Below you will find a list of links to vendors to purchase Ubuntu machines.

United States


Link Status: good link to easily find machines with Ubuntu available

Warning many of these machines default to Windows, please make sure to choose Ubuntu in the OS menu.

Ubuntu Version: Ubuntu 14.04

Certification Status: (This field is a work in progress) Canonical Official.


Link Status: Great link because they exclusively sell Ubuntu machines!

Ubuntu Version: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Certification Status: (This field is a work in progress)

United Kingdom

  • Entroware - Entroware is the UK's best dedicated supplier of Linux powered Desktops and Laptops.

  • Efficient PC - Sell Ubuntu Linux Laptops, Desktops, Gaming and Mythtv systems in the UK and Europe.

  • The Linux Emporium - Sell many Linux and open source related products as well as providing consulting services and training, especially Python training. We sell not only software, but also hardware - Linux laptops prebuilt with Linux.

  • Axiomtech - Sell pre-installed Ubuntu machines and services.


  • Ekimia - A complete line of laptops and desktops preinstalled With Ubuntu GNU/Linux shipping from France to all over the world.

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