This page describes configuration options for the caldavd server 2.3. There are some recipes for successful installation of this server from source, see the recipe page, though instructions for configuration have been minimal. There is a beginning of an faq at nabble.

On this page, $CALDAVD_HOME will refer to the home directory created for the caldavd installation, set to /home/caldavd in the above recipe, but can be set to wherever you would like.

Example Configurations

The source installation contains a number of example files in the directory /usr/local/src/caldavd/CalendarServer-2.3/conf, which will be referred to as $CALDAV_SRC. Per the recipe, auth/accounts.xml, caldavd.plist and sudoers.plist are copied to $CALDAVD_HOME/usr/local/caldavd then modified.


Accounts are specified in the accounts.xml file. The xml structure of this file is specified in the $CALDAV_SRC/accounts.dtd file.


Users with accounts are specified in the <user></user> element of the file.

To permit the ability to search for a user and allow them access to your calendar in iCal, one must specify both the name and guid element, though these are not specified for 'test' user in the example file.

If you create an account without the guid, it will be created when logging into that account using iCal. In this case, the GUID used for the account can be retrieved by accessing the server with a web browser and looking at the page at https://serverAddress:8443/principals/users/userName, where userName is the user account the GUID is desired for. First line under Principal Information is the GUID. Place that in the guid element for the user in the configuration file and restart the server.

== Groups ==

Groups are specified with the <group> ... </group> collection, which contains <member> elements. In the example the type="users" attribute is specified for each member, but this is not necessary as it is the default.

As of now, iCal complains that there is no calendar specified for the group when trying to log in with the group account. And indeed, if one looks at the page for this group with a browser, there is no 'calendar-home-set' property specified for the group, though there is for the users which have calendars.

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