Support Media

Mainly on forums and IRC. You can find me as "cactaur" on You can also find me under the alias of "cactaur" on #ubuntu-california and #ubuntu-students on IRC on

Linux Experience

Went through the "try as many distros as you can get your hands on" phase, and Ubuntu remained as the best one for me. I have some programming experience in Java, not that it's of much use currently in linux.

I've also helped at a Linux Installfest sponsored by the Linux Users of Los Angeles. The primary distribution being installed was Ubuntu. Also assisted at the California LoCo InstallFest.

Ubuntu and Me

Total Reinstalls: 2

First reinstall was after a strange crash course with permissions, where I accidentally changed all of the permissions in my system using the not so smart command: sudo chmod 777 /

Second reinstall was more humorous and well documented. It essentially involved the fsck command and GPartEd mounting filesystems without my knowledge.



A frequent visitor to and member of #ubuntu-california. My primary function on #ubuntu-california is moral support and helping to stimulate discussion.

I also sometimes pay a visit to #ubuntu in my free time to help people whose problems I can understand and solve. Usually I help solve the small problems, so that the real experts can go on dealing with the particularly difficult ones.

A recent channel I've joined is #ubuntu-students where we try to encourage Ubuntu advocacy in younger groups of people; namely in high school. Still projects to get going over there.


I've been a member of the forums for far longer than IRC. On the forums, I've done my share of give-and-take. However, after I started helping at #ubuntu, my forum activity has largely waned. My most valuable contribution to the forums has been a howto I wrote for the script xplanet-gnome


My blog has also been a medium where I heavily advocate Ubuntu and Linux. I've also put up my xplanet-gnome tutorial there. I've also done a post about installing pidgin, which I found was a very widespread problem for people. The solutions were already all over the Ubuntu forums, but I figured one more guide couldn't hurt. Sure enough, that page turned out to be one of the most popular on my blog and has helped literally tens of people.

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