Ubuntu California has a Launchpad group that's used to keep track of our membership numbers and locations, and as a repository for LoCo materials. We now maintain the team as an Open team to make it easier for people to join and be counted.

If you encounter problems with our Launchpad group, feel free to contact the group administrators at any time. They're listed on our wiki and in the member list (with status "Administrator").

Note: Launchpad uses the term "team" where this page uses "group". This page uses different terminology to avoid confusion with the LoCo team itself.

Open Team

While not required, we ask that you get in touch with the team somehow. Some ways of doing this are using our mailing list or IRC channel, coming to an event or meeting, or contacting one of our group administrators privately. If you have particular skills you'd like to use in the LoCo, or already know some ways you'd like to help, this is a great chance to tell us about them. It'd also be useful to know whereabouts in the state you are, though that's entirely optional. A quick "hi!" is perfectly fine!

Membership renewal

Ubuntu California's Launchpad group requires members to renew their membership periodically to avoid expiration. Launchpad will notify you via email one week before your membership is due to expire. Membership expiration dates are listed on the group member list.

Your first renewal period will be set to two months. After that, you'll be asked to renew annually. Renewal doesn't require administrator approval, and doesn't have any requirements. Allowing your membership to expire isn't final: you can always rejoin if you change your mind (or forget to renew!). If you have problems renewing or forget to do so, feel free to contact a group admin and we'll be happy to help out.

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