Sunday, September 9th, 2012, 7:00pm (1900) PT

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   1 [02:00] <pleia2> #startmeeting
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   4 [02:00] <pleia2> hi everyone :) meeting time!
   5 [02:00] <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12September9
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   7 [02:00] <pleia2> nothing on the agenda ;)
   8 [02:00] <pleia2> so, who all is here?
   9 [02:00] <akk> me
  10 [02:01] <toddc> lurking
  11 [02:01] <eps> huh?
  12 [02:03] <pleia2> #topic Ubuntu Global Jam
  13 [02:03] <pleia2> so we just had one event for the Global Jam this cycle
  14 [02:04] <pleia2> Wikimedia gave us space in downtown SF and Moka5 sponsored the pizza :)
  15 [02:04] <pleia2> had about 12 people come and go throughout the event, got to do testing, bug reporting
  16 [02:05] <pleia2> pictures:
  17 [02:05] <pleia2> #link http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157631474205044/
  18 [02:05] <darthrobot> Title: [Quantal SF Ubuntu Global Jam - a set on Flickr]
  19 [02:05] <pleia2> I had some videos that I tried to start the event with that walked through how to do testing, but they turned out to be a bit slow for the audience so I showed clips and then just did other demos live
  20 [02:06] <pleia2> probably will just do live demos next time
  21 [02:06] <pleia2> everything else went pretty well :)
  22 [02:07] <pleia2> #topic Upcoming events
  23 [02:07] <pleia2> anyone have anything?
  24 [02:08] <pleia2> we didn't end up doing the Solano Stroll this year (it would have been today) since BerkeleyLUG wasn't participating and we usually tag along with them
  25 [02:08] <pleia2> so ideas for stuff to do this fall are welcome
  26 [02:08] <pleia2> (we didn't do the picnic this summer either, since it didn't happen!)
  27 [02:08] <eps> September is San Francisco's warmest month. A BBQ wouldn't be out of the ordinary.
  28 [02:08] <akk> so sad
  29 [02:09] <pleia2> the only event on loco.ubuntu.com right now is the SF Ubuntu Hour on Wednesday (no Debian dinner): http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1899/detail/
  30 [02:09] <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]
  31 [02:09] <pleia2> eps: indeed!
  32 [02:12] <pleia2> #topic Any other business
  33 [02:12] <pleia2> anyone have anything else?
  34 [02:15] <pleia2> anyone? :)
  35 [02:16] <eps> Let's make some Ubuntu Hours happen, people.
  36 [02:18] <pleia2> mt view and pasadena have been doing good with theirs too
  37 [02:19] <pleia2> ok, I guess we can wrap up then
  38 [02:19] <pleia2> thanks everyone
  39 [02:19] <pleia2> #endmeeting
  40 [02:19] <darthrobot> Meeting ended Mon Sep 10 02:19:48 2012 UTC.

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