Sunday, October 9th, 2011, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. California Team Leadership Elections -- david.wonderly 2011-10-07 19:23:46

  2. Oneiric Release. Parties anyone? -- david.wonderly 2011-10-07 19:23:46

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   1 [02:05] <pleia2> #startmeeting
   2 [02:05] <pleia2> Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11October09
   3 [02:06] <Faqtotum> new smartphones running ubuntu would be nice
   4 [02:06] <pleia2> [TOPIC] California Team Leadership Elections
   5 [02:06] <Mark_> anyone else here play bf3?
   6 [02:06] <philipballew> we have 2 already
   7 [02:06] <pleia2> so Darkwing posted this late last month: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2011-September/001819.html
   8 [02:07] <pleia2> the leadership terms of our current leaders expire this month, so we're looking for more folks to step up and help with leadership
   9 [02:08] <pleia2> so mostly this is just a reminder :)
  10 [02:08] <pleia2> [TOPIC] Oneiric Release. Parties anyone?
  11 [02:08] <philipballew> we need a Ubuntu cake if there is a party
  12 [02:09] <Faqtotum> will there be live ocelots?
  13 [02:09] <pleia2> the release of 11.10 is on Thursday and so far we don't have any parties registered in the loco directory or announced anywhere
  14 [02:09] <Mark_> yes
  15 [02:09] <pleia2> philipballew: do you have a venue?
  16 [02:10] <philipballew> pleia2, I can probably convince Darkwing to do a Friday night release party at the place we do our ubuntu hours at. so yes. there is a very good likelyhood of a party
  17 [02:10] <pleia2> philipballew: cool :)
  18 [02:10] <philipballew> but I would not do a weekday myself
  19 [02:10] <philipballew> hope thats cool with everyone
  20 [02:10] <pleia2> I can't help with anything in San Francisco this week because I'm out of town (in Philadelphia right now, it's after 10PM!)
  21 [02:11] <pleia2> instead I'm giving an 11.10 talk at a lug out here, and going to the philly release party ;)
  22 [02:11] <eps> Why is there a counter that says release in 8 days?
  23 [02:12] <philipballew> nice pleia2 ! you give good talks
  24 [02:12] <pleia2> eps: what counter? this is the official one: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/countdown
  25 [02:12] <philipballew> its this Thursday?
  26 [02:12] <pleia2> philipballew: yep
  27 [02:13] <eps> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OneiricRelease
  28 [02:13] <pleia2> eps: oh I see (was taking a while to load, bad wifi...)
  29 [02:13] <philipballew> wow, time come by fast. They pushed it out faster this year I think
  30 [02:13] <pleia2> lookethanks, I'll submit a bug report
  31 [02:15] <philipballew> I updated to 11.10 yesterday. unity works better.
  32 [02:15] <philipballew> though all the hacks I did to it, now have to be re-done
  33 [02:15] <pleia2> anyone else have anything to add about release parties or release events?
  34 [02:15] <eps> We should have some. :-)
  35 [02:16] <Faqtotum> i still need to update to 11.04
  36 [02:16] <pleia2> eps: can you lead up something in the bay area?
  37 [02:17] <eps> Do we have anyone else?
  38 [02:17] <pleia2> grantbow and I usually do stuff, but we're both out of town, so we're a bit short on people to organize
  39 [02:17] <Faqtotum> i second the motion to draft eps for the release party leadership
  40 [02:17] <philipballew> If there is any meeting in ca, it would need to be done asap so a email can get put out
  41 [02:18] <pleia2> philipballew: agreed
  42 [02:18] <eps> I don't think I have enough lead time to put something together *and* get the word out.
  43 [02:18] <philipballew> we can always make it in 2 weeks
  44 [02:19] <pleia2> yeah, we can do something later in the month
  45 [02:19] <philipballew> say that we pushed it out later so everyone could upgrade first
  46 [02:19] <Faqtotum> it doesn't have to be _on_ release day
  47 [02:19] <pleia2> we've done installfests a couple weeks after release before
  48 [02:19] <eps> And that does give time to replicate discs, etc.
  49 [02:19] <philipballew> a thursday party would not be the best attendance probably. but i dont know much
  50 [02:20] <Darkwing> Wow. Sorry guys
  51 [02:20] <Darkwing> Got caught up with the kids.
  52 [02:20] <pleia2> well I'll send a follow-up email to the list reminding people that they can plan things later out of they're busy this week
  53 [02:20] <pleia2> hey Darkwing
  54 [02:21] <pleia2> [TOPIC] Announcements, etc
  55 [02:21] <pleia2> anyone else have anything before we wrap up?
  56 [02:23] <eps> Ubuntu Hours, perhaps?
  57 [02:24] <pleia2> no SF ubuntu hour this month (since I'm traveling so much, and no one else has planned one)
  58 [02:24] <pleia2> Darkwing, philipballew, are the San Diego ubuntu hours going to keep happening?
  59 [02:24] <Darkwing> Are
  60 [02:24] <Darkwing> Yes rather.
  61 [02:24] <Darkwing> We are scheduled for twice a month. First and third tuesdays
  62 [02:26] <pleia2> are there plans to add an organizer to each one to make sure that even if one person cancels, the hour still happens or an announcement is made?
  63 [02:26] <philipballew> Darkwing, is doing a good thing with them. We have a ubuntu user who owns the coffee shop and its in the downtown area so many people can come
  64 [02:26] <pleia2> unfortunately if anyone showed up last time kdub had to leave halfway through so they wouldn't have found anyone there, which reflects poorly on the team :\
  65 [02:27] <Darkwing> Oh, Libertopia is a no go. I can't afford to foot the bill and bad timing with being kicked out of my apt for termite tenting.
  66 [02:27] <pleia2> can you remove it from the loco directory and make an announcement?
  67 [02:27] <Darkwing> Yup.
  68 [02:28] <philipballew> yeah, i'm gonna do some hour advertising in the next few weeks
  69 [02:29] <pleia2> philipballew: can you commit to attending?
  70 [02:30] <philipballew> Yes, I come every time, except I had a history test that next day so I had to study. I will commit, do not worry.
  71 [02:30] <philipballew> also for the hour, I'm gonna need some 11.10 cd's
  72 [02:30] <pleia2> ok, great :)
  73 [02:30] <pleia2> we've already put in our request for them, hopefully they'll get here before I leave for DUS
  74 [02:30] <pleia2> UDS
  75 [02:30] <bkerensa> pleia2:
  76 [02:30] <bkerensa> pleia2: Got a question you might be able to help with :D
  77 [02:31] <pleia2> bkerensa: we're just wrapping up a meeting, can it wait a couple minutes?
  78 [02:31] <bkerensa> oh sure (my bad)
  79 [02:31] <philipballew> ok, you can send them to me or Darkwing , doesnt matter
  80 [02:31] <pleia2> I'll announce it when I receive them, so you guys can work out who I should ship them to :)
  81 [02:32] <philipballew> sounds good with me
  82 [02:32] <pleia2> ok, anything else before we finish?
  83 [02:34] <pleia2> alright, thanks everyone :)
  84 [02:34] <pleia2> #endmeeting

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