About Me

I am a system administrator who resides in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I have worked on computers my whole life. My dad is a computer hobbyist which enabled me to have computers to learn on. I've spent countless hours experimenting and breaking my systems. That time have taught me a great deal about computers. I have no formal training on computers except a few certs that I have picked up along the way for work. I want to get a formal degree eventually but I'm not sure when I will pursue that.

My first exposure to the Linux world was on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). I had no intentions of liking it or using it as my main operating system. I only wanted to see what my friend liked so much about it. I wasn't awestruck with it initially. I couldn't see the immediate benefits, but the more I played with it the more I began to appreciate it.

Finally, in 2012 I made the full time switch to Linux. No more Microsoft or proprietary products on any of my computers.

Contact Information

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Ubuntu Contributions

You can find me lurking on Ubuntu Forums and chatting in the forums IRC channel. I have spearheaded the revival of the Unanswered Posts Team. I believe it is crucial that every post on the forum gets an answer. All to often posts fall through the cracks are easy and many of the users are also first timers. If we want our user base to keep growing we have to answer everyone's questions in order for them to properly enjoy the Ubuntu experience.

Back when the visitor message was around on Ubuntu Forums I cleaned up the verbage.

Future Goals

My highest priority on Ubuntu is make everyone's user experience better. Whether that is software support or offering advice on how to beat the next level on a game. Everyone is there for the same common reason, Ubuntu. Ubuntu is more than a piece of software, it is a way of life.

Interests & Hobbies

I have taken up to fixing cars. I currently own two cars. I have a 2005 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8T 6 speed and 1995 VW Golf City FWD 2.0L 5 speed. The Audi is my daily driver while the VW sits in the garage being rebuilt for fun. I have big plans for the VW, but I have yet to carry them out to completion.

I also keep a 54 gallon fish tank with freshwater fish.


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