader inherits.

Technical Specs


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Verifying Leadership position

  • The Leader is added to a team (~ubuntu-community-leaders)? by a member of a governing body, in this case the LoCo Council.

Signing the LCoC

  • By belonging to the team in launchpad, the LCoC becomes available to be signed. This way we can make sure the LCoC is not signed if it does not apply for the volunteer work done by otehr members.
  • from here, The procedure follows the same instructions to signing the CodeOfConduct.

  • being a member of this team and maybe a "signed the Leadership code of conduct" label in the launchpad profile would help identify acknowledgement of reading and following the document.

Ideas from the Crowd

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