I'm 35. Live in Raleigh N.C. (USA) I'm married and have 2 kids.

I was the lead of the UbuntuStudio project for 4 releases and will now be focusing on artwork and recruitment rather than managing the day-to-day issues. I will also be focusing on more Ubuntu-centric projects such as the Breathe Icon Set.

In my 2.5 years experience leading an Ubuntu derivate, I have had to deal with all sides of community from packaging, artwork, etc... and off course translations of the Ubuntu Studio work.

I have have been sponsored but only attended 3 of the last 4 Ubuntu Developer Summits in which I have gained valuable contacts within the community and a greater appreciation for it.

I also have a great interest in entertainment and how computers can work with home theater systems.

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Contact Details

  • IRC:ckontros (

  • Email:coryisatm(at)ubuntu(dot)com

Where to find me

I am on the following lists::

  • ubuntustudio-devel
  • ubuntu-artwork


  • #ubuntustudio-devel
  • #ubuntu-devel



  • I am currently heavily involved in the Ubuntu Studio project.

  • I also maintain the UbuntuStudio WIKI and it's child pages.

  • I admin the ubuntu-artwork, ubuntustudio-devel and ubuntustudio-users mailing lists.
  • I am involved in the Ubuntu Artwork community.

I do as much support on the Ubuntu Forums as I can along with maintaining several HOW-TOs.

Future Plans

  • To build the Ubuntu Studio development team even bigger.
  • To help focus the Studio community to get better bug reporting and feedback.
  • Refine the Studio development effort to a more clear and concise process.
  • Continue to develop the Breathe Icon Set as a hopeful replacement for the current Human set.

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