Sunday, March 25th, 2012, 7:00pm (1900) PT

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   1 [02:01] <philipballew> Meeting time?
   2 [02:03] <pleia2> yep
   3 [02:03] <philipballew> nice!
   4 [02:04] <pleia2> Darkwing: should be along to chair
   5 [02:04]  * pleia2 on phone
   6 [02:04] <philipballew> if he's busy I can just paste the stuff and let the people talk as i was gonna do the post meeting stuff on the wiki
   7 [02:05] <philipballew> pleia2, need to go have more fun in Phili :)
   8 [02:06] <pleia2> we can start
   9 [02:06] <philipballew> sounds good to me
  10 [02:07] <philipballew> I have the agenda link
  11 [02:07] <philipballew> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12March25
  12 [02:07] <pleia2> thanks philipballew
  13 [02:07] <philipballew> no problem.
  14 [02:09] <philipballew> well if anyone wants to talk about UDS that is coming up soon we can discuss that. Who all is going and what we will be doing.
  15 [02:10] <philipballew> I will be going and Its gonna be a good time for us to you know see other ubuntu users.
  16 [02:11] <pleia2> trying to paste link :)
  17 [02:11] <pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/OtherEvents
  18 [02:11] <philipballew> when were in our "daily lives" finding another Ubuntu user is not always common, however here I will be and thats alwways a nice treat
  19 [02:11] <pleia2> there!
  20 [02:12] <philipballew> we need to have all places to visit accessible by transit I assume
  21 [02:15] <philipballew> well pleia2 I guess the meeting is about over. I can do the post meeting logs monday
  22 [02:15] <pleia2> yeah, we have a good list coning togethr
  23 [02:16] <pleia2> wait, release parties :)
  24 [02:16] <philipballew> oh thats right!
  25 [02:16] <pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/PreciseRelease
  26 [02:16] <pleia2> so far only san francisco
  27 [02:17] <philipballew> I assume that will stay. SD here is probably bot gonna happen as I will not be able to do anything
  28 [02:17] <pleia2> i need to add it to that page
  29 [02:17] <pleia2> anyone else from ubuntu hours want to do anything?
  30 [02:18] <philipballew> I just got 12 books from oriley for the sd ubuntu hour to pass out a couple each to people who come to the next meeting
  31 [02:19] <pleia2> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1615/detail/ is sf details, thirsty bear as usual ;)
  32 [02:19] <pleia2> sweet
  33 [02:20] <eps> How about a *real* release party, at a place where you can get a seat, it isn't so noisy you can't hear yourself thing, there are power outlets, Wi-Fi, and better food choices?
  34 [02:20] <eps> s/thing/think
  35 [02:21] <pleia2> oh, grantbow and i will be doinf a presentation on 12.04 at balug next month
  36 [02:21] <philipballew> nice!
  37 [02:21] <pleia2> eps: you're welcome to plan one
  38 [02:22] <eps> I thought I already had ... but you tabled discussion at the last meeting, unilaterally dictated something different, and I still can't edit the Wiki.
  39 [02:22] <pleia2> eps: we arent restricted to one night or one venue
  40 [02:23] <eps> I still can't edit the Wiki.
  41 [02:23] <eps> Can we talk about UDS?
  42 [02:23] <pleia2> events go in loco.ubuntu.com now
  43 [02:23] <jyo> MarkDude: We should start figuring out who wants to baseball during UDS.
  44 [02:23] <pleia2> we just add the link to the wiki
  45 [02:24] <eps> OK, move https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/OtherEvents to loco.ubuntu.com.
  46 [02:24] <philipballew> jyo, I do!!!
  47 [02:24] <pleia2> if we want to do a panera release too someone needs to take a lead there, i dont have time beyond a simppe thirsty bear thing :(
  48 [02:25] <pleia2> eps: we can once its formalized
  49 [02:25] <eps> Can we discuss UDS now?
  50 [02:26] <pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UDS-Q
  51 [02:26] <eps> Yes, a page I can't edit.
  52 [02:26] <pleia2> is the ideas page
  53 [02:26] <pleia2> you can share ideas now
  54 [02:26] <philipballew> I assume your logged in eps ?
  55 [02:26] <pleia2> someone who can edit it will add them
  56 [02:27] <eps> philipballew: yes. It's the *only* think my ID doesn't work on.
  57 [02:27] <eps> San Francisco Tourism: can this start any earlier?
  58 [02:27] <pleia2> once ideas are finaluzed we create the loco.ubuntu event like i did for tourism and add it to the non-california uds page
  59 [02:28] <pleia2> eps: no, sessions dontvend until 6pm
  60 [02:28] <philipballew> what is the best way to make a decision for what event/s we should do?
  61 [02:29] <pleia2> we dont needvto decidevreallu, just find someone tovrun it
  62 [02:29] <eps> I'm asking for a reason ... rather than take BART into The City, I was going to suggest the ferry, which leaves at 6:55 p.m. http://www.eastbayferry.com/when/aopm.html
  63 [02:30] <philipballew> well it seems someone is setting up a bball game?
  64 [02:30] <jyo> MarkDude can get tickets or group tickets.
  65 [02:30] <jyo> but need to figure out number of people
  66 [02:30] <pleia2> eps: we can try, but people tend to like to change and freshen up after sessions, so it takes a whhile to gsther everyone
  67 [02:31] <pleia2> 6:55 isvprobably optimistic for getting everyone to a ferry
  68 [02:31] <philipballew> jyo, the Woman running uds details can probably tell you
  69 [02:31] <pleia2> jyo: a uds mailing list exists
  70 [02:32] <pleia2> last uds i had ppl email me for rsvp if tjey couldnt ise loco.ubuntu
  71 [02:32] <eps> The next one is 7:55. The earlier one makes for a better photo op.
  72 [02:33] <eps> I also don't know how late people want to stay up ... ideally you want them to be still functional the next morning.
  73 [02:34] <pleia2> jyo: unfortunately we had to estimate when we got invisivle exhibition ticoets, we were fortunate they were flexible
  74 [02:34] <pleia2> baseball ticketsbare more tricky
  75 [02:34] <philipballew> ubuntu night at the park!
  76 [02:35] <pleia2> people tend to stay out late, coffee is for funtionality :)
  77 [02:35] <eps> The As could be in Toronto for all we know
  78 [02:35] <pleia2> they are home that week
  79 [02:35] <jyo> Blue Jays and Tigers
  80 [02:36] <philipballew> both good teams to watch
  81 [02:37] <pleia2> my battery is dying, i'll read the logs after and update the wiki with more ideas
  82 [02:37] <philipballew> sounds good. someone can close the meeting soon.
  83 [02:39] <philipballew> unless anyone has anything else to say we can close it now?
  84 [02:41] <philipballew> end meeting

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