Sunday, April 22th, 2012, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. Ubuntu 12.04 Release on Thursday, April 26th
  2. Ubuntu Developer Summit: May 7-11

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   1 [02:01] <pleia2> #startmeeting
   2 [02:01] <DonkeyHotei> why do i always forget it's sunday?
   3 [02:01] <pleia2> ok, who all is here for the meeting?
   4 [02:01] <DonkeyHotei> me, i guess
   5 [02:01] <jyo> o/
   6 [02:01] <philipballew> 0/
   7 [02:01] <pleia2> Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12April22
   8 [02:01] <eps> o/
   9 [02:02] <pleia2> #topic Ubuntu 12.04 Release on Thursday, April 26th
  10 [02:02] <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/PreciseRelease
  11 [02:02] <akk> o/ here too
  12 [02:02] <pleia2> so the 12.04 release is coming up this week :)
  13 [02:02] <pleia2> only an event in SF so far: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1615/detail/
  14 [02:03] <philipballew> Who all is going?
  15 [02:03] <pleia2> the link has the RSVP list
  16 [02:03] <pleia2> good crowd so far, and a lot of people don't tend to RSVP (or do it last minute) so I'm hoping for a good turnout
  17 [02:04] <philipballew> yeah. thats how it happens
  18 [02:04] <pleia2> as a reminder to anyone, you can plan your own events elsewhere :) even if it's just an Ubuntu Hour you move to release night to mix things up a bit, or have an installfest in a few weeks
  19 [02:05] <pleia2> unfortunately nothing really came of the noisebridge folks who expressed interest in running an installfest
  20 [02:05] <pleia2> if I have some time this summer I might follow-up with them about leading one
  21 [02:06] <pleia2> anyone else have anything about release stuff?
  22 [02:06] <DonkeyHotei> it is my understanding that the above-linked event is simply a drinking party, so i'm not sure it would be worth it for me to go and just sit there doing nothing
  23 [02:06] <philipballew> I can help out if it is in the city this summer probably. I have nothing going on
  24 [02:07] <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: it's the same as all our thirsty bear events, food, beer, other drinks, talking about ubuntu and open source stuff
  25 [02:07] <DonkeyHotei> i don't think i've ever actually been to thirstybear
  26 [02:07] <pleia2> I wouldn't call it a "drinking party" but it is a party so there isn't really an agenda or anything
  27 [02:07] <dax> DonkeyHotei: I don't drink either and have been to them and did a non-zero number of things, so...
  28 [02:07] <eps> It's a drinking party.
  29 [02:08] <philipballew> if you want to have a release party a post uds party is still not to late
  30 [02:08] <philipballew> the uds mark shuttleworth speech... thats a drinking party
  31 [02:08] <eps> That's a drinking game
  32 [02:08] <pleia2> I think I don't actually know what a "drinking party" is
  33 [02:09] <pleia2> a party where there is drinking?
  34 [02:09] <dax> philipballew: I was under the impression that the entire Ubuntu community went into hibernation for a week after UDS, though :P
  35 [02:09] <pleia2> yeah, we do have the complication of UDS being local, so a few of us are pretty tied up with UDS planning post release ;)
  36 [02:09] <philipballew> dax, yeah, but the release party is not for jusy the uds people. if someone holds one post uds, id crash it
  37 [02:10] <DonkeyHotei> philipballew: when are you actually in town?
  38 [02:10] <pleia2> otherwise I would have tried to do something more than just our standard "hang out at thirsty bear"
  39 [02:10] <philipballew> saturday before uds\
  40 [02:10] <DonkeyHotei> ah
  41 [02:10] <DonkeyHotei> until?
  42 [02:10] <philipballew> august
  43 [02:10] <DonkeyHotei> ohh
  44 [02:10] <DonkeyHotei> but i'm assuming the bulk of that is in sac
  45 [02:11] <pleia2> anything else about release stuff before we talk about UDS?
  46 [02:11] <philipballew> napa for a while DonkeyHotei
  47 [02:12] <philipballew> hum, im spending all of may after uds in napa helping my 80 year old grandmother remodel her house and landscape
  48 [02:12] <DonkeyHotei> oh, right
  49 [02:12] <philipballew> something to do...
  50 [02:12] <philipballew> but I have the ability to go and do whatever i need
  51 [02:12] <pleia2> #topic Ubuntu Developer Summit: May 7-11
  52 [02:13] <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UDS-Q
  53 [02:13] <philipballew> totally going to crash this...
  54 [02:13] <pleia2> so the only confirmed thing we're doing for UDS is the Wednesday night tourism night (and I'm running a dinner for Ubuntu Women project members on Thursday)
  55 [02:13] <philipballew> baseball game a no-go?
  56 [02:14] <pleia2> I need to email Michael Paoli about the Debian dinner (he was going to send a save-the-dae)
  57 [02:14] <pleia2> date
  58 [02:14] <pleia2> philipballew: I haven't heard any plans about it yet
  59 [02:14] <philipballew> pleia2, do you not have a ubuntu hour that week i assume?
  60 [02:14] <pleia2> philipballew: want to follow up with MarkDude about it?
  61 [02:14] <jyo> Well, I've been a bit too busy to figure stuff out for an A's outing; anyone else should catch with MarkDude
  62 [02:14] <pleia2> right, no SF ubuntu hour that week
  63 [02:15] <philipballew> ill email mark on behalf of the loco
  64 [02:15] <pleia2> thanks philipballew :)
  65 [02:15] <pleia2> #action pleia2 to email mpaoli re: debian
  66 [02:15] <pleia2> #action philipballew to talk to MarkDude re: A's game during UDS
  67 [02:15] <philipballew> i like that one debian dinner i went to. that food was really good
  68 [02:15] <pleia2> I'll also blog to the Ubuntu Planet this Friday (after release!) about UDS plans so maybe we can get some feedback about what people want to do
  69 [02:16] <pleia2> philipballew: this time he's picking a chinese place in oakland, I'm sorry I'm missing it
  70 [02:17] <philipballew> is there anything we can do to help people with the area? take them around and help them not get lost?
  71 [02:17] <philipballew> teach the sf slang?
  72 [02:17] <eps> Given the proximity to Oakland's chinatown, that's something of a no-brainer
  73 [02:17] <pleia2> eps: indeed
  74 [02:17] <pleia2> philipballew: ah, speaking of which!
  75 [02:17] <philipballew> ill teach them all why hella is a real word
  76 [02:17] <eps> I'm sure there will be plenty of possibilities for the other nights.
  77 [02:17] <pleia2> I got these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/7052367909/
  78 [02:18] <pleia2> eps: Monday, Tuesday and Friday are typically sponsored events at the summit itself, people don't have to go but Monday and Friday in particular it's pretty expected that people will be there
  79 [02:18] <philipballew> pleia2, ill carry around maps. I get free aaa maps
  80 [02:19] <pleia2> so those pins are for locals who can be helpful at UDS
  81 [02:19] <DonkeyHotei> richard stallman picks out reasonably good places to eat in oakland's chinatown at random
  82 [02:19] <eps> Wait, we're not all going to AT&T Park Friday night?
  83 [02:19] <pleia2> I'll give them out at UDS to whoever wants them, and your job is to be helpful :)
  84 [02:19] <pleia2> eps: Friday night is the big closing party
  85 [02:19] <jyo> My default advice will be $20 clipper card. :)
  86 [02:19] <pleia2> jyo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/PublicTransit
  87 [02:20] <pleia2> we made a whole page :)
  88 [02:20]  * akk got a clipper card specifically for UDS :)
  89 [02:20] <philipballew> eps, i thought they were out of town that week and not a p-bell?
  90 [02:20] <eps> Friday night is Roger Waters performing The Wall live
  91 [02:20] <DonkeyHotei> my clipper card auto-reloads at the $20 level atm
  92 [02:20] <jyo> The Giants roadtrip starts the Sunday before UDS and ends the Monday after.
  93 [02:20] <jyo> ah
  94 [02:21] <philipballew> Do I need a clipper card if I plam to roam the bay area all week then i assume?
  95 [02:21] <pleia2> you never need a clipper card
  96 [02:21] <pleia2> but it is nice to use one card and one source of payment for all transit
  97 [02:21] <eps> philipballew: Don't worry. You'll get one.
  98 [02:22] <pleia2> instead of buying tickets, making sure you have exact change, etc
  99 [02:22] <akk> philipballew: It just saves time, so you don't have to hassle with ticket machines every time.
 100 [02:22] <akk> . o O ( instead you have to hassle with wondering how much is left on the card and how to refill it? )
 101 [02:23] <pleia2> I think the refill machines (Right next to ticket machines in most places) can give you a balance
 102 [02:23] <pleia2> oh, I'll also follow up with Jack about the tour of NERSC he was offering
 103 [02:24] <pleia2> #action pleia2 to follow up with Jack re: NERSC tour at UDS
 104 [02:24] <pleia2> our next meeting is the day before UDS
 105 [02:24] <pleia2> anyone else have anything for now?
 106 [02:25] <pleia2> I'll firm up the plans in the next two weeks and send some notes to the list about what all ends up being on the schedule
 107 [02:26] <pleia2> #topic Other news, announcements, misc
 108 [02:27] <pleia2> grantbow and I did a BALUG presentation on 12.04 on Tuesday, our 2 page handout detailing some of the changes in 12.04 is available here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lyz/handouts/12.04BALUGHandout.pdf
 109 [02:28] <pleia2> I think that's all I've got :)
 110 [02:31] <pleia2> ok, thanks everyone
 111 [02:31] <pleia2> #endmeeting

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